Get It Done Weekly Challenge

Hi everyone (or anyone? :) ).

Would anyone like to join me on a weekly challenge to "get things done" ?

Since I joined MSE at the start of the month, it's been great, I've done a lot of reading about things, I've joined some challenges (and not been back, sorry :o), I've done a lot of thinking about things and made a lot of lists. But, I don't think that I have actually done anything!

On top of that, I've realised that I don't have any routines for doing anything and this is means that a) I spend money because I'm not organised and b) I spend money because I'm stressed and/or depressed.

Okay, so this week's challenge starts today and ends on Saturday night.

This week I will

do the housework
do the washing
do the ironing
declutter 7 things
take one bag to the charity shop
shred some paper everyday
do something every day to make some extra money
deal with one thing that's irritating me/draining my energy
do one thing that makes me feel good

OK, it's a short list, but I don't want to scare myself off my own challenge in the first week :rotfl: Right, I'm off to get something done :eek:

T x
Paydays till DFD :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  • I like this idea!!
    I always make lists and get a lot of satisfaction about getting a tick in a box to say I've completed it (maybe I need to get out more :p)
    So my challenges for this week are:

    I will take down the Xmas decorations (annoying me already)
    I will make an appointment at the bank (been putting it off for ages)
    I will sort out the kids toys and sort a bag for carbooting

    That will do for now (don't want to over stretch myself :p) plus I have to fit in a full time job in there too!!!
  • I like this idea also. I have a room in my house that needs massive decluttering (amongst other housekeeping bits and pieces that need doing)! but I just can't seem to face doing any of it at the moment. Hopefully if I set myself small weekly challenges, I'll get on top of everything slowly but surely.
  • Hi treasure, I also like this!! I have been lurking around this forum but need to start getting my a** in gear :-)

    So this week I plan to -

    1. Check the online banking daily and also see if I can make any additional payments to credit cards although doubt it this week! ( I sat the other night with a nice new book and have wrote all the finances in it and all the o/s balances on cards etc)
    2. Start back my daily walking or some form of exercise, I have been letting this slip badly recently!!
    3. TRY and start the diet.....but the problem here is there is so much goodies in the house.....I have started putting them away in cupboards, out of sight out of mind mmmmmmmmm.

    Well we will see how we go :-)

    Good luck everyone x
  • Hi all and thanks for joining me in this weekly challenge to get things (something, anything!) done.

    I've done a little bit of housework today - I put it on my list to try and get into a routine, but I think this is probably the wrong week (I'm still in the holiday mood at the moment) so I'll settle for just doing the basics this week.

    I've made a start on shredding the paper mountain :)

    Paydays till DFD :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  • FireWyrmFireWyrm Forumite
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    Actually, I think this is a much misunderstood part of debt busting and becomming debt free, the idea of actually making a plan and following through. Most of us make plans, some of us even write them down, but very few actually do what they say they are going to do. As well as this, most of us simply do not actually have huge wads of cash to pay off our debts, so it is very much a case of stopping frittering, making plans, organising and efficiency drives. I dont think we do this enough or make use of the tools available to us.

    Firstly, who has on their list to actually plan the meals for the next month? Hands up, and be honest...probably not many. It is the end of December, most of us have been or will be paid very soon, now is the time. Efficiency in your shopping and meal planning can bag you around £2000 a year in savings. Simply by cutting your food bill from £400 to £250 will get you £1800 a year and that isnt even trying. What could you do with that? Which of your debts could you clear in 12 months without breaking a sweat just by sitting down and actually making a plan and following through?

    What about frittering? As another OP in another thread asked, is it possible to go through a month without spending? S/he had already ringfenced all bills, food and petrol money and still suggested that they may not be able to control their spending enough to refrain from frittering. I like to use a 'wanna, needit' list for this purpose. I write down what I want to buy and the date. If I still need it in 30 days, I start to research it and decide the price I want to pay. I never buy immediately.

    Making lists is one thing, but if you dont actually follow the plan, or lie to yourself that you are following it when you really arnt, you are doomed to failure before you start. If you plan is sound, you cannot fail. Trust the plan and do the tasks you have set, and it will work. You dont even have to think very hard.
    Debt Free! Long road, but we did it
    Meet my best friend : YNAB (you need a budget)
    My other best friend is a filofax.
    Do or do not, there is no try....Yoda.

  • mavvymoomavvymoo Forumite
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    I love the idea of this challenge as I always put everything off if I possibly can :o I have a list and good intentions but just never get round to it.
    I will find my list which is somewhere in my chaotic house :D And report back :D

    Mav x

    Debt free and Mortgage free thank you to all for your encouragement and advice
    Crazy Clothes challenge £300/£48 and 5 months /0 without spending :T

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    Hi Treasure, I like the sound of this challenge, as I seem to get lost on planning for a month at a time, so I reckon a week is probably more doable for me and then it will turn into the month without me realising.

    On my list for this week, which starts on Wednesday really when my house guests have gone home, I will meal plan with what I got left until Sunday night and then I can start a new week then,
    I also want to make inroads into some knitting that I have been doing for some time and really ought to get finished.
    house needs a good clean after my house guests and I need to fill my new calendar in, so I don't forget anything!!!! that will do for now cos I don't want to overface myself and fall at the first try
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  • mavvymoomavvymoo Forumite
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    Jumping back in :D Found my list and now can cross off cleaning out and sorting ALL my kitchen cupboards :eek: And doing a bit of ironing for good measure :D

    I feel so pleased with myself 8 other things on my list to finish before the end of Jan.So will update as I go.
    Thank you for this challenge I think this is going to help me no end

    Mav x

    Debt free and Mortgage free thank you to all for your encouragement and advice
    Crazy Clothes challenge £300/£48 and 5 months /0 without spending :T

  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Happy New year
    Started my knitting this am as guests nipped out, then went through fridge for dinner but then they came back and we went for a late lunch. Tonight we are staying in as they fly early tomorrow and then my plans can begin in earnest
    Annual grocery spends £110.76/£1040

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    Count me in too please

    2013 has been pretty crappy all round for us and I shan't be sorry to see the back of it frankly.

    Due to ill health and personal problems (mine and the families) things are out of order here!
    The house looks like a squat, I weigh more than I ever have in my life, I haven't overhauled or even bought anything new for my wardrobe in about 18months and you can't open any of my cupboards with out safety equipment. We're not just talking kitchen cupboards either. I mean every single cupboard in the place is packed to the gunnels, but not in an orderly fashion, stuff has just been shoved in to try and get the place looking some semblance of tidy.
    I used to grow my own veg in the back garden, but it hasn't been touched all year and now looks like some sort of wasteland infested with triffids. I kid you not
    And don't even ask about the finances:eek:

    It is just too much to think about in one big lump so I'm hoping that if I break it down into manageable bite sized chunks I might get some where.

    So in order to tackle it without burn out here is this weeks list.

    1) Sort out the food cupboards in my kitchen
    2) Meal plan as far as I can on what I've got
    3)Stop putting it off and update my budget app. Red numbers and all:eek::eek:
    4) Make a planting plan for this years veg.

    :beer:Happy new year everyone:beer:

    Let's hope it's better and happier for all of us:)
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