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  • ceridwen
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    just got soap flakes and borax today in Boots. I expect they have overcharged for the borax! - but I thought "buy an expensive packet of it here and try it out and if I like it...then I can buy it at a more reasonable price online from somewhere or t'other".

    Not quite sure how soap flakes and borax compare for environmentally-friendly credentials with my soap nuts...anyone know please? Have just used soapnuts for first few times and finding they seem to work fine - and my sheets are so soft.
  • sunset_gold
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    Could anyone help me on this please? Is white vinegar the Sarsons Distilled Malt Vinegar that is clear and can it be bought in bigger jerry can type sizes, cheaper please? Have made up laundry detergent as per Rhondas site and have used it this morning for my bedding, which is on the line drying. I am working my way through Rhondas site, but does anyone know of a green alternative for dish washer tablets/powder please? SG
  • Mrs._Irwin
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    I'm very, very interested in giving this homemade washing powder a go, but have a couple of questions for you afficionados:-

    Does this mix have any effect on washing machines? Does it get cloggy?
    What effect does the hardness of the water have on it?
    I read somewhere that using soapflakes on their own makes nappies and towels lose their absorbency, does the addition of the soda crystals get rid of this effect?

    Mrs. Irwin
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  • zztopgirl
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    I just found everything except borax on Wilkinson online, will be placing an order tomorrow.:j The only place i can find borax here is in Boots.

    My local supermarket sells soda crystals and i picked up a bag a few days ago, only to find it had split open and i was covered head to toe, it was on a high shelf which didnt help matters. Just a warning to all out there to be careful when buying os cleaning products!
  • Seakay
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    Just back from shops, Wilkinsons don't stock borax anymore (or so the lady in the Colchester branch says), tried Robert Dyas and our local hardware store. Boots did have it thou, hope this helps. AG

    This may be true in your local branch but Cardiff still has it and has restocked recently.
    Perhaps storemanagers have some autonomy when it comes to ordering? Let yours know that you still want to buy borax and they might stock it again!
  • gooismeid
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    Made a trip to the big Tesco in Stockport yesterday and noticed that it has a small shelf of own-brand "natural" cleaning products, including borax, bicarb, washing soda - was in too much of a hurry to look at prices or indeed anything else in the range, but I'll investigate further next time!
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  • surfsister
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    please where is the blog it sounds very good? ta
  • Lord_Lardington
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    Tesco Wokingham has Borax, sounds like quite a few Tesco stores do.
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  • Swan_2
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    surfsister wrote: »
    please where is the blog it sounds very good? ta

    hi, the link's in thriftlady's first post, just click on the 'this recipe' bit below & it'll take you there :)
    thriftlady wrote:
    I'm keen to try this recipe for hm soap powder from the wonderful Rhonda Jean's blog
  • ghp
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    rosy wrote: »
    thriftlady, if you feel like being naughty and treating yourself, look in tkmaxx if they have one near you - ours currently has these laundry boxes in and for much less than the John Lewis price ( but much more than an ice cream tub ;) )

    John Lewis have reduced this although it's still more than the ice cream tub!
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