MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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    I think as long as she wants to give up her primary teaching and become a full time glamour model, then, why not?
    MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
    Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

    Jordan is a 24 year old primary school teacher with debt coming out of her ears.!A friend she trusts has asked her to do a one-off glamour shoot for a men's magazine that involves full frontal nudity.!This isn't something she'd ever normally consider and!will shock her religious parents; yet in one foul swoop the fees she's being offered for 'buy-out' rights would more than halve her debts.
    Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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    Why are they called "glamour" photos anyway? More like sleaze ones to me. And no, she shouldn't do it if a) she has any self-respect; b) she wants to keep her job; or c) she doesn't want her dad to see them!

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    Why doesnt she go the full way, become an !!!!!! star and clear her debts completely.

    Her parents cant be that religious if they often find themselves picking up a copy of Zoo or Nuts.
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    Exposing oneself for money isn't a problem in itself; Jordan could pose for life drawing classes.
    Masturbation is no longer a moral issue, so it shouldn't worry her that she may be the cause of it.
    She may feel troubled about posing, if she feels it is an issue of conscience rather than mere inhibitions. That's for her, not us, to decide.
    She would be wise to consider the risk to her career, but that's being prudent, not prudish.
    The moral issue is, who would be harmed? She would be dealing another small blow against the dignity of women. She's in debt, but not, as far as we know, starving to death for reasons beyond her control.
    On balance, moral reasoning argues that she should keep her kit on.
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    So, to summarise the posts so far, it's ok for women to do glamour shots as long as they're not primary school teachers or someone the men drooling over the pics actually know?! I agree, Jordan shouldn't do it just for the money, and she would be risking her teaching career, not because she'd be any less good at being a primary school teacher, but because of the hypocritical attitudes of parents and peers. Perhaps Jordan wouldn't be in this mess if she was actually getting paid a decent salary (just a thought....). Generally, if Jordan is really having to wrestle with her conscience over this, she shouldn't do the nude photos.
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    I think for the greatness of the world..
    show her the money!! show her the money!!
    smile everyday...cos its free :)
    Live everyday to the Full..cos there is no tomorrow:dance:
  • Surely the question should be 'should any woman take off her kit for money' or 'should those sort of mags be published?' A 24 year old primary teacher- no way. What would it teach the kids about morality?
  • I'd say no.

    She may say yes to this "one off" way to slash her debts but my understanding of 'buy-out' rights would mean she would have no control over how the photographs were used, where they were published or (perhaps more importantly) how often. She could end up with a !!!!!! career without intending to.

    If she was happy for this to be the case then sure, strip if you can live with it. But if you can't, don't.
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    nothing could stop kids,parents other teachers finding out at which point they'll be sacked for bringing the school into disrepute. Anyways whether a teacher or not, ask yourself how pleasant it would be if 100 colleagues/friends/aquaintances and their kids had seen you naked in a magazine?
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    I have only two points to make :-
    arcana wrote: »
    Perhaps Jordan wouldn't be in this mess if she was actually getting paid a decent salary (just a thought....).
    I have yet to see a poor teacher or one that doesn't get paid more than me (and I'm on a reasonable salary)

    2) We don't know why she's in debt and what type of debts these are. There may be better routes than this (IVA, bankruptcy, etc) that, while taking a little longer, would not cause this attack of consience.

    As for the "buy-out clause", I don't see why that part of the deal shouldn't be negotiable. she may get paid a little less, but at least she retains some control.
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