MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Hilary buy Chelsea's fags for her?

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    I became a smoker when I trained as a nurse 30 years ago. At that time more people seemed to smoke than didn't. I was a non-smoker when I started and was positively encouraged by senior staff to take it up as a social activity and to 'deal with stress'. How I regretted it in years to come.

    I knew all the reasons not to smoke but carried on. I stopped in 1989 because my daughter refused to kiss or hug me. I was very upset and she finally told me it was because I smelled of smoke and it made her feel sick. I stopped there and then with the aid of patches, which I had to pay £58 a month for from my GP, a lot of money back then, I believe they are free now. My husband just stopped with no difficulty at all. It was the hardest, but the best thing I have ever done for both myself and my family.

    I always say that I am only an ex-smoker until my next fag and even after all these years there are occasions when I am still tempted to have one. I keep a note on my notice board with the current cost of my ex-habit, this alone is enough to stop me from giving in. It reminds me of all the things I would have to do without to finance it. The saddest thing is that despite both our children nagging us to give up, they both started a few years later and still smoke now.

    I have brougt fags back from abroad for my children, but some of the comments have given me food for thought about this. As for smoking in the house, no-one is allowed to smoke in our house, but we cannot tell others what to do in theirs. I do remind them about not exposing the grandchildren to smoke, but it feels a little hypocritical when I smoked when my own children were at home. But, I remind myself that attitudes and knowledge change over the years in all areas of life. There are many things that were considered okay when my children were little that are frowned upon now.

    The smoking ban is a positive step which gives the clear message that smoking is no longer acceptable in public places.

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