MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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  • I'd say no.

    She may say yes to this "one off" way to slash her debts but my understanding of 'buy-out' rights would mean she would have no control over how the photographs were used, where they were published or (perhaps more importantly) how often. She could end up with a !!!!!! career without intending to.

    If she was happy for this to be the case then sure, strip if you can live with it. But if you can't, don't.

    My answer is NO.

    As a photographer, I have asked models to sign a model release form to allow me to use the images in what ever perpose I wish, and that the model can have no control over where this image is used, how often, or for how long! I would also have control over how this image can be "processed" into any other form I wish.

    This is a very serious contract giving away all rights to how this image is used, and with modern techniques can be distorted to all sorts of means and ways not envisaged.

    I'm sure she would be delighted to find herself on a billboard for Condoms or the cover of "Big Boys Mags" in years to come - what would her future husband think of that!

    If she sees this as a way of clearing her debts, then she MUST include a clear instruction on the use of the images, and not a total release to the photographer, that is what I expect from my models and we agree the terms.

    Before you ask, none of the models I have used have given me full permissions to the images, and I acept their privacy in this.

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    I have friends who found a calendar with their French teacher in it, bobs akimbo. Fantastic they thought.

    They told her they thought it was great and they became her favourite pupils - good job all round.
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    No it's a slippery path.
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    jackbremer wrote: »
    I have friends who found a calendar with their French teacher in it, bobs akimbo. Fantastic they thought.

    They told her they thought it was great and they became her favourite pupils - good job all round.
    Of course they did. They had a hold over her. Think about it.
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  • Any pixs of Jordan???? :j
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    Holy cow, no way! Or rather, yes if she wants to halve her current debts and completely flush her entire career down the toilet. A primary school teacher? It would be found out, you can be sure of it. She would be sacked, and no other school would touch her.

    Yeesh, this is a short-term gain and no mistake. And she'd still have half her debts left!

    Totally agree with this, especially the last part!

    We don't know how much her debts are, or how they were racked up. If she doesn't address the problems that led her into debt in the first place, it might just happen again, and then what was the point of doing the pictures?!

    Take crash dieting - never works really, much better to go for a nice healthy balanced diet, and go for the long term gain (loss ;) )

    Really don't think she should do it, not because it's sleazy or whatever (although it is, lets face it!), but because it won't even get rid of all her debts, and surely she has other options - negotiating with creditors, DMPs, IVAs even bankruptcy.......

    Just my two cents!

    HTH :)

    IW x
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    Definetley not! As a teacher she has more than just educational skills to offer the children she teaches, she has to show them life values too. Removing your clothes for money might be OK for certain person but not for those with responsible positions - such as a teacher.

    Would we for example trust a vicar/priest who dressed in drag or stripped for money? Probably not, teacher vicar etc all have a responsibility to children and society
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  • If you a looker, go for it girl. The amount of nudity and violence shown in todays tv and news won't make a scrap of difference. Take a holiday to somewhere that has nudist beaches, try it out completely naked. If you can be comfortable with that, then the rest should be a breeze. Initially you ought to be able to make enough money to make a real difference. It also depends if you are really dedicated to teaching. Have a good think about it. It can't be any worse than having a pack of vicious nasty wolves (creditors) chasing and backing you into a corner. Believe me, I know all about that. If I were you, and were attractive enough to do this, I wouldn't hesitate. Another thing, don't take any notice of the fuddy duddies or those who think that they have high moral standards about nudity and violence. I bet they've all watched late night filth on some of the braver tv channels. Sitting there tutting and oooohing and saying how disgusting in the same breath as putting their twentieth chocolate and third can of lager into their mouths. To bring a bit of religion into it I believe it says in the Bible, "Let those without Sin cast the first stone". I sincerely hope it works out for you. The very best of British to you. Dek. ( Couldn't give my real name or I would have to eliminate you ). Tarra
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    If she is thinking of gettering her kit off, she should not be teaching children.

    Sounds more like she should be a lady of the night than a primary school teacher

    This sort of attitude is what has kept the world in the dark ages for so long. I 'do the dirty' with my girlfriend at night, does that make me less of a person or less suitable to work with children? Maybe somebody needs reminding where children come from?

    If she did the shoot, she would be a consenting adult doing something that is legal within her country and would be seen by other consenting adults.

    In my opinion, she should decide which of the big taboos is more important to her, doing a glamour shoot or being in debt/insolvent.

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    David_B wrote: »
    Because of the nature of her job I would say NO WAY unless she undoubting wanting to get fired.

    Saying that, she could earn a hell of a lot of media attention if she chooses to and then further work.

    As a dad I wouldn't mind but I know my wife certainly would!

    Again, I really dont understand this. Why would the children be effected? Did somebody mention she was being photographed with children? Or in a children's comic? No, they did not, it is adults only. If the children got to see the images then the person who allowed them to is the one in the wrong.

    Are people who work with children to be castrated and denied a life beyond school?

    However, as somebody else mentioned, if the shoot halved her debts and the debts are enough to worry about then I suspect she's already in the wrong career and would make a lot more money from modelling.

    I would give her all encouragement to follow her own desires.

    The Toad
    "Do as you will, so long as it harms none."
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