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  • Erinnire
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    Slightly on/off topic. What is the difference between NowTV and Sky Movies?
  • kenr
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    Sky Movies needs a sat box (?)
    Now TV works on ip tv so uses your isp's data allowance.
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  • Froggitt
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    So, I can use a NOWTV box with no subscription? What channels does it get? Thanks
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  • almillar
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    NowTV BOX works without a subscription, but I THINK you need a (free) Sky ID.
    Sky Sports News, BBC iPlayer, 5 On Demand and some other stuff. Pay extra to get Sky Sports, Movies.
  • Kite2010
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    Sky are hoping to sell the boxes off cheap, and get people to buy the subscriptions. Did I read somewhere you can now buy some Sky channels for £5 a month?
  • Froggitt
    Froggitt Posts: 5,904 Forumite
    How do they differ from a Youview box plz?
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  • VisionMan
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    Froggitt wrote: »
    How do they differ from a Youview box plz?

    Like comparing a colour flatscreen TV with a black and white CRT.

    If you want to know what you get and how it works with a Now TV box, just click on the link on post #1.
  • Crisp_£_note
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    edited 4 November 2013 at 2:13PM
    Perfect thread for me to ask my question! I bought a Now TV box from PC world last week (£14.99 including 1 'free' daypass to Sky Sports which he used to watch F1 channel yesterday).

    Anyway I am currently looking at downgrading my Sky TV to remove the multiscreen as we dont use it much anymore and I need to save money (to remove the box I have to wait 30 days after informing Sky I wish to downgrade so the sooner I let them know the closer saving money becoms). However I also wanted to upgrade my main box, which is currently a Sky+ box, to Sky HD+ box. This though would currently mean we wouldn't save anything as the price upgrade is the same difference due to having to upgrade to the Entertainment Extra + package which enables the HD channels from what I gather (we currently have the Sky Entertainment Extra package as we watch a lot of Discovery).

    Now onto my questions:

    Is there really any justification to upgrade to HD? I mean is there that much difference in viewing allround or am I better off just staying with the normal Sky+ box and saving money?

    Would I benefit to downgrading to the basic Sky package alltogether (keeping the Sky+ box - unless downgrading this to a basic standard box (currently used as the multiscreen one) would create even more of a saving) and using the Now TV box which is free to view and I can have Discovery access on there too - I was then consdering adding the movies pack.

    Although both are 'powered' by Sky anyway so I just noticed with the Now TV subscription so this would possibly counteract my current subscription with Sky and not enable me to save much money anyway.

    The other alternatve could be to get a Sky On demand wifi box while their offer is available and use that to replace the Now TV?

    Either way not only do I need to save money I think I am in need to change my Sky box soon as it keeps flickering and cutting out (completely different to freezing due to weather conditions) it is a number of years old now too.

    Other option is to use the Freeview / FreeSat box and the Now TV unit but not sure what this would get me - other than perhaps a decent saving!

    Any suggestions would be greatful thanks :)
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  • Froggitt
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    I ordered the NOW Tv box yesterday. I think I know what it effect it just streams to your TV channels that you could watch on your ipod, like iPlayer, 4OD etc. Is that right?
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  • [Deleted User]
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    I got one of these NowTV boxes for £9.99 a couple of month ago. Only worth it for iPlayer and Demand5 - That is if you can be bothered with the adverts every 10 minutes. Everything else on it is junk.

    BBC News channel can be had on Freeview. The other news channels on it aren't proper channels, just a collection of news stories.

    Would be much better if it also had ITV Player and 4OD on as well but I bet it would be a lot more than £9.99 if it did.

    The Facebook app on it is rubbish too. I thought it would be like using Facebook on a computer but its not, its just a crappy photo viewer.
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