MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Hilary buy Chelsea's fags for her?

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  • NCarsonNCarson Forumite
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    Hilary should buy them but ask Chelsea not to smoke in front of her children or in her home. If Hilary decides to take the high moral ground, why stop at cigarettes - she should also refuse to buy those chocolates for her overweight friend.
  • If we're talking morals here and Hilarys' morals say that it is wrong to smoke in front of young children (or indeed anyone else who doesn't smoke) then she should stick to her morals. No, don't buy the cigarettes for her daughter, she may not be able to stop her or have the right to stop her but she does have the right not to support her habit. Love sometimes has to be tough.

    Smokers have the right to smoke but they don't have the right to inflict their dangerous habit on others especially those unable to protect themselves i.e children.

    And to those who say that the risks from smoking are exaggerated can I suggest you train in the medical field as a nurse or doctor and then come back and tell me that it's exaggerated. People die horrible slow painful deaths because of smoking, a death that can't be avoided but it may not have happened so early or so horribly if they hadn't smoked. As for the taxes, keep loading them on, smokers cost the NHS an absolute fortune and why should I pay for them if I chose to take care of the most precious gift I've been given - life!
  • I certainly would not buy a carcinogenic product for my relative - let her buy the cigarettes herself in the UK + pay the taxes that will help her eventual medical treatment.

  • blondinblondin Forumite
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    Yes, it will save her a lot of money. I gave up smoking two years ago but the obsession with anti smoking really annoys me. I don't mind if people smoke. Most people who smoke these days are poor, have problems and find that smoking,rightly or wrongly,gives them relief from the stresses they are unable to deal with in everyday life. Hopefully, if there is improvement in their standard of living and their general well-being,they too will have the luxury of being able to quit smoking and join the moralising middle class and tell everyone what to do.
  • W_s_nW_s_n Forumite
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    Nope. Don't buy them. I am a non smoker
    I moved here from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1980. I went to Borrowdale Primary School.
  • I had a similar 'dilemma' lately myself. My Mother asked me to get her some cigarettes. I didn't because I don't want to contribute to her habit - and she knows that I want her to stop smoking entirely (she's cut down quite a bit through having other things to concentrate on).

    To digress slightly, I disagree that we anti-smoking people are crazies. I'm all for people's right* to suck on cancer sticks, but not near me; I have a right not to breathe in their smoke. Walking amongst chimneys with legs, getting face fulls of smoke as I do, is annoying too.

    * this of course, doesn't mean that I'm going to sit back idly and let family members smoke themselves to death.

    End rant of the day.
  • harryhoundharryhound Forumite
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    Nicotine is addictive - I know from experience.

    Addicts somehow rationalise their addiction.

    Cigarette smoke kills.

    So I could not supply poisonous drugs to someone I love, especially a baby.

    Set an example and say NO.

    (I think little hound has accepted the above, and is kicking her teenage habit, keep your fingers crossed for me.)

    Right that said, I believe in freedom and individual will, so the rest of you can smoke yourselves to death, in fact a notorious report prepared by a tobacco company for the Czech government demonstrated that the rest of us make a profit out of your taxes and early death.:beer:

  • kimbowkimbow Forumite
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    I wouldn't buy them for her, let her buy them elsewhere and pay more.
    I also definatly wouldn't let her smoke in the house either, definatly!
  • saveroo_2saveroo_2 Forumite
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    No way! Smoking costs a fortune in health care costs and personal suffering. It also adversely affects non-smokers. Whilst I don't agree with our Government's taxation policy on cigarettes whilst blaming smokers for their ill-health, it is crazy to make it any easier for smokers to pollute the environment!
  • RedStar_3RedStar_3 Forumite
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    I wouldn't buy her the fags, personally. I wouldn't want to make it any easier for her to smoke, basically. If she's going to smoke around her five-year-old child, then frankly, she at least deserves to be considerably out of pocket. People who smoke cost the NHS a fortune every day; the least they can do is buy their snouts in Britain and pay taxes to cover it.
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