Separated, how much should I provide?

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  • AmesAmes Forumite
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    Fantastic news, I'm so pleased for you Jack.
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    Thank you for an update. As predicted. Happy for you. Re your daughter - tricky situation as cut in support will be associated with the new woman in your life and wedding. As she is on a final year may be worse not upsetting the cart. I am sure you will find the right way , wishing you all the happiness in your life.
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    That is wonderful news Jack.

    I am so happy for you.

    I always believed that there would be a breakthrough sometime.

    You have to be admired for your patience and kindness to you children.

    You are a wonderful dad.

    Happy New Year

    Take care
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    So very pleased for you.
    Something is leaking from my eye.
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    I'm so pleased to read your update Jack. Here's to a fabulous 2017 for you and yours :beer:
  • Glad you've had a response but gobsmacked you've heard nothing for 3 years, never a thank you for Birthday/Christmas money?! Unbelievably rude, your a very patient man Jack.
  • twiglet98twiglet98 Forumite
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    It's good that at last your son - who is a man, not a child - has remembered his manners and thanked you for his gift.

    His 21st birthday is next month. He will know, from his sister if not from you, that you are planning to remarry. I hope you are not about to be a target for a timely piece of emotional manipulation.

    Your daughter and son are no longer children, they are making their own decisions and are wholly responsible for their own behaviour, and their manners. Love and respect can NEVER be bought.
  • msb5262msb5262 Forumite
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    Very pleased to hear that your son has been in touch in a positive and mature way. Keep doing what you are doing - you are his dad and you love him, and he does know that ��
  • mgdavidmgdavid Forumite
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    Happy New Year !
    Nice to start 2017 with a 'good news' story, and thanks for keeping us updated.
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  • Delighted that you have heard from your son and life seems to be treating you well. Much deserved.

    Bit surprised you are planning to remarry though. Would love to understand why. I know it's a "very normal thing to do", I'm just surprised that you still see any reason/benefit to the legal formality given your experience. I'm happily married, but still don't really know why we actually got married (I wanted it, prior to having kids and very much love my husband) and definitely think that once is at least enough, regardless of the marriage outcome ... so curious.

    Blessings for 2017 everyone!
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