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Smartsource Water

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  • Just wondered if you have had any luck getting money back same thing happened to me and cant get in touch with anyone. Any advice who to contact?
  • Address from their website for sales and operations is

    Fountain House
    Queens Walk
    Reading RG1 7QF

    Directors address looks to be another address in Reading

    probably closed though but worth a try
  • AltMAltM Forumite
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    I heard it on the grapevine that the business started some years ago in one of the directors homes. It was a ltd company then. If that is the case relevant addresses can be gleaned from public record such as companies house. Reports cost £1. A credit search on the business will show past trading addresses.
  • It's an interesting problem for those signed up to SS and a big dilemma for water companies. technically those people who have paid SS and where SS have not sent money on to the water company still owe the water company. How they will deal with that I;ve no idea
  • AltMAltM Forumite
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    Hello Pikeman

    Its no dilemma for the water companies, they want their money and they will get it through the usual routes and they are.
    • Credit Control Dept
    • Debt Collectors
    • A Good old CCJ through the Northampton County Court

    I am at the credit control stage myself and the water company has clearly stated that it is my problem to sort out. NOT theirs. ouch

    There are those out there that only found out about it when somebody turned up to cut off their water as all correspondence was going to SmartSource Water. The client knew nothing as they thought it was all being handled for them as part of the contract.

    One very angry Altm who could have had a ccj without even knowing
  • The customer has chosen to use Smartsource Water as an agent to act on their behalf with a view to gain a saving. Unfortunately this had backfired on them as the company they were using has proven to be untrustworthy and not delivering the full service of collection of payment AND passing that to the relevant water company.

    In all of this the water company has been unable to do much other than chase Smartsource Water and no doubt they were getting the same fob off as were customers. They cannot tell the customer what to do as it was an agreement between SSW and the customer that was in place.

    Glad this is becoming wider knowledge now as maybe this will be dealt with properly. I can only suggest customers contact their water company to see what damage has been done in terms of non payment. Best of luck to everyone affected...
  • I'm assuming you run a business, as that is the only way they could cut you off from supply. Have you negotiated with your water company to see about an extended arrangement of some sort.
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    AltMAltM Forumite
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    Not Before Time

    I heard it on the grapevine that SmartSource Directors Murphy and Kaye ~ Don't sound as good as Bonnie & Clyde - have been reported to City Of London National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. A crime number has been allocated. The Police need the help of everyone who has been affected. If you have been ripped off. Get your lack of billing history together and report it. There appears to be much more to this than meets the eye 0300 123 2040

    [text deleted by MSE Forum Team]
  • SSInsider wrote: »
    This company is definitely going under. I can confirm that staff are not getting paid & some feel forced to stay there as jobs are hard to come by.
    The winding up order brought against SS will be heard in court in the coming days.

    Source(s): I know several people that work there

    Can you encourage them to come forward as the City of London Fraud Squad are taking an interest. Call 0300 123 2040
  • Cam21Cam21 Forumite
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    Smartsource telephone number is giving the message "The service cannot be connected"

    I am helping a friend of mine whose small business has been badly effected by Smartsource. They have collected payments for over 5 months totaling almost £3,000 and the first they knew was the disconnection notice from the water provider. Not one single payment was passed over by Smartsource, who admitted this.

    How does it get so far? All the reminders/late payment notices are sent to the billing address - Smartource's and it is only when a disconnection notice is issued is a copy is also sent to the premises address.
    Smartsource have collected at least 4 payments knowing that they have not set up the payment arrangements with the water provider.

    There are apparently 20 shareholders connected with this company. If you search for "free company checks" on the web you can find the full names of Maureen Agnes Murphy and Peter William Dean Kaye very easily. Further information can be purchased for a small fee (generally about £20 but not sure of the exact amount).
    I think the Shareholder's may be brought to task over this too.

    Next step - the police, this has to be looked into further, followed by the TV
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