Justifiably Unanimous Lockdown Yomp!!!

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Justifiably Unanimous Lockdown Yomp!!!
"The only limits in life are the ones you set yourself"

ATTENTION ADMIN STAFF; This is NOT a diary. This is a monthly challenge. I would appreciate it if you do not move us to the "debt free diaries" as newbies will not know to look there. This is open to all and is frustrating when it's moved halfway through the challenge. Thank you.

Over the passed few months since November 2012 I have ran “challenges” for people to jump on board with my ridiculous goal of getting myself debt free within 457 days. I stood loud and proud with £16600. This has reduced considerably over the months through jolly well hard work and sheer determination.

It’s no longer about just me though. We are a team and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support of those than join in. There are some who have stood firm and followed from the beginning, took on my ridiculous rules and tried their hardest to get through to the bitter end. Some fell by the wayside, realised it’s too hard and disappeared.

It isn’t easy! We all have differing paths and challenges each day. We have families to contend with, children, pregnancies, sickness, slip-ups, gambling, car failures, excessive travelling for work, long hours with stupid work colleagues and unexpectedly expensive fur-balls to pay for.

Yet we push on! This “yomp” we are on can be fast and furious, then draaaaaaag and threaten to punish us in the worst way possible. Out own failure. Yet we push on!

By hook or by crook we get to the end.

You may be curious as to the title. Well the general discussion in the month of June is that July has to be nothing short of a lock down, yet enough to deal with school holidays and everything inbetween! After a difficult June it’s justified that July might be a little tougher, but not to tough, it seems a somewhat unanimous conclusion that we all have things we need to clean up and change this month and lockdown spending.

It’s a yomp - it’s tough. It’s a term used by the Royal Marines which is slang of a “long distance march carrying full kit”. We are carrying full kit, we are going the distance which to some is LONG!

So join us, buckle down, get rid of the debt and take a load off!

The Rules.
  • This challenge will commence on the 1st July at midnight and will conclude on the 31st at midnight.
  • You must check in everyday - whether is a simple update or an essay. Unload your woes - we are nice. We will help where we can!
  • You will aim for, as best you can, for 20 SFD’s (Spend Free Days). This means you have 11 days in which to do your spending. The key is planning, be aware of what you have to spend and spending no more. Complete “yellow sticker” shopping sprees are an automatic free SFD. Use of points, reward points, vouchers, coupons are allowed on SFD’s…cause I am nice!:)
  • Food seems to be everyones crux and rightly so - set your budget now. After a very tight June my food budget is £100 - although I intend to keep it to £80. Set yours now and reduce it by £20. Stick to it!
  • Plan all your outings for the children, friends, BBQ’s, rainy days and outings before the beginning of the month. Refuse anything unplanned for after the start of this challenge. You MUST be prepared financially.
  • Get out of the house and explore an area within your petrol allowance, travelcard, bus ticket etc. Find something free to amuse yourself with, bring a picnic, people watch and enjoy your own area. You might surprise yourself. And go out even if it’s raining!
  • You may choose 3 days out, where £5 is the maximum spend, to class as SFD’s. So if you go out and you have to buy something for your child, a drink, a train ticket or something unplanned for, entry to a building/museum etc - you can class this as an SFD. The key again, plan ahead. Find free things, tickets off, freebies or offers.
  • The norm regarding eating out. If it's not planned don't go, cafes and work canteens MUST be avoided. This means bringing your lunch with you everywhere, planning ahead and that means no Starbucks / Costa or any other expensive coffee/tea house. These are luxuries we can't afford right now.
  • Set your debt freed date (DFD). It's good to have a goal.
  • De-clutter your house. This enables freer thinking when the space you live in is clean, tidy and organised. Give things to charity - what goes around comes around. Someone will help you one day.
Thats is. Are you in?

***Please add your name on a post only. Comments and budgeting chat will start on the first of the month. Please DO NOT re-post the entire initial thread indicating what you can and can't do - please just leave your name for now to prevent this thread getting to long unnecessarily ***

Now bring it on!

