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  • Hi, I tried to get on to Ancestry but It wouldn't let me view the records, what am I doing wrong. I am registered with them already, does this matter. I have tried logging out and trying again but no luck.

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    Sorry but you are a year too late - the other posts were made in November 2008. Try the internet at your local library as they will have a free subscription to Ancestry.
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    Ancestry are offering 14 day trial of their top sub, which covers parish records - brilliant if you have London marriages, births and burials you want to look up - actually see the parish entry and your ancestors writing!

    AncestryLogo.jpg headerR.jpg side1E.jpg

    Take a FREE* 14 day trial - and discover ancestors you never knew existed!

    Finding family discoveries and the stories behind them is fascinating, and is why is so popular. Now, with the improvements we've made to Parish Records it is now possible to trace your family history back to the distant past - as far as 1538.

    More records - more opportunities

    Last year we added over 13 million new Parish Records, so now you have a greater chance of finding your distant, distant ancestors. PLUS thanks to continued improvements we've made, searching is even easier.

    Parish Records are only available with Premium or Worldwide membership, however why not take full advantage of these great new developments with a FREE* 14 day trial - and start bringing your distant family history to life.

    Kind Regards, team

    *14 day free trial: Terms and conditions apply.
    Only one free trial of one of our membership options is allowed per person. Free trial requires registration with a valid credit or debit card, but no money will be taken during the free trial. To cancel your membership without incurring cost, simply login and go to
    My Account and click on 'Cancel Subscription', or call us free on 0800 404 9723, before the expiry of the 14 day free trial, otherwise 100% of your chosen membership price will automatically be taken on expiry of the 14 day free trial.
  • I can highly recommend this, I joined up at the beginning of Jan for the free trial, and now Im a paid member!
    Ive really enjoyed tracing my family tree, and have found many relatives and secrets noone knew about!
    I am currently as far back as the early 1800's.

    The yearly membership is very expensive, so take the free trail and get as much done as possible to see if you will like it.
    The amount of records available is amazing, but you may find yourself having to use other sites, such as the 1911 census (I think this is find my past) to find people, which of course you will also have to pay for. You will also need to pay more to go further back, but its really worth it if your commited!!

    Tracing your family tree can be hard work, great fun, simple, and at some points you may be pulling your hair out!! But if you want a fantastic, rewarding and informative hobby, and are interested in your roots and family history, I really cant recommend it enough!

    Be prepared for some suprises too!!
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    Get ready! To mark Census Day 2011, we’re letting you access all our UK census record indexes, from England, Wales and Scotland, completely FREE, for 24 hours!
    27th March will be a historic day, as we all come together to complete the 2011 National Census. While you’re filling in details of your age, birthplace and relationships, you can use our FREE indexes to look back at your ancestors who did exactly the same thing every ten years, right back to 1841. You can then view the original historical records by taking our 14 day Free Trial.

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  • Thanks for the warning. That's a day off it then, because all of us who pay won't be able to get on that day.
    We used to to shop at Tesco. But then we saw the light.
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    Just about every library in the country has Ancestry, the library version which is much fuller than Acestry UK it has censuses, bmds etc for all around the world. One or two library authorities (slough is an example) have Find My Past too
    Most libraries also have electronic versions of the Times back to day one and some have 19th century British Library Newspapers, that is newspapers chosen by the BL as being good regional examples. Excellent for obits etc.
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    Thanks for posting, know what I will be doing on Sunday now.
  • I am starting to go into finding my ancestry's I know it's harder then I thought I found some of the information from family anyway but I wont be joining that because I aint got the pennies but I wouldn't mind going to the library about it :-), and also I've been looking on the social networking site Facebook :D.
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    Anyone tried this? how do you view the record free today? every time I try it still wants me to register as normal (which is 14 days free then they take payment) that is available all the time not just today so what should I be doing just to get the free census records today?
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