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QuickQuid email - Have I been a victim of Fraud?

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  • RHansenRHansen Forumite
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    Well spotted GB12345. Perhaps I'm a little overly paranoid after my recent ID fraud problems... :)

    My next problem is: How have I been assigned a customer number, and how do they have my email address when I have never been a customer of theirs??
  • I can understand them having some sort of system error resulting in them sending emails to existing customers by mistake. I'm sure they will be sending out a bulk email apologising once they are aware.

    What I find more concerning though is that they appear to be emailing people who claim to have never had any dealings with them and seem to have those people's names and an account set up for them.
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    jh787jh787 Forumite
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    I just have had the same email and it definitely is from quick quid but I am guessing been sent in error.

    A little while back they had a really good quidco offer on as previously mentioned and I decided to go for it.

    I can't remember how far into the application I went but I definitely didn't complete it or I was refused (can't remember)

    I do remember regretting giving all my personal details out for the sake of a few quid.

    Are they allowed to keep my information?
  • Nat1977Nat1977 Forumite
    222 posts
    I have had an email from them too this morning, but again, I have never used them :/
  • I received this e-mail also.

    I think I went on their site years ago, never took a loan with them though.

    I did reply with the line "I don't have a loan with you, why have I received this e-mail?" but haven't called.

    Hope this is an error, could do without any extra financial hassle.
  • WLITCWLITC Forumite
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    I got this too. I think (as I looked at a few) I applied for a loan with them but they called and couldn't offer me what I wanted so didn't proceed. Given so many people are receiving this today and some who have never ever applied for some a loan so I'm guessing has to be spam or comp generated error.
  • D9VxD9Vx Forumite
    7 posts
    Had one too this morning! Not used them since 2009 and was always in good standing order.

    Replied to the email asking what it was all about - even logged into my account (which i didn't know I still had!) to see if there was anything outstanding, which there wasn't.

    When their phones are working again, I will be phoning to close my account down in full (assumed it would have done after inactivity).
  • spinin2spinin2 Forumite
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    I have also received this e-mail! I have only had one loan from them which was paid in full in April and that was only because there was an offer to reduce there usually extortionate APR.

    You cannot call the 0800 number advertised nor can you speak to anyone on the 0808 number from there website?! Appalling!
  • sufcfan1sufcfan1 Forumite
    42 posts
    All these replies are making me feel a little better.

    I think that i will wait and see if there is any more from the company today, otherwise it will be by post only complaint to them requesting removal of all personal details, and a quick complaint to the FSA/OFT for good measure.
  • welshone1welshone1 Forumite
    131 posts
    I had excatly the same e-mail and tried ringing the nu,ber and it just cuts off, so e-mail is a mistake
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