The Contenders
  1. NSK
  2. Avogirly
  3. Livingagoodlife
  4. Siouxsie
  5. BrizzledFW
  6. NannyG
  7. Nikki2804
  8. RagstorichesWannabe
  9. Jonesy88
  10. ClootiesMum
  11. HappyBeingMe
  12. Abundant192
  13. Zenshi
  14. MIssu
  15. Mr Cobes
  16. Wannabee-in-Credit
  17. BUffyTheDebtSlayer
  18. Munchin
  19. SexyShark
  20. MrsToast
  21. CrazyCatLady1
  22. Doris65
  23. 32b3in2013
  24. GeorgieBrownO
  25. His_Missus
  26. Lillian1977
  27. LionHeartedGirl
  28. Binky01
  29. Beautiful_Ravens
  30. Thrifty_Lass
  31. Tschic
  32. Kerry_DFW

Click reply below to join the Yomp. If you haven’t already, you'll need to join the forum to reply. If you aren’t sure how it all works, watch the New to Forum? Intro Guide.
“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent".


  • Avogirly
    Avogirly Posts: 751 Forumite
    First Anniversary
    YES! I've been looking out for this for the last couple of days! I'm in! Thanks #uberexcited!
    October make £10/day currently £11.02
  • Living_a_good_life
    Count me in - Ive had a month of carefree abandon - time to get back on the wagon and off the naughty step!!
    Debt free on the 28/05/13
  • Siouxsie32
    Siouxsie32 Posts: 1,987 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Cashback Cashier
    Me me me....again :D
  • karmachilovething
    I won't be joining you this month. A part from anything else, I can't do daily check-ins, as I will be away for half the month and I won't allow roaming on my phone.

    But I will drop in now and then to cheer you on. And I'll be back in August.

    Total debt: [STRIKE]£9473.62[/STRIKE] £7,384.87 22% PAID
    TAF #25 NSD 8/12 | Food £43.45/£50 | eBay 0/20 | Exercise 5/18
    :T Proud to be Dealing with my Debt :T
    DFD: June 2015
  • brizzledfw
    brizzledfw Posts: 7,302 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Hi all and especially NS Kat!

    I have been lurking with interest and cheering you on in June so would love to join you in July for a good old MSE yomp!! It will be tricky but if I am gonna get my DFD on 31 December I need to batten down the hatches big time.

    More info when we start..as requested!

    MFiT-T4 Member No. 96 - 2022 is my MF goal :D
    Winter 17/18 Savings Rate Goal: 25% [October 30%] :T
    Declutter 60 items before 31.03.18 9/60 ** LSDs Target 10 for March 03/10 **AFDs 10/15 ** Sales/TCB Target 2018 £25/£500 NSDs Target 10 for March 02/10 Trying to be a Frugalista:rotfl::T
  • nannygladys
    nannygladys Posts: 3,085 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker Photogenic First Post
    Count me in in in!!!!!
    2024 is going to be a positive year for me, and it's starting now!! 
    Buys: All budgeted and paid by cash!
    Jan - fridge/freezer
    Feb - milk frother, curtain pole x2, roller blind - bathroom, toilet seat, bath sink taps, kitchen sink waste unit and an extra double electric socket.
    March - raised bed for garden, bathroom cabinet, roller blind - kitchen
    April - nothing
    May - 
  • nikki2804
    nikki2804 Posts: 2,670 Forumite
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    Can I join? I'm trying to limit my spending as I have a *finger/toes/everything crossed* large purchase coming up. I want to manage this without borrowing any cash for fee's or unexpected expenses plus also clearing the small amount of BNPL and credit card debt that I have (around £500)

    I'm also 28 weeks pregnant with no2 so most updates will be 'im ill' or 'im tired' :rotfl:
  • ragstoricheswannabe
    I would like to join please. :) Hoping this will reign in the little spends here and there that soon add up.
    December 2018: £20,850.24. Now: £18,333.02 Total paid in 2019: £2517.22

    Weight loss: 1.5lbs
  • Jonesy88
    Jonesy88 Posts: 959 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Count me in :)
    :rudolf: DF by Xmas 2018: #83 £8,250/£15,000 55% :rudolf:
    SPC 7: #135 :staradmin | MFW 9.72% | Groceries: £6.49/£80 | Exercise 0/20 | NSDs 0/15
  • LoveaDove
    LoveaDove Posts: 491 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Hi Kat,

    I'll be cheerleading throughout July- as moving house and have two weddings- my budget sheet already looks a shambles! Will be back properly for August- Good Luck everyone! :D
    *Do More of What Makes You Happy*
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