QuickQuid email - Have I been a victim of Fraud?



  • iolanthe07
    iolanthe07 Forumite Posts: 5,493 Forumite
    I'm feeling lonely and abandoned. I did not have an e-mail from them this morning. Is it something that even my best friend won't tell me?
    I used to think that good grammar is important, but now I know that good wine is importanter.
  • rouk
    rouk Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Perhaps a call to www dot actionfraud dot police dot uk in the first instance could be a brilliant idea.
    Then contact quickquid from their website. Never follow a link or use a phone from any suspicious email received.
  • coco1277_2
    coco1277_2 Forumite Posts: 169 Forumite
    Me and my husband both received emails as well , never used the company for a loan , very strange indeed
  • nombet
    nombet Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    hi everyone, I to have had this e mail this morning. I also have never had a loan from quickquid. after looking on forums most of this morning it is a scam. ignoring the e mail

    thanks everyone for reporting this.
  • Macrae88
    Macrae88 Forumite Posts: 72 Forumite
    I'm so glad I found this thread. I got this email this morning too, and it sent me into a bit of a panic, I HAD tried to take loan out with the once to cover a week until pay day, rather luckily I was declined a loan. But this email got my head racing.

    "Did I actually get the loan and forget about it?"
    "It was about 2 years ago that I applied, and my memory isn't great"
    "Oh god, imagine the interest!!!"

    I'm glad that I'm not alone in receiving it, before finding this I did send them an email, so hopefully I can get some clarification from them.

    I must say it's quite a convincing email, and I don't dare to think about the people who do have outstanding loans with them. I hope everyone has managed to steer clear of handing over any information.
  • DS4215
    DS4215 Forumite Posts: 1,085 Forumite
    Tixy wrote: »
    Large thread on the loan section started this morning, many people have received this, it seems to be some sort of error.
    See this link Have I been a victim of Fraud?

    I've not seen the email, but it *could* also be a new type of phishing email. Get people worried and ask them to ring an expensive phone line where nobody answers...
  • ladyelegance77
    ladyelegance77 Forumite Posts: 62 Forumite
    I have a loan with them and got the email too, I fired one back reminding them that I'm with StepChange and my account with QQ was passed to MacKenzie Hall a month or so ago.....I did think it was odd to get this email, I was annoyed to get it. I do wish I'd never used payday loans but I was weak and desperate so I hold my hands up and say I did and that's that. These companies do need serious regulations and need to be watched 24/7 or shut down. Hope everyone's having a good day so far by the way :)
  • tankmc
    tankmc Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
    Nat1977 wrote: »
    I have had an email from them too this morning, but again, I have never used them :/

    Same thing, never used them. However they own other loan companies with various names, including Pounds2Pocket which i used a couple of years a go. They will use one database for all there customers so it may explain why people who have never used QQ themselves are getting the email.
  • spacey2012
    spacey2012 Forumite Posts: 5,836
    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    What does need pointing out:
    If a company has lent money to someone they believe to be you.
    They are the victim of the fraud not you.

    Never let them fool you otherwise or convince you that you are the victim of the scam.
    The responsibility of any lender is to identify the person correctly, if they allow someone to deceive them with your identity that is their problem not yours.
    Stand firm from day 1.

    Just a scam mail in this instance, but the lack of knowledge on who is the victim in such frauds is worrying.
    Be happy...;)
  • AlexWilliamson
    AlexWilliamson Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    I have spoken to them on the phone and they claim it is a 'system error'
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