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Christmas Hampers 2013

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amysb86amysb86 Forumite
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right, as i cant find a hamper thread for this year, i thought id start one :-)
so we can see what everyone is making/planing...

il get the ball rolling with the ideas i have so far (only done hampers once before and only did a couple...doing everyone this year!:eek:

Brother &GF - tapas/spanish hamper
- voucher to their fave tapas resturant
-tapas book (got from tescos £3)
-tapas dishes (getting from ikea £1 each)
-jars of olives, sundried tomatoes, stuffed peppers etc
-flat breads (tesco do some 2 for £2)
-nice wooden serving board for breads etc
- mini chorizo
-nice glasses
possible REC on dvd as they like horrors and its spanish ...

any other ideas welcome...

Sister: night out hamper
- jelly inserts for shoes
- purse
- skittles vodka (homemade)
-cocktail shaker
-tights (primark do handbag packs)
-make up bits (poundland)
- mini hair spray
-mini deodrant

cant think of anything else - she is a 18 year old student so any other ideas would be great :wave:

i do have other idea but dont wana make a huge post lol...

hows everybody else's ideas coming along xx



  • kingfisherbluekingfisherblue Forumite
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    I'm doing a gym hamper for my son. He will be 14 just before Christmas, and attends a council run gym for teenagers twice a week. So far, I have:
    Microfibre towel
    Sports bottle
    Shower gel
    Lip balm
    Hand cream (I know it sounds odd, but the trainer recommended this to avoid hard skin on hands after lifting weights)

    I still need to get:
    Gym bag
    Sports socks
    Gym gloves
    Deep Heat muscle rub

    I'm not getting headphones as he doesn't wear them at the gym, he listens to whatever music is over the speakers. He wouldn't read a fitness magazine, so I'm not buying that either.

    Teachers are having a hot drinks hamper. I've bought the mugs, but will get sachets closer to the time. I'll also add marshmallows, flakes and squirty cream.

    I'm thinking about hampers for my Mum, sister and friend. I've already bought various toiletries, stationery, books, etc, so it's just a case of sorting through everything and deciding who would like what. I've also bought a few novelty items with these hampers in mind.

    I did a lovely toiletries hamper for my SIL last year, and didn't even get a thank you, so not sure what to do this year. Maybe a book, although we have very different tastes. She does like rambling, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. I know that sounds awful, but most birthdays and Christmases, I get an alcohol gift set from her - I've been teetotal all my life, and she knows this.

    I made a thank you hamper just before school broke up - the office staff are always very helpful, but rarely receive anything, so as it was very hot weather, I made a fruit hamper, which was received with delight. I might make a fruit hamper for an elderly friend, not sure yet.

    I'm also in the process of making up a 'new house' hamper for my daughter and her fianc!. They're saving for a home together, so I keep buying extra bits as I see them - everything from washing up liquid, to loo rolls, to mugs. I've got a lot longer to do this one though, as they won't be getting a house for several months yet. It isn't for Christmas, but I might think about a smaller version, maybe with a theme of lounge or bathroom.
  • amysb86amysb86 Forumite
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    kingfisherblue the gym hamper sounds amazing i bet your sons going to love it!

    i think with my mum its gona turn into a hamper of her favorite things lol

    with regards to you sis getting u alcohol even tho you dont drink and not being grateful for her hamper can you not just give her back one of the gifts sets she brought you hehehe sorry if thats sounds hash :eek:

    think a fruit basket for elderly person sounds lovely! or as its winter could u do them a hot drinks basket maybe? doing this for my nan -kinda more of a tea tray including some home made photo coasters! (if they come out right)
  • kingfisherbluekingfisherblue Forumite
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    I can't really give back the alcohol gifts, as it would cause too many problems. My in laws have always supported me, and it has been especially important the last few years - my ex started a new family elsewhere, leaving me to bring up our three children alone, including one child with severe disabilities. If my SIL mentioned that I had given her the same gift that she had given me, my ex would cause merry hell, and this would spoil things for my parents in law, who don't deserve that.

    I like the tea tray idea, I think I'll use that for my friend. I've already bought her a book, and she loves new mugs, so that sounds ideal. I love to read whilst having a cuppa :D
  • amysb86amysb86 Forumite
    62 posts
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    ah that makes sense, well just grab her a cheapy gift set wilkos or something save you putting the effort in and keeps everyone happy :T
    B&M have sachets of options vanilla hot choc for 15p at mo and iv also signed up for loads of free samples of tea coffees which im gona fill the mug with :)
  • PoppyGirlPoppyGirl Forumite
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    Kingfisherblue - just give your SIL a generic cheapy gift set. It's not worth going to all that effort when she doesn't appreciate what you do, and gives you thoughtless gifts. My friends do this, every year I put a lot of thought and time into what I get them - but always get a smellies set from the Boots 3 for 2 in return. I've got sensitive skin and don't use anything like that, they know that!

