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MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

in MoneySaving polls
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  • Deffinately - I would if I had the body for it and was silly enough to get into debt!
  • ally55ally55 Forumite
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    No way! If she's that pretty she could do less revealing shots more often.
  • Jordan should think really carefully before she bares all. We've all done it (getting into debt that is!) and somewhere along the line you have to take personal responsibility - one moment for a quick buck (!) could lead to far reaching consequences for both herself and her family should her secret get out (there's no way these pics will stay private). She may wish to consider speaking to her "oh so listening!" bank to see if they can help her with a consolidation loan, or if that's not possible, go to a debt agency who then in turn will communicate with her creditors.:A
  • Like a shot, 'scuse the pun.

    I've done dancing of the clothes on variety since I was a lil 'un, have pals who work in 'gentleman's clubs' for tons o' cash, and would happily to the same if it wasn't for my very traditional and loving partner, who would, in a traditional and loving Geordie male way, tear the aforementioned club apart and carry me home in a sack.

    I'd say give it a go - she might find a more lucrative career than teaching.

    But be prepared for the possible fall-out.

    God it's impossible to write a response to this without getting all fnar fnar!!
    DEBT FREE! Sep '08/£9,800 in Oct '06 :beer:
  • If she is thinking of gettering her kit off, she should not be teaching children.

    Sounds more like she should be a lady of the night than a primary school teacher

    Well graemecarter, not all of us primary teachers are complete prudes. I have to admit to getting my kit off every night....... before I go to bed!! Shock!! Horror!! :rotfl:

    So just for the record, graemecarter, primary teachers DO have sex lives.

    However, I very much doubt any school would look favourably upon a teacher who posed nude in a magazine. She may halve her debts with this 'glamour' shoot, but she would certainly be in a worse finanacial situation in six months time, with no job and no prospects of teaching again. :eek:
  • RaveRave Forumite
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    She should check her employment contract. If it specifically forbids her from posing naked in a magazine or taking any other job, then she shouldn't do it. If it doesn't, then she should go right ahead.

    Her school may or may not sack her. If she does she should take them to a tribunal, because I'd absolutely love to see them try and prove that she'd brought the profession into disrepute in a court of law. Would an ex-page 3 girl be denied a job on the grounds that she was inherently disreputable?

    As a result of EU laws Britain was forced sometime around the year 2000 to start allowing the distribution of hardcore pornography. If anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to watch explicit sexual acts on film- or, by extension, perform them- then a bit of full nudity is a legal (and IMO moral) drop in the ocean. The number of repressed prudes popping their heads up in this thread is frankly unbelieveable!

    Sadly, my opportunities in this area have passed, I fear. Just after The Full Monty had proved a massive box ofice hit, Channel Five made a cash-in program about 'The Real Full Monty'. The male stripper they chose to advertise their program with was my absolute doppelganger- the only difference was that he had a tattoo on his arm. My dad genuinely believed it was me until I strenuously denied it. I couldn't think of anything worse than stripping in front of a room full of drunk women but to this day I'd be delighted to pose naked for a magazine if they offered me cash for it- but since most of my hair fell out I think I'm out of luck:(.
  • :cool: Friends come and go....You always need money.
  • ShainShain Forumite
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    It's perfectly normal to see yourself as a sexual being (yes, some old-fashioned posters seem to think that no-one should have sex, let alone a teacher), and it should be completely up to Jordan what she chooses to do with her body, whether that's take off her clothes in front of a loving partner, a stranger, or a camera. But let's be honest, we set different standards for people to whom we entrust our kids, and good judgement is one of them. Taking her kit off for money would demonstrate poor judgement as to what's appropriate for a primary school teacher, and judgement is a pretty important thing for a teacher to have! Her credibility in the classroom would be shot to hell. And someone WILL see it, inevitably, and unless we're talking a million-dollar deal that'll set her up in a new career, it could be expensive for her! Mind you, if she starred in a hard-core porno film, no-one who saw her in that context could take the moral high ground...
  • IF she values her job no way, but otherwise go for it
  • It's the same old story - women who need money have no option but to take their clothes off. Why can't we create a system where women are paid enough so that they don't have to do this - this only helps perpetuate a system where women are given the message that their only true worth is in what they look like for men. No, she should not do it -there are too many women taking up this option, much to the detriment of women and how this create's a negative culture for women to have to live in.
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