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Virgin Media/NTL

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  • We are now in month 6 of a dispute with BT (which involved cutting us off, not giving us the £75 credit promised to us, not activating our VOIP phone, supplying us with 2mb braodband whilst charging us for 8mb, giving us the one and only telephone number that we didn't want and giving us a mispelt business email address).

    Have spoken to over 30 people since August and it still isn't sorted. I have had enough of them now. Was going to move to Virgin. I don't want to now I have read this.

    Who should I move to?
  • bekcbekc Forumite
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    Hi grey hound crazy! problems with BT too? thats not good! I really think its luck of the drawer as to whether you get a satisfactory service and the correct bills etc.As i said earlier in the thread my parents have had no problems with them and i do know other people who have no problems with Virgins Bills or service! I have had no issues with their actual services. i have never had a problem with the tv or phone and our broadband is never slow or unavailible!WRT your issues with BT have you actaully written a letter to them? If all your contact ahs been with phonecalls, find their complaints address and write to them! As far as I can see you have NOTHING to loose! All the best x

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    bekc wrote: »
    I had a long chat with my mum and my partner and decided to protect my future credit score, although i despised the thought of it, i would ring and pay the £19.60 and carry on with my complaint with a view to claiming the money back.

    I appreciate your desire to bring the matter to an end, protecting your credit record at the same time, but there is no way on earth I would pay them.

    It will be an easy process to remove any 'black marks' from your credit file when the matter is finally resolved. (I have done this after a 12 month dispute with Orange.) It will be easier than trying to get your £19.60 back from VM.
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  • bekcbekc Forumite
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    Hi sponge! i wasnt paying them to bring the matter to the end i was paying them to save the 'black mark on my credit file' and then with a view to small claims action. I was worried that if they screwed up my credit rating through their mistake they wouldn't have the skill to be able to remove it. after their total inability to close an incorrect account I was unable to see how they would manage to rectify the ruining of a good credit score! if you follow say you have just removed your black mark from orange. how long was the 'black mark' on your credit file for? and out of curiosity how did you go about doing that? how long did it take? and did the 'black mark' have any adverse effects while you were trying to get it removed? I didnt pay the amount in the end (as it was actually over £40 although the letter said £19.60!) and because the customer service rep thought he could sort it out! still awaiting confirmation of that though!When i contacted the legal advice team they did say that on their records the majority of people they had had enquiries from regarding Virgin media had settled to stop any further come back on their credit file and then had claimed the money back. they did advise me that that was one course of action i could take alongside the complaints proceedure!

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  • ok nice work
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  • nigrior wrote: »
    ok nice work
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  • I too have had problems with Virgin Media, totally agree with you all.
    Come on Branson get yer finger out
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    I've got a £16 credit from when we moved house and dumped the phone line but kept broadband.

    Every month for the last 2 years I get a bill with the credit on it and "you don't need to pay anything" on it. I have written 3 times and phoned twice to try and retrieve the money and stop the paper bills, but nothing happened and I've given up now.

    As far as the broadband is concerned I'm paying £25 for 4Mb, soon to be 10Mb apparently. Installed free and out of contract now. I used to phone up every 3 months and they would eventually reduce it to £12.50 but the last call was so painful i gave up.

    I called and got the indian call centre. No problem with that, but i couldn't understand the girl's accent and she couldn't understand me. After about half an hour of her telling me I had a mobile and 2 phone lines and me saying I only had broadband, she realised that she had logged into someone elses account (so much for security) and we had changed the password because the system didn't recognise it and the security questions. I asked her if she could reset it but she said she didn't know how. After that I gave up!
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    I too have had problems with Virgin Media, totally agree with you all.
    Come on Branson get yer finger out

    Branson is only a 10.5% shareholder in the company - it's just NTL with Branson as a shareholder and paying an annual fee to use the Virgin name.
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  • BexTech wrote: »
    Branson is only a 10.5% shareholder in the company - it's just NTL with Branson as a shareholder and paying an annual fee to use the Virgin name.

    I think on the whole virgin products/brand is quality, but Branson should really pull the plug on this. NTL/VirginMedia etc etc are a disgrace and if I were him I would not let them use the Virgin name with a barge pole.

    So Richard if you are allowing NTL to use the Virgin name my advice to you is to get them to stop now and sell up your 10.5%.

    They are going to ruin your good brand and name
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