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    Bill_C wrote: »
    I switched to the Virgin Media Talk Anywhere 400 plan four months ago and every month I've been charged for local and national calls for the last 6 days of the billing period despite not using up all my free minutes.

    Yet they charged me £23 for standard calls between 14 Dec & 20 Dec.

    When I called them and spoke to the billing I was repeated told I had gone over my allocation on the 14th Dec yet they couldn't explain why I had 202 minutes carried over. Finally she credited the £23 and advised that I speak to technical faults. I did and they advised me it wasn't a fault and advised me to call Customer Services. When I called them I was told that despite what the bill said about available minutes, I had exceeded my allocation. When I asked what the minutes available/used and carried over referred to she said it referred to a different time period than the billing so should be ignored (what???). Basically, for the last four months I have received bills that have told me that I haven't used all my free minutes and some have been carried over yet I have been charged for all calls made after 14th of the month because I have exceeded my allocation!!

    This sounds like nonsense to me. Can anyone confirm or advise???
    Ask virgin for an all minutes breakdown of your talk anywhere minutes for the billing period & add them up yoursell. You'll probably find there are duplicate calls, which make you look as if youve gone over the limit. I had nearly 100 mins of duplicate calls on my call log so theyll have to amend my bill, as they charged me for calls when it was their computer error or deliberate error that caused the problem, They said the problem affected alot of customers in London in Aug/Sep 2011, so it seems to be an ongoing problem. I think you have to contact them to get action
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    Considering the calls were from December (year unknown) and the post prior to yours was in May 2011 what possible use do you think your advice is to Bill C.

  • isisme
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    kwikbreaks wrote: »
    Considering the calls were from December (year unknown) and the post prior to yours was in May 2011 what possible use do you think your advice is to Bill C.

    It shows that virgin have possibly been doing this to talk anywhere customers since at least 2009 & it may help others experiencing the same problems as virgin doesn't appear to be notifying customers when there are "accidental" duplicates of calls on their bills, leading their minutes to appear used up , so virgin "unintentionally" gets to charge for calls that should be included in their free minutes. This I was told by virgin happened across london, but they failed to tell me until I contacted them. You have a right to claim monies due to you of up to 6 yrs in this country, so if that was his problem & he is able to have access to his printed call logs then he/she should claim back their money if they wish.
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