MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

Jordan is a 24 year old primary school teacher with debt coming out of her ears.!A friend she trusts has asked her to do a one-off glamour shoot for a men's magazine that involves full frontal nudity.!This isn't something she'd ever normally consider and!will shock her religious parents; yet in one foul swoop the fees she's being offered for 'buy-out' rights would more than halve her debts.
Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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  • Its a matter of personal moraility surely? It depends on Jordans own view of glamour photograhy, not anyone elses. if Jordan were to take the advice of anyone she would be wrong. She has to decide for herself whether flashing the gash is worth the cash.

    I'd get my kit off for 10 bob, but might just be me.
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    The only problem I see with doing it is whether someone she knows would see it - what if a parent saw it and caused trouble in her main job?
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    No way. 24 years old and a primary school teacher. Imagine a big brother or father having a copy of the mag lying around at home - 9 year old wee Jimmy has a sneaky look through it and Wow! Miss X! Switch to image of said magazine being paraded about the classroom, other parents, teachers, WEBSITES. Cue, end of career as someone who is supposed to have a sensible, well-balanced, disciplined, approach to life and work. Ain't worth it.
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    No way! If she did something other than teaching it wouldn't be such an issue, but she might get fired if the school finds out - and then where will she be? She'll be left with no income and some serious difficulty finding another job. Remember, we're talking full-frontal here!
  • I don't have a particular view on this, but could I have a look at the piccy's first in the interests of research!!!!!!
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    If she wasn't a primary school teacher, I'd say she should go for it provided she is comfortable with it. But as she's a teacher, I think she would be risking her day job - a teacher was sacked recently in my area for doing some comparitively innocent topless shots. So if she wants to keep teaching, she should probably keep her clothes on. If she wants to model as a career, rather than teach, that's a different matter. Also, regardless of their day job, nobody should pose for glamour shots unless they are 100 per cent comfortable with it. It's not something anyone should do purely for the money - they should enjoy it and be comfortable with it too, and they should also be very aware that it's not something they would be able to do long-term. They'd be unlikely to keep making money past their early to mid 30s.
  • Yeah, need to see the pics before I can really make up my mind
  • I'm not sure what's worse - posing for the pics and making a lot of cash or buying the magazine? Surely anyone who recognised her wouldn't embarass themselves by admitting where they saw her?

    Madonna started out this way and it doesn't seem to have done her much harm.
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    If she has no hang-ups about doing it herself then I would say Yes but because of her job then she has to say No - if it ever became public then she would lose her job instantly...
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    If she is thinking of gettering her kit off, she should not be teaching children.

    Sounds more like she should be a lady of the night than a primary school teacher
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