Anyone want to join me? Awaiting Mortgage decision...

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  • deusdeus Forumite
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    Our valuation and survey is taking place tomorrow - nervous but also excited!
  • swanny78swanny78 Forumite
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    seems Natwest don't have my mortgage declaration and direct debit mandate so cant progress untill they have it.... I sent these last week to MA so I've sent them again :mad:. Do Natwest asking for these docs mean they are happy to lend depending on valuation, they don't seem to be docs that check affordability or credit worthiness ... Or is that wishful thinking.:o
  • swanny78swanny78 Forumite
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    Just called MA looks like we are on track for today to issue valuation all going well.... everything crossed again
  • How quickly do you get your valuation date after your application has gone in usually?
  • swanny78swanny78 Forumite
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    How quickly do you get your valuation date after your application has gone in usually?
    My understadning is that the valuation is the last stage of assessment, so the underwriter would have completed his drains up on your finances by then. Thus it all depends on what risk the bank see you as, are you borrowing against a high LTV, adverse credit etc the more risk and the more the underwriter will dig and ask for more information. So varies for each application. Assuming my valuation is instructed today it would have been exactly a week since my full application went in. I have no adverse credit and 75% LTV due to HTB scheme.
  • I am the same as you swanny78, my application went in yesterday I am 75% LTV also due to the HTB scheme and I have what the Halifax advisor classed a a grade A credit score. So hopefully it should move quite quickly!
  • deusdeus Forumite
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    Our valuation was instructed 2 days after the full application. It is happening today :) Hoping that we have a decision in the week following.

    Good luck swanny78 on hearing back today. Frustrating that they keep losing documents.

    CluelessFTB hope your application starts moving along too.

    Fingers crossed all round! :)
  • Oooo fingers crossed for you too deus!
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    Clueless, looks like we applied at the same time- hopefully we will hear something back tomorrow! So nervous!!

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    So the mortgage company has come back today to ask me about a single transaction on my proof of deposit... it was a legit transfer from one saving account to another....

    I am now hoping and praying that this is the final push before they give me a offer....

    This is such a bumpy rollercoaster, and my knuckles are white from holding on so tight!!!!!!
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