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Eating out of the freezer and cupboards challenge - part two

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  • FurryBeastOzFurryBeastOz Forumite
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    Into freezer - 1 chicken tikka and 1 chicken tandoori meal. 7 days worth of sandwiches for DH.

    Out - 3 pieces Salmon and 1 portion of lasagne. 1 portion of Paneer vegetable bake.
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  • GinmonsterGinmonster Forumite
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    I managed to use up a good load of veg and some of the lentil mountain yesterday with a great big curry and hm naan bread. Typically after I made it super mild and creamy with coconut milk my 4 year decided he didn't like it or the naan bread. Kids! I added chilli sauce to mine to give it some zing.

    I'm working out a meal plan to reduce the overcrowding in the cupboard I keep all my tins in for the next few weeks. They keep falling on my toes when I open the cupboard. The problem is that I stock up on loads of different types of beans whenever I do an online shop as I can get the East End brand ones at 3 cans for a pound. This of course means that I get 3 cans each of butter beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, borlotti beans etc. etc. You can see the problem can't you?
  • caronccaronc Forumite
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    In: nothing
    Out: 2 portion bolgnaise sauce, parmesan, penne pasta, cupasoup
    Use up: mushrooms, an orange, coleslaw, sliced turkey

  • kboss2010kboss2010 Forumite
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    Out: handful of berries
    In: YS 29p bags of butternut squash "boodles" & sweet potato "tagliatelle" for use in veg soup at some point!
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  • Thanks caronc. I picked it up yesterday, but not played with it yet.

    Freezer is back to 2 empty drawers. This week will see me taking out a curry, bean stew, mince and sausages! Already taken out a chicken breast and a pack of wraps! Tempted to see if I can empty and defrost it before the next restock. Might bite the bullet and bin the blasted sweet corn, never to buy again!
  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    Meal plan for March done, I know I'll have to buy bread and milk at some stage but basically I've got everything I need, I will just work around what I already have in the freezer and cupboards.

    Out:- 4 lamb burgers
    In:- nothing

    Everything else came out of the fridge, I'm trying to use up everything that is in there first. Still have loads of fruit and veg, all still quite fresh so I'll be ok for several days.
  • K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    Thurs 23rd
    IN nothing :T
    OUT packed lunch bits, bananas, foodie market bars x 2, clementines x 2, strawberries x 5, handful of grapes, soya yoghurts x 2, cup of rice, block of Tofoo, various ingredients to make sauce incl an orange, last of chicken, last of spring onions, last of hoi sin sauce, wraps, coconut collaborative chocopots x 2, tea/coffee/sugar/milk, juice

    Fri 24th
    IN bottle of wine
    OUT packed lunch bits, bread, spread, peanut butter, stale pizza base, last of pizza sauce, last of dairy free grated cheese, tomato x 1, stock, 3 x part baked baguettes, five carrots, one onion, spring green cabbage, handful of frozen butternut squash, doughnuts, last of melba toast, 1/10mushroom pate, few chocs, tea/coffee/milk/sugar, juice and whatever Dd2 had for tea (can't remember)

    Sat 25
    IN Forgot to cacel this months subscribe and save (though have now), so bulk order of coffeepods, dairy free chocs, mushroom pate and vital gluten wheat flour.
    Also YS butter x 2, loaf of bread, YS Mr Kipling pies, onions, bananas, mushrooms, reggae reggae sauce and sweets for Dd2

    OUT spread, bread, bananas x 2, last of brown rice syrup, three wholemeal thins, half a carton Thai vegan soup by Quorn (much nicer than thier Moroccan one), 3/4 pepper, onion, vegan fillets x 2, veggie fillets x 2, cup of rice, last of a share bag of crisps, hwndful of nuts, sweets, some of the wine, tea/coffee/milk/sugar, juice

    Sun 26
    IN Nothing :j
    OUTpacked lunch bits, bread, spread, avocado, last of Thai soup, banana, apple, hash browns x 4, vegan pie x 1, sausages x 3, peas, carrots x 2, alpen/g.syrup/sugar and vegan marg to make flapjack -all eaten, biscuits, tea/coffee/sugar/milk, juice

    Yesterday ... finally
    IN grapes, large avocado (others not ripe enough), blueberries, pink lady apples x 12, huge YS watermelon, small YS fruited loaves x 2, YS bagels and YS pancakes (for toaster)
    OUTbread, spread, peanut butter, bananas, packed lunch bits, nairn oat biscuits (small pack), half avocado, Burrito mix from freezer, some lettuce and cucumber, leftover sweetcorn, last of tortilla chips, one carrot, some vegan cheese, last of doughnuts, biscuits, coconut collaborative chocpot, tea/coffee/sugar/milk, juice

    Yayyy , made it to the end Sorry it got long!

    Out tomorrow on a 4-11 shift , so won't be doing pancakes until another day
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  • MallyGirlMallyGirl Forumite, Board Guide
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    Now that I am getting some control over the freezer I have moved onto my cupboards. I was putting together a food parcel for a local homeless initiative and was shocked at how many tins I had that were out of date! It won't stop us eating those tinned items but I can't pass them on to someone in need because of the date. I must try harder with stock control!
    I also had a number of rice/couscous/lentils with more than one packet of the same thing open. Oops.
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  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    OUT 2 fillets of salmon,a packet of black currants,some cooked chicken
    IN nothing
  • HollyberryHollyberry Forumite
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    I've been reading this for a while with interest.

    We have way too much stuff for even the zombie apocalypse. So March is starting with the objective of buying nothing but:

    - fresh: fruit, veg, protein, dairy
    - bargains it would be daft to leave behind, have a long shelf life, and start off by being expensive (like coffee)

    That's the intention. No big shops.

    So I've listed out what we have in the cupboards and freezer, with the fridge being pretty much covered in Monday's shopping delivery receipt. Some of the freezer stuff will be hanging on in there for the next few weeks while I do a high protein, low carb Lent. But other than that, I'm aiming on wriggle room of at least a drawer by the end of March.

    In: Nothing

    Out: Bacon, beans, mushrooms, chicken sausages, butternut and sweet potato, last of a bag of peppers, courgettes, onions, carrots.
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