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    I can recommend Voip Stunt who, despite their dreadful name, are a sister company of Voip Buster, Voip Cheap etc.

    Their (very similar) client software works pretty well but the BIG advantage is that you don't have to buy any credit before you can make long calls to their Free destinations (which include UK 01 and 02 numbers of course). Most other cheap Voip suppliers seem to limit you to one minute calls until you have bought some credit.

    So you have nothing to lose!

    NB When dialling, prefix UK numbers with +44 (and remove the initial zero, of course)

    Wrong! you have to buy credit to make unlimted calls, the following is taken from HERE

    "To counter misuse of our network we have limited these free calls to a maximum of 1 minute for our trial users. If you want to enjoy UNLIMITED FREE CALLS to these destinations, you have to become a fully registered user by buying €5,- worth of credit to top up your account. This €5,- credit deposit will remain as long as you are calling the free destination"
    Don`t steal - the Government doesn`t like the competition

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    Derrick - thanks, I stand corrected. This must have changed very recently indeed. Only on Monday i made several long calls without a problem.

    However, €5 still isn't bad and the list of countries to which you can make free landline calls is pretty impressive.
  • dcdc Forumite
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    JanS wrote:
    Hi Edinburgh Glass
    I've been using www.voicecheap.com for quite some time, with a Headset. I'm now looking for a Modem/Router to use with a BT Freestyle 2200 DECT Cordless Phone? Do you happen to know whether the Zoom X5v VOIP Modem will work with VOIP Cheap, without having to have the Computer switched on? Or, perhaps you know of something better? Also, I was informed by BT not to use 1.8 and 1.9 Gigs (whatever that means?). I'm not really looking for something that connects other Computers and that is negligible. I want something that is complete in itself, standalone, without having to use any additional units. I use Plus Net Broadband. Many thanks.

    There is a thread on a USB box that costs around £20 that enables you to use both landline and Voip with your normal phone, dect or wired. Just connect your phone into the box, and your landline into one socket and the computer usb into the other socket. No need for a router.

    discussed here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=123900

    HTHs dc
    ac's lovechild
  • Thanks dc, Redfox has now shifted the thread across to the Telephone boards and I have added the link into the first post on this thread icon7.gif
  • JanS_3JanS_3 Forumite
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    dc wrote:
    There is a thread on a USB box that costs around £20 that enables you to use both landline and Voip with your normal phone, dect or wired. Just connect your phone into the box, and your landline into one socket and the computer usb into the other socket. No need for a router.

    Thanks very much, dc.
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    I know next to nothing about Asterisk so far, but perhaps here is a big chance to learn. Ok, I know it's not just about VoIP, but I thought this was the best place to post this for now.

    A free 370 page book about it, available online ...
    We're pleased to announce the availability of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony online! The result of hundreds of hours of painstaking labor, this book represents the work of Jim Van Meggelen, Jared Smith, and Leif Madsen over the past year.

    Thanks to O'Reilly Media for publishing the book and agreeing to publish it under the Creative Commons license.
  • Martin's article on the Main Site has been updated and is well worth another read to new and old users of VOIP icon7.gif
  • To use voipcheap with a standard phone, see following link to configure voipcheap with an ATA, http://www.voipuser.org/forum_topic_2340.html

    my config is, broadband modem -- Router -- ATA -- Standard Phone

    Works fine -- free uk calls and free calls to many other destinations

    when used together with http://www.saynoto0870.co.uk/, even your 0845 calls are free.
  • Hi all, I have just started using VoipStunt and am using a headset borrowed from work till I get a proper one. The only problem I have is the person I am dialling can hardly hear my voice whereas I can hear them fine through the pc speakers.

    Is this because I have a poor internet connection (getting improved soon to a 2meg connection) ?

    Or because I am using a headset with white/yellow plugs going into my sony laptop which has red/green plugs - on top of this I am only plugging the mic (yellow) jack into the laptop (red or mic plug) as this is the only way they can hear me and I am hearing them through pc speakers loud and clear.

    Hope thats clear, if not please ask
  • Hi peop's,

    I'm using voipcheap, the software of which appears to be identical to that of voipbuster. However for mine, I had to lodge £5 quid with then to prevent a cut off after 1 min (not sure whether voipbuster requires this, they are a bit secretive about it if you do).
    Question I've got though is call quality. I've used Google's voip with the mic on my cam no headphone and it's fine, but voip calls using voipcheap causes an echo at the receivers end. Is it just me being stingy and not buying a head set or is poor call quality a big "it's not a bug, it's a feature" of these voip programes?. God should that be programmes.........programs arrrgghh.

    Anyone else had these problems?
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