QuickQuid email - Have I been a victim of Fraud?



  • Angel02
    Angel02 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I got the same email. However the number doesn't work when you call it..
  • PaulRamone
    PaulRamone Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Martin Lewis is on the case on twitter have forwarded my email to himto check out still no response from quick quid on twitter though
  • ltwe7531
    ltwe7531 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I also received this email which had ruined my day! Very frustrating to wait until 8am UK time to call (now live in Australia) only to get no response! (received the email 6am UK time)

    I don't remember signing up but I have an account with them as I tried to log in but it wouldn't accept password, so I 'reset password' and logged in and all of my address and bank details are listed but no history of ever getting a loan through them.

    I also searched my bank account and have never received a payment from QQ. (I lived in UK 2009 - 2012 and have since moved home to Australia)

    My question is if this is a scam, what can they gain from it?

    I have emailed twice asking what this is about but am waiting for response. If anyone gets a hold of them can you please post replies asap.

    Glad it's not just me as any financial worries like this are so stressful, felling better that it is likely a big mistake.
  • merrows
    merrows Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    No surprise - I had one too.

    These people are either unregulated or the regulations are so lax that no one gets stopped.

    I have had almost a year of being approached by loan companies. Once they get your details, they never stop contacting you. This happens because your details are sold worldwide.

    A new bill is now passing through Parliament to stop unwelcome messages.
  • merrows
    merrows Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    ltwe7531 wrote: »
    I also received this email which had

    I have emailed twice asking what this is about but am waiting for response. If anyone gets a hold of them can you please post replies asap.

    Glad it's not just me as any financial worries like this are so stressful, felling better that it is likely a big mistake.

    Be careful when emailing spammers or phoning them. I have seen they actually take the contact from you to them as a source of information and your details are sold a second time.
  • Glennn
    Glennn Forumite Posts: 128 Forumite
    This is not a scam (in my opinion). Someone just sent out a reminder letter email but chose the wrong options and included all registered accounts.

    They say n/a because you have no loan on file.

    I think everyone who has received one must of set an account up at some point for whatever reason. I have never had a loan from them but I do remember signing up years ago.
  • frostyspur
    frostyspur Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    I suspect it is a phishing scam, hover your mouse over the link at the top of the email which says "click here if you are unable to see the message below". Check the URL, that doesn't look legit to me, as a web developer of ten years.. I am worried about how they got my work email address having never had a loan with them. This looks to me like someone ripped their entire customer database. Will be interesting to see how they try and play this, won't be a fun day for their marketing or customer support teams that's for sure.
  • gb12345
    gb12345 Posts: 3,055 Forumite
    I'm posting the below on behalf of a long-term member who PM'd me and asked if I would post it for them as they have friends who know their userid and they don't want to advertise the fact they have a payday loan.

    "I am a QQ customer and this morning received the email that everyone has mentioned in my inbox. I am a customer, with a small loan but this is not due until the end of July so of course was very mortified about receiving an email, and confused as nothing was overdue and all it says is N/A for amounts and dates. As soon as I logged on to my computer this morning, I tried to call the telephone numbers with no success. Then, I went on website to check my account status - all ok. I clicked on live chat and it wasn't working for a few minutes, but I clicked on it again and it opened up a chat window with a 40 minute wait. I waited patiently and finally got through to an operativeomi.
    She said: 'I am sorry but please disregard that email. We are investigating the error now. We apologise for any inconvenience.' She confirmed everything was fine with my account. I asked if the email had been sent in error and she said: 'That is correct. We are investigating the matter now.' I asked whether an email would be sent out confirming everything was ok and she said: 'you will receive an email confirmation once the investigation is complete'."
  • jazon101
    jazon101 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I also received the same email and have never had any dealings with any payday loan companies, looks like a case of phishing to me. The email address as the bottom is escalation at quickquid.co.uk but in the from field it is escalation at email.quickquid.co.uk did anyone else notice this?
  • glasgowsaver2011
    glasgowsaver2011 Forumite Posts: 426 Forumite
    Jjust got the same email

    I suppose it does say

    Balance - NA
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