QuickQuid email - Have I been a victim of Fraud?



  • marleyboy
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    Glennn wrote: »
    This is not a scam (in my opinion). Someone just sent out a reminder letter email but chose the wrong options and included all registered accounts.

    They say n/a because you have no loan on file.

    I think everyone who has received one must of set an account up at some point for whatever reason. I have never had a loan from them but I do remember signing up years ago.
    Funny that,

    I got one this morning that went straight into my spam folder. Having NEVER signed up to them or any other Loan company, never even considered setting up an account with them or any other loan company and never even accidentally browsed a loan companies site.:D
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  • nicknack101uk
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    My first post. But I've had this e-mail this morning as well. I have got a loan with them but it is up to date. All the numbers on the website seem to be down this morning as well.
  • lucyAM
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    Also had an email from them this morning.
    Never even visited their website before, so was a little concerned.
    Googled the phone number, and this thread came up, so glad to see it's not just me and it looks to be a scam.
  • Larac
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    Can some body advise _ I have been sent a email over night from a company called QuickQuid asking me to contact them about putting a payment loan for a payday loan that I have defaulted on, otherwise they will put into the hands of third party collection agency.

    The thing is I have never had a payday loan with this company. Do I ignore? - my concern is that they will put a default notice on my credit file and I will have another 6 years added. (My credit file is poor due to my DMP but I don't want any more added on)

    I was not sure this was not some of scam as when I rang the contact number it would not connect and then when it did all the agents were busy and a recorded American voice suggested I use their website and login using my account - which I don't have.
  • InvernessIron
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    Also received one. Number in the email doesn't work either.
  • Alaina82
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    I also got an email this morning telling me I have defaulted on my loan and it was being referred to the QQ final resolution team. I've never ever had a quick quid loan.
  • frostyspur
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    If it does emerge that this was a security breach - which I strongly suspect is the case... It would demonstrate that they are probably breaching PCI regulations (card scheme security standards) which will undermine their ability to take card payments from customers in the future. For an industry that's already under the microscope due to fraud and security issues, this is further proof that closer scrutiny is required.
  • Nadnerb_3
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    Also got message. Never had loan. Just a thought...I would never ring number or acknowledge in any way. This only validates your email addy to Phishers which they can then sell on and phone may be premium rate so perhaps they are making money that way.

    Anyway knowing these parasites at QuickQuid are having a crappy day should be a source of joy to us all. Trebles all round......
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  • Tixy
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    Large thread on the loan section started this morning, many people have received this, it seems to be some sort of error.
    See this link Have I been a victim of Fraud?
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  • clive12
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    Also got the same email but never had a loan with them.

    I may have made a inquiry previously (I dont remember) but never taken anything out.
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