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  • mk-donaldmk-donald Forumite
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    iomexico wrote:
    Which is the cheapest voip co. to use for pc to phone calls to Mexico and South Africa.?

    Have a look at VOIPBUSTER at http://www.voipbuster.com
    Mexico landline 1c (actually 1.16 inc VAT) a minute
    and South Africa for 1c +VAT too

    Though no free calls to UK numbers with this service (and have to put in 11.60 euros every 120 days) though you can get a virtual IN # for free too.

    Have used VOIPBUSTER a bit, but a lot more their sister INTERNETCALLS service and very pleased so far as 11 euros/4months is a good price for free calls to the places I want to call (including UK!) albeit with certain usage limits.

    Do watch out though as its open to them to revise their tariff (though looking at my comparison tables has been 1c for a few months to both Mex/SA.
  • Skint1Skint1 Forumite
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    Looks like there's going to be a new PCI card so you can plug your phone into the back of your PC. Good idea if you can choose your provider
    You can always get more with a kind word and a 2-by-4 than with just a kind word.
  • Skint1Skint1 Forumite
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    You can always get more with a kind word and a 2-by-4 than with just a kind word.
  • Graham1Graham1 Forumite
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    People who only make a small volume of calls may want to look at no frills VOIP provider voxee.

    No free calls and rates are average (1.1ct/min to USA/Canada and 1.4ct/min to EU) but the minimum top-up is only $5 and credit does not expire.

    Works fine with SIP devices (Linksys PAP2 etc.)

    No incoming number is provided. Voxee is USA located.
  • mk-donaldmk-donald Forumite
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    Posted this in a discussion about merits of VoipCheap, but really more generally applicable to VoIP so putting it in this thread in the hope it helps inform someone:

    Q: How can I connect a REGULAR phone (corded or DECT) for use with VoIP (cheaply) ?

    A: One cut-price option which I've been using very successfully is the Trust Internet Phone Station ST-1200 #14485

    It's available currently for just £17.99 from https://www.7dayshop.com (though there's P&P to pay on an order with them)

    It's a USB gizmo that you plug in to your broadband'ed PC and between conventional phoneline and your (DECT) phone. (It has 2 US style RJ11 sockets and comes with a RJ11-RJ11 cable.)

    There's "VoipBusterMate" software that integrates it fully with https://www.VoipBuster.com and https://www.InternetCalls.com (to name two I've used very successfully) as well as Skype (though not tried that) at:

    (And just noticed they've done some beta software last week to integrate it with MSN Messenger.)

    To dial out via VoIP from your regular/DECT phone you just press * and then dial and it routes the call via USB->PC+VoIP

    VoIP calls in just ring on your phone in the same way as landline calls.

    If PC is off or VoIP software not running then your landline works as before.

    As I say works very well with InternetCalls' software (using the "VoipBusterMate" software to integrate it).
  • Lady_KLady_K Forumite
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    whats the best internet phone service to use do you think? is it skype?

    And the best phone to use?

    My daughters at university and shes in a student house, the mobile is expensive and she never has enough minutes so I'd like to get one for myself and one for her probably her bf might get one too

    I'd like to get the phones asap if anyone has any suggestions please?

  • ioscorpioioscorpio Forumite
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    https://www.jajah.com is a new European voip company that you don't need to download a software dialler.
  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    iomexico wrote:
    www.jajah.com is a new European voip company that you don't need to download a software dialler.
    I've just used it on the free trial. Thinking that if we register the mobile numbers we use regularly, we'll get free calls to them? Has anyone tried this yet?
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  • Graham1Graham1 Forumite
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    iomexico wrote:
    https://www.jajah.com is a new European voip company that you don't need to download a software dialler.

    Costs 2.5 U.S. cents a minute (or 2 euro cents a minute) +VAT to call USA or EU or UK from the UK - so their "Free local and international telephone calls" banner is a bit misleading.

    "Free" if the number you are calling in those countries is a registered user.
  • mark_stepsmark_steps Forumite
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    lol what is it?? seen it around the forums especially for the tesco internet phones...
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