where to find BORAX



  • gothgirl
    gothgirl Forumite Posts: 75 Forumite
    I buy value soap bars [they have no scent] in either tesco's or morrisons and grate them!And the home made version cleared my daughters life long ecemea in 5 weeks.
  • StressedSteph
    StressedSteph Forumite Posts: 2,834
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    I am off tomorrow to get all the ingredients to make the HM laundry detergent etc from the wonderful Rhonda Jeans website.

    How if everyone getting on with it all, is it ok? Can't wait to be using my own washing powder rather than the huge brand names

    As I haven't bought all the ingredients yet, does anyone know how the cost shapes up against the big brands? I am guessing it's loads cheaper, but I wonder how much? Has anyone every done a calculation?

  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Forumite Posts: 9,128
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    Hi StressedSteph, I'm getting on splendidly with my soap powder:)

    I intend to cost it out next time I buy ingredients as I've forgotton how much the various things cost. I think the borax was about £2.60 and I used nearly a whole box, the soap flakes were £1.49 and I can't remember the washing soda price. I think it has cost less to make a batch of hm powder than to buy a big box powder (I used Tesco non-bio). I'm not sure how long it will last as you use only 2 tbsp a time. I'll have to work that out too.

    I'm pleased not to be bringing home a big cardboard box every couple of weeks. The boxes the borax and soap flakes come in are thin enough to go in our green bins.
  • sunset_gold
    sunset_gold Forumite Posts: 230 Forumite
    Is washing soda, soda crystals can anyone tell me please? SG
  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Forumite Posts: 9,128
    1,000 Posts Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    Is washing soda, soda crystals can anyone tell me please? SG

    Btw Waitrose also stock soap flakes.
  • sunset_gold
    sunset_gold Forumite Posts: 230 Forumite
    Just back from shops, Wilkinsons don't stock borax anymore (or so the lady in the Colchester branch says), tried Robert Dyas and our local hardware store. Boots did have it thou, hope this helps. AG
  • sunset_gold
    sunset_gold Forumite Posts: 230 Forumite
    Boots also had soap flakes, but on the box it said not to use in front or top loading machines. I make my own natural soap so am busy grating some now! SG
  • paddy's_mum
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    That's funny, sunset gold, as I bought the whole kit and caboodle (soap flakes, washing soda and borax) from our local Wilkinsons only two days ago.

    For those querying prices, this is from my till receipt -

    Soap flakes £1.15 per box (can't remember the actual weight but a 10 wash size packet) Borax £1.25 Washing soda 52p. Should last ages at only two tablespoonsful per wash.
  • rosy
    rosy Forumite Posts: 642 Forumite
    thriftlady wrote: »

    I love Rhonda's laundry box-I've tracked one down from John Lewis. I'm being good though and using an old ice cream tub.

    thriftlady, if you feel like being naughty and treating yourself, look in tkmaxx if they have one near you - ours currently has these laundry boxes in and for much less than the John Lewis price ( but much more than an ice cream tub ;) )
  • bonnie_2
    bonnie_2 Forumite Posts: 1,463 Forumite
    Tesco in colchester has it because i get it in there and last time i went to wilkos i got it in their as well. you probably have to go to tesco at highwoods, i don't know about the one at the hythe.
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