    Those of you who've mentioned doing hampers for elderly people, if it's Christmas you could do them a soup hamper. If they aren't infirm and quite fit and able to make it you could include packs of those diced veg you can get in supermarket, stock cubes and bag of lentils etc? Otherwise you could make it up with tins of soup, a nice bowl and packs of croutons etc?
  • amysb86amysb86 Forumite
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    poppygirl - ooo i really like the soup idea! my other nans house is so cold this would be really nice for her thanks :beer:
  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    Unsure if I'm doing any hampers this year but thought I'd chip in with an idea that I did for my Grandmother last year.

    She has dementia, though not (yet) badly enough for her to be in care and frequently can't be bothered to look in cupboards, fridge etc for something to eat. I did her a hamper where I put several individual items in it, the packs of crackers where you get about 3 individually wrapped up, mini cheeses, I wasn't worried about the lack of refrigeration due to the cold winter we had, cakes that are individually wrapped- think I found them in HB or B&M, mini portions of jam. Small bottles of juice.

    The idea was (which worked) that she could get a small plate and by putting crackers, cheese, cake and drink, she had a lunchtime meal which didn't involve any effort on her part - and we knew she was eating when we are at work.
  • mandcomandco Forumite
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    amysb86 wrote: »
    poppygirl - ooo i really like the soup idea! my other nans house is so cold this would be really nice for her thanks :beer:

    sainsburys have own brand soups currently on offer at 60p in pots that can be microwaved which may be handy for a soup hamper they also had vegetable & chicken instore

    thinking of doing a nail art hamper for dd
    manicure kit
    nail polishes
    nail wraps
    maybe a model finger?
    any other ideas appreciated
    this year do something that scares you for courage is not the absence of fear just the knowledge that some things are worth the risk
  • kingfisherbluekingfisherblue Forumite
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    I think I will give SIL a gift set, I've got a few in my cupboard :D

    Pinknfluffy, what about invisible ink for your daughter's hamper? I'm sure I've read somewhere that you can use lemon juice, but I'm not sure what you do to be able to read it. Might be worth thinking about though. Poundland had a couple of cookbooks in last week, so they could fit into your baking hamper, or you could create a file of recipes printed from the Internet. Home Bargains had two different recipe folders in last week, and they were quite inexpensive although I can't remember exactly how much they were.

    Spendless, I remember someone asking about individually wrapped portions last year - I can't remember if it was you or another poster. I'm glad your idea was so successful though.

    Mandco, what about a nail dryer? Or hand cream? And if you want to think about feet as well, you could get a pumice stone. Home Bargains sell a four in one whatsit, with pumice stone, foot file, soft brush and something else that I can't remember. It's only 89p and comes in a clear tube. It looks more expensive than it is.

    Actually, that's given me an idea for MIL. She has dreadful problems with her feet, due to poor circulation and extremely dry skin. I might make up a feet pamper hamper. It's a thought.........

    I've almost finished listing the things in my cupboard and storage baskets, so when the kids go back to school next week I can make a start on sorting stuff out properly. I'm also aiming to wrap early this year, as it's a job I really don't enjoy. In addition to all of the usual recipients, I have to wrap for my Rainbow unit and my Brownie unit, so that's about 25 more gifts!

    Not quite a hamper, but as a family we all make up a shoebox each for Operation Christmas Child. I've been collecting things all year, and now have quite an impressive amount. I still need three toothpastes, five flannels, four pairs of gloves, and I think three hats, but otherwise I have enough items for five shoeboxes - one each from myself, my three kids, and my mum. We might have to make another one this year, as my daughter's fiance isn't yet aware of our family tradition. I've saved all sorts of things, including a few free toys from children's magazines when my son has read the magazine and not bothered with the toy. I rescued a few bits from crackers last year, and have bought a few bits in the sales as well. Then there are bits and bobs that I have received but will never use myself, such as solid soap (we all prefer liquid soap).

    My notebook is up to date and is well hidden from prying eyes :cool:, and I have enough saved for the cash gifts I give. I've even got two Christmas design tins, bought for 35p each last year, to put in the money I'm giving to two of my children. My youngest is almost 14, and enjoys origami, so I might even try to shape it into a Christmassy shape :)
  • I did a staffroom hamper for the ladies at my little ones nursery when she left a few weeks ago
    jar of coffee
    biscuits that are individually packed ( ie penguins, taxi bars, rolo biscuits, kipling cakes in indiv portions)
    mocha sachets
    weight watchers hot choc sachets

    I put a pic on facebook and my friend loved it so going to do one for her for xmas.
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