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Virgin Media/NTL

Has anyone ever received a formal copy of Virgin Media's complaint procedure? I have written to them x2 and just spent a frustrating 40 minutes on the phone trying to establish what it is as I have had 2 complaints now ignored but to no avail.


  • zx2011
    zx2011 Posts: 309 Forumite
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    See section 5.5 in Virgin Media's Code of Practice at http://allyours.virginmedia.com/pdf/code_of_practice.pdf
  • epz_2
    epz_2 Posts: 1,859 Forumite
    phone and ask to speak to their retentions or exec office departments, retentions can half your bill and are the only folk with real power
  • sillymoo_2
    sillymoo_2 Posts: 30 Forumite
    Can't help with the official complaint procedure, but just made Virgin Media back down over a charge that i believe is incorrect and I assume THOUSANDS of people have been charged it.
    Briefly, when Virgin took over from NTL it started incorrectly charging for the telephone line rental, and to be honest i for one genuinely hadn't noticed it. Anyway in April they sent a letter explaining that this has been happening, but admitted it was their mistake, and so they would not be backdating any charges.....so my bill arrived this month and they had charged me for last month line rental...I rang them, but the customer services operator said that no they weren't charging for last months line rental as I hadn't actually been charged for it and Virgin had only realised they were undercharging on
    the 10th April but the previous bill ran from the 7th April to 7th May....which included the line rental as part of the package, I had actually paid the rest of the bill...the operator wouldn't listen to this argument so I asked to speak to a supervisor in accounts...they put me on hold (free) for 15 mins, and when I got through the supervisor also didn't agree with me, their argument was that as the amount on the last bill for line rental was zero , even tho i'd paid the total bill, recharging for last months line rental wasn't backdating the charge becuase I hadn't actually paid any money for it!!....so eventually I said so do I have to pay the £10 odd charge, and she said yes, so i said well I will, but I totally disagree with you, and will be putting in a formal complaint to Oftel....at which point she said well in this case we'll waive the charge, because you're not the only customer to complain about this being wrong, and she admitted herself that she thought it was wrong and could see where the customers are coming from.
    If every Virgin Media customer is being recharged over £10 that must amount to thousands in income for them!!
  • coolcalimba
    I too had problems with Virgin Media. They (apparently) sent letters to me telling me I had outstanding payments AFTER I had moved out of the house and been informed by NTL that my account was settled. Obviosuly I didnt get the letters after I had moved out and their debt collection company "Moorcroft" found me at my parents address demanding 170 pounds of line rental due to the fact that the account could not be closed at the time.

    I ended up paying it to shut them up.

    I will never buy anything from Virigin again, not even a CD.
    Dan Cook
  • flutenpicc

    Thanks so much for all the feed back. I've waited 5 months for someone at Virgin to be able to tell me what their complaints procedure is. It will be particularly useful now as the amount they owe me for not being able to use my internet package and for not cancelling my account when I first instructed them to in Jan 2007 is just increasing.

    I echo coolcalimba's comments - stay well clear!!
  • Erik6
    Erik6 Posts: 9 Forumite
    I made several complaints over the telephone regarding problems with the service... such as being billed twice as much as I should be each month.

    I read the complaints procedure and then wrote twice with the same complaint. I have not received an acknowledgement of either (it states in the procedure I will receive an acknowledgement within 48hours). It's now two weeks since I sent the first complaint letter.

    Just to note I rang to check if they have received the complaints and they told me over the phone that there no way they would respond within 48 hours and have no method see if letters are being dealt with.

    What are my options?

