MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Hilary buy Chelsea's fags for her?

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    I'm a smoker.

    Hilary should
    1) Not get her daughter fags. Hilary doesn't like smoking, in fact detests it. And (privately apparently) objects to her daughter smoking in front of the 5 yr old. (It amazes me that people still do this.)

    2) Have a word with her daughter about smoking in front of the 5 yr old.

    What she should not do is attempt to use the fags as a bribe to stop her daughter smoking in front of the 5yr old. It'd work for as long as the fags lasted.

    (In reality, if mother won't buy them, I'm sure Chealsea could find another person to acquire cheap(er) fags from.)
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  • Cost is the main factor in persuading people to give up smoking. Whenever the price goes up, more people give up.

    Therefore, buying her daughter cheap fags will only increase the chance of her smoking more of them.

    Besides, buying them is also tacit approval of the habit.
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    Hilary should also bear in mind that she may well open herself up to charges from Customs by doing this - if she bought them as a gift then this is not the case, but if she accepts money for them, even at cost, then this is a big problem. At the very least, the fags would be confiscated and she'd lose the money she'd paid for them.

    As well as this, if Chelsea was a drug addict, would she ask her mum to pick up some cheap crack for her if she was visiting Columbia, if her mum disapproved of her habit - exactly the same thing really.

    As for smoking in front of the kid, can I just say, NO NO NO!!!!! The poor child hasn't chosen to smoke!! I have no objection to people ruining thier own health, but as a smoker myself, I would rather not inflict my habit on others.
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    Yes she should get her the cigs, as long as its the legal amount to bring in, but make it clear she smokes them outside of the house and away from the little one
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    stogiebear wrote: »
    Get her the ciggies... Chelsea won't change her habits because her friend Hilary tried to impose a moral will on her.

    I, too, dislike smoking and it makes me sick if I get too close to it. But, hey... a friend is a friend and if she wants to smoke in front of her kid, why not...

    It only started being dangerous about 15 years ago!!! Most of us were raised quite healthily in smoke filled houses before these new fangled dangers were invented.

    By the way - I don't have friends that smoke. It's a character flaw as far as I'm concerned and I have no interested in druggies, drunks and other wastrels... and that includes smokers.

    I think your last sentence here smacks of self-righteousness. Smokers are not wasteful no-hopers as you imply, but unfortunately have become hooked on something they'd rather not. This does not affect their ability to function in society. I suspect your ability however, to do so is flawed as your uptightness reeks of someone I would not like to hang out with for more than a few seconds. Go back to your jigsaw puzzles, please.
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    If she buys the cigarettes, she is condoning her daughter's behaviour. Since she clearly does not like smoking, and does not agree with the daughter smoking in front of her grandson, she should not encourage it or make it easy for her daughter to smoke. The cost is meant to be a discouragement, so don't bypass it.
  • I'm a money saver through and through and I never give up the chance to help someone save even just a couple of quid, however, whenever I go abroad and people ask me to get them some "cheap ciggies" I always refuse without pausing for reflection.

    I would not help anyone continue an addiction, whether it be class A drugs, smoking or chocolate hob-nobs. And if they come back with the "oh, I thought you were into that saving money lark, " - I just remind them that I don't smoke.

    This addiction is only viewed differently to drugs, because it's legal, yet it is arguably more dangerous than some illegal substances. I agree with the post about "ciggies" being taxed for a reason. No figures to hand, but I'd guess that it costs the NHS something to treat smoking related illnesses. And I'm sure that smokers pay more for private medical insurance.... (Little tangent here but still)... so doesn't it make sense for smokers to be taxed on something specific to them - cigarettes?
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    Hillary shouldn't buy Chelsea the cigarettes for several reasons
    1) if Chelsea wants to kill herself by smoking thats her choice, why aid and abett her
    2) why the hell should she buy them for her anyway ?
    3) she'd be doing a service for her grandson by depriving her mother of cheap cigarettes that she would lovingly 'share' with hin 2nd hand.

  • Yes I think she should buy them - it will be saving her daughter money and she'll only buy them anyway. I hate smoking too, but my husband is a smoker and I happen to know it is reckoned to be the most addictive thing so she'll not likely give up just because her mother wouldn't buy them for her from abroad for moral reasons :)
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  • When I was a kid my father often wanted me to buy for him if I was going anywhere (in the days when age didn't matter).
    I never did.
    He died anyway.
    Not a nice death at all, turning purple, gasping for breath.
    Would you want any part of that on your conscience?
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