where to find BORAX



  • ethansmum
    ethansmum Forumite Posts: 1,780 Forumite
    Thank you for linking the threads (naughty me for not doing a search first).

    I've just been reading the previous posts, and its been sooo useful. I'm going to buy extra and make my own washing powder :):)
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  • taurusgb
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    After following a link from another thread (sorry but I can't remember which one :o) I've just taken delivery of 5 boxes from the carbolic soap company and as I know a fair few people are having difficulty sourcing this now that Boots is no longer selling items for home cleaning (or so I was told by an assistant last week) I thought a link might help someone who is struggling to buy borax locally:-


    This is a wonderful site - sell loads of useful stuff......Borax, Reckitt's Blue, Lifebuoy Vinolia, Washboards, Dolly Pegs to mention a few items and delivery/customer service is excellent.

    Hope this helps someone
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  • katholicos
    katholicos Forumite Posts: 2,658 Forumite
    Bicarbonate Of Soda 500g - £1.99 Now that is good! Thanks for the link, i'm gonna bookmark it right away!
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  • justpeyton4now
    justpeyton4now Forumite Posts: 779 Forumite
    Thanks much for posting this link! Great site. :)
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  • LJM
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    thanks for the link i will have to look in my boots im sure they still had it on the shelf when i went in just before xmas
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  • Auntie_Noo
    Auntie_Noo Forumite Posts: 23 Forumite
    There is also Summernaturals.co.uk These and carbolicsoap are my fave 2 online shops! Sad or what!!!
  • hipomad
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    i got borax in tesco's 400g about £1- it's in the eco section
  • Penelope_Penguin
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    I'll add this to the exisitng thread on sourcing borax ;)

    Penny. x
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  • helzbelz_57
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    do my grocery shopping in asda and i must be blind but for the life of me i can never find an borax. do they sell it or am i just looking in the wrong place?
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  • princesstippytoes
    princesstippytoes Forumite Posts: 451 Forumite
    I get it in Tesco or boots if that's any help.
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