    Sending another letter seems a waste of time.
  • Clivel_98
    OK - here's my case. I needed to get an extra land line ( I already have 3), so phoned up. On hold for ages (as per usual). Also wanted to discuss bringing all services under one agreement (2 mobiles, 3 landlines, full TV package) and upgrading to V+. With this package, I am one of VM's most valuable customers - one of th eones that they need to keep. Finally get through to someone who starts to look at the various agreements that ntl: set up for me, and says that I have the 3 extra landlines plus the one included with the tele package. This was news to me - I asked to know for how long I'd been paying for 4 lines, with only 3 being provided. She didn't know, but could offer me 3 months repayment - any more was prohibited by law. I pointed out that this was not the case, and it suddenly became 6 months. I said that I prefered to write to complaints - she said write to the Swansea address on the back of the bill. She also couldn't deal with teh rest of my request until everything had been dealt with. On the back of bill is a Wythenshaw address. Go to the VirginMedia web site - no complaints address at all. Find the Swansea adress from one of the many VM forums. Write to both. Wait for ages - get 2 letters back saying that they will be in touch in 5 working days, or possibly 10 due to quantity of complaints.
    1 month later, still nothing. Write to the head of customer services and the CEO. 3 weeks later, get 2 letters stating that they will be in touch within 5 working days, but it could take 10. Get back in touch with the customer service desk. Explain everything again, as notes on system not fully descriptive. The guy tries his best to help me, but says that he can't actually do anything. Gives me an email address to complain to. weeks later, I get a letter, saying that they will be in touch within 10 working days, although it might take 15.
    Do a quick calcualtion of 1 line's rental times by the 7 years I've been with ntl:/VM, add a token amount for all teh time I've spent to date, and submit a small claims court claim. Get an immediate response from VM's legal department, saying how I'd got it wrong - I was only overcharged for 3 years, so they only owe me £380, and out of the kindness of their heart, they'll refund me the full £120 small claims cost, but nothing against the time spent. Discussions go back and forth, with teh legal guy stating that I am wrong in my thoughts that VM has treated me with disrespect (not responding to communications, lying to me, refusing to deal with me for extra services, not getting any specific response from teh head of customer services or the CEO, refusing to even consider a token payment against the hours I have so far spent, only responding when a legal claim was made). They have now decided to contest part of the claim, which I assume means that they will be going for th elowest repyamnet to me possible.
    I have written to my MP (he referred it to the Commisioner for Data Protection), to the minister responsible for consumer affairs (no response), to Oftel (nothing they can do) to Otello (VM is not registered with them), to Watchdog (nothing from them yet) and am currently looking in to Which? legal services and a possible full court case.
    It is obvious that VM just hope that people will lose the will to live and just go away. We all need to make sure that we complain as hard as we can and stick with it - the cost of dealing with us all on a continuous basis is too much for such a company to deal with.
    As a starting point, the email address of the head of legal affairs is [EMAIL="david.bond@virginmedia.co.uk"]david.bond@virginmedia.co.uk[/EMAIL].
    It is disgusting that a company can get away with such dispacable levels of service, and that there is no real formal way to complain and to get any satisfaction. Write to your MP requesting that they look to submit an early day motion forcing such companies to have a complaints procedure detailed in writing with an easy means of entry via their web sites, and that an independent body be set up to stand in where the procedures are notbeing followed.
  • Zutty
    Zutty Posts: 6 Forumite
    I don't like to be a quitter, but if they won't play ball you're stuffed. I was with NTL for a number of years and although they were irritating at times, Virgin have made them look like saints.

    I have never dealt with a company as bad as this one in my entire life. I have been lied to by at least 4 members of staff (one of them even acknowledged that the other three had lied to 'save their jobs') then went on to lie to me himself. I have been placed on hold and left there - cut off - told "oops, the system has just gone down, I'll call you back" and they didn't - promised letters and emails that never arrive - given a special retention offer that didn't exist, finally put on a retention offer only to have it removed the next month and be told I never had it in the first place?! They never reply to my emails or letters and the last time I called about a billing problem, the idiot tested my line speed, which had nothing to do with the reason I'd called him!

    I can hear you all telling me to switch companies if I'm not happy - the problem is, that Virgin is my only option for broadband, the BT line is ancient and can only just handle voice calls.

    I'm at my wits end with them, I have a poor quality service and am being overcharged for it but everytime I try to remedy the situation, they just find a new way of taking the pee.
  • turnbull
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    I have tried to make a complaint over the phone and they refused to accept it. I told the girl I would write to them to complain and she told me she didn't know the complaints address!

    I ended up searhing for it on the internet and wrote to them 5 weeks ago. Having heard nothing I have searched the internet again and found many stories of people who get complaints ignored. It seems they don't answer complaints!

    What am I supposed to do?
  • JAYMARSH2005
    JAYMARSH2005 Posts: 2,718 Forumite
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    turnbull wrote: »

    I have tried to make a complaint over the phone and they refused to accept it. I told the girl I would write to them to complain and she told me she didn't know the complaints address!

    I ended up searhing for it on the internet and wrote to them 5 weeks ago. Having heard nothing I have searched the internet again and found many stories of people who get complaints ignored. It seems they don't answer complaints!

    What am I supposed to do?

    What is the nature of the compliant mate, If you p.m me the details I will forward it onto a V.M employee who I know and get it resolved for you.
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