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DFW Running Club!!

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
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paniapania Forumite
8.3K posts
edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
Hi one and all!!

At the request of several members here on the DFW board, I have pleasure in starting the Debt Free Wannabe Running Club!The idea being that we all have goals we wish to reach, some being financial, others being weight loss, getting fit etc.

So heres the place to get the motivation to do it!!:j

Firstly, Let us know what your goal is, Ie running a half marathon, being able to run for half hour without stopping, doing 30 sit ups etc then we can share progress reports, any training hints and tips and generally get a kick up the proverbial to get off the sofa and go do it!!!:rotfl:
(goodness knows i need a boot right now so could be accused of being slightly self indulgent with the thread!:T )

If there are enough people we could even do an evening or a sunday run.

We all know Gyms are/can be Mega expensive so here's the cheaper option and you'll get loads of support from us all.

So who's in?!:beer:

Have fun
debt @05/11/11 £12210.63!! slowly chipping away!!
:heart2:impossible is nothing.:heart2:


  • RoutRout Forumite
    33 posts
    I'll have some of that action, first ever Great North Run on September 30th, cost me £38 as well so have to make it worth my while by training lots so I enjoy it!
    LBM August 2005

    Total Debt August 2005 = £37,497

    Current Debt Nov 2007 = £15,168

    :T :T
  • immoral_angelukimmoral_angeluk Forumite
    24.5K posts
    I'm a Volunteer Board Guide
    My race for life is on the 26th June and so far I have done zero training so my first goal is to get my lazy a** up and train!
    Total 'Failed Business' Debt £29,043
    Que sera, sera. <3
  • blackangelukblackangeluk Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    837 posts
    I'm in :j

    [I'll have some of that action, first ever Great North Run on September 30th, cost me £38 as well so have to make it worth my while by training lots so I enjoy it!]

    Me too!! Am very nervous about running so far but just done the Manchester Run in 55mins 58s and so I'm raring to go :rolleyes2

    My ultimate aim is just to get into the Marathon, never mind run it, maybe this will be the year

  • OliveOyl_2OliveOyl_2 Forumite
    3.5K posts
    I'd like to offer my support. I can cheer from the (virtual) pavement as you go past?
    But running and me don't get on. I run in an embarrassing way, like the most embarrassing way a mum can do on parents day in junior school. :D
  • paniapania Forumite
    8.3K posts
    ok, rout I_A and Blackangel a fantastic start!! (oh and me)

    My goal, London Marathon 2008 , did 2006 in 5hrs 22 want to go much faster!!
    (maybe a dfw marathon group!)
    debt @05/11/11 £12210.63!! slowly chipping away!!
    :heart2:impossible is nothing.:heart2:
  • paniapania Forumite
    8.3K posts
    hey oliveoyl, have you send the episode of friends where phoebe and rachel go out running? I'm sure it can't be that bad!! ;-)
    debt @05/11/11 £12210.63!! slowly chipping away!!
    :heart2:impossible is nothing.:heart2:
  • SystemSystem
    177.7K posts
    10,000 Posts
    Great idea Pania. I shall join when I return from sea. Lenny PS Congrats on breaking the 30K mark. I hope to do that before the year is out.
  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
    10.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    there is a well established thread on the i wanna board about running where you will find lots of encouragement and support. see HERE
    know thyself
    Nid wy'n gofyn bywyd moethus...
  • paniapania Forumite
    8.3K posts
    thanks lenny, how long are you at sea for? And yes good luck on the 30k mark is a great feeling!!

    Thanks for the helpful hint pavlov's dog i'm sure we can use that for some training ideas!
    debt @05/11/11 £12210.63!! slowly chipping away!!
    :heart2:impossible is nothing.:heart2:
  • CazzdevilCazzdevil Forumite
    1.1K posts
    I'd love to join but my fitness goal is for mountain biking, not running :(
    I couldn't run if my life depended on it so I take my hat off to those of you who are taking part and I'll be here for moral support in abundance :D
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