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Reduced bargains and yellow stickers shopping

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  • bb69bb69 Forumite
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    Great bargains. I was delighted with a loaf of bread from M&S for 10p at lunchtime.

    Happy Christmas!
  • SystemSystem
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    Free instore bread at 5:45pm at Tesco. One customer grabbed 50 odd loaves!!!
  • Obviously too late for this year but worth remembering for next year. I went into Waitrose at about 5.00pm on Xmas eve and they had reduced their turkeys massively. I bought a turkey that was reduced from £38.60 to £5.20. A good enough deal anyway. When I showed them my Waitrose card however it reduced the price by 10% of the original price. SO I bought a £38..60 turkey for £1.34.
  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    Great bargain, but a risky strategy to leave your Turkey purchase to the night before.
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  • We take lucky dip with Waitose on Christmas Eve. Ours overstocks by some margin - we got our turkey about 2pm marked down from 50 odd to 15.
    Dud however get loads of oarty food on multi buy and marked down, which means we paid 25p for some ready meals for later in the week
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  • topsy73topsy73 Forumite
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    We love a bargain at Waitrose particularly Xmas Eve! Last year they were paying us to take smoked salmon out of the door due to their offers! This year was not as fruitful for fish and there did not seem to be as many offers but we did get a couple of turkeys for a third of the price. We had a chicken in the fridge as a a load of other stuff and was using husbands voucher (he works for waitrose distribution)...wasn't expecting much change of the £50 but it took a whopping £8.10 off along with a few other bits...could not work out what the 10% off was until poster above informed us! Mystery solved!
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  • Obviously too late for this year but worth remembering for next year. I went into Waitrose at about 5.00pm on Xmas eve and they had reduced their turkeys massively. I bought a turkey that was reduced from £38.60 to £5.20. A good enough deal anyway. When I showed them my Waitrose card however it reduced the price by 10% of the original price. SO I bought a £38..60 turkey for £1.34.

    That is amazing. I got a £50 one for £5, was chuffed
  • gailey_2gailey_2 Forumite
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    yellow sticker shopping way of life for us now last 6months been hard,

    we go most days hit few different ones.

    hubby now goes by himself after work.

    alds reductions drive me mad as say 30%off and never can find orginal price very swiftly.

    but its changed way we shop.

    every 2months we do big farmfoods shop with 10%of coupons.

    rests done between co-op only offers and reductions, aldis and lilds so abandoned big 4 do odd ocasional waitrose/ocado couple times a year.

    but we do hit big 4for just reductions.

    sainsburys are tight big one always 20p never had amazig reductions in there, small one yes can get some bargains but as they shut late 11pm think im always bit early in there.

    spar still good for milk ot good as used to be for bread.

    orries hit and miss sometimes get 9p bargains other times nothing.

    same with tesco minimal then every now and again amazing.

    we have large chest hate buying bread fullprice.
    always buy reduced milk and cheese as can freeze.
    seems to get sausages alot but its a meal and fish common too mince and chicken harder.

    xmas bargains.

    xmas eve-few things in co-op not amazing
    but tesco metro hour before close

    twin pack salmon 90p x4
    finest mince 60p
    diced beef 60p
    finest stuffig balls 66p
    sausage meat 60p
    finest yorkies 6pk 60p
    combied with some layed veg co-op meant xmas day was breeze.
    bread 25p load hovis brought 6.
    potao salads 30p
    stirfry 35p
    coleslaw 13p
    pasta salad 40p
    all eaten today as buffet type tea.

    missed out large turkey for 6quid went to staff but was happy,

    today was mental

    stop no 1 small sansburys -hardly anything there
    large co-op got sausages ad hicken and xmas donuts but cronws were still 1st cut reductio asked staff when next cut about an hour.

    so walked upto nearby high street smal co-op loads dated today but not much ff but noticed morries oepne no reduced fish/meat or chilled but wraps 25p a pack and all the veg /salads 9p.

    spent £3.50 got 3bags full

    went back big co-op there as lods turkey crowns but none that i could see assumed i was to late. we havent had turkey xmas day in years had aldii 4bird roast and aldi pheasent.

    yld hubby pop i after wprk he did large co-small co-op

    omg 7turkey crowns £3.50 each from £15
    6packs luxury lean mince 99p each
    3gammon jints £1.50 each.
    2packs beef steqaks £1.50 each
    ready meal £1.50 from £4

    im really not quite sure how many meals as crowns lot pf meat.
    already had about 4 weeks worth dinners so now think feb sorted too as got chicken fillets in sauce earlier.

    5week pay month jan.

    we have huge chest thats nearly full.

    i need to make lists, batch cook, tidy and meal plan.

    fair to say rarly come out with loads but 1-2 items a night chucked in freezer seems to quickly accumulate into a good stash i always picks reduced naans, garlic bread, rice as adds on to future meals.
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    new grocery challenge £200/£250 feb

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  • Wow! Well done.
    I'm off to our local coop to see if there's anything today.
    I got a turkey crown reduced too, cooked it overnight and it's huge!
    I think it will do us at least 5 heavily meated meals and leftovers (pie,curry) and a couple of sarnies and salads :)
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  • We've done OK for the first time in a long time.

    Went to the big Sainsburys near the in laws on Boxing day (we had to go to halfords next door so wasn't a special trip) to see if they had any reduced turkeys. They did but at 50% off and still £25, I said we'd go back on our way home.

    Glad we did as we got a 10lb (serves 8-10) taste the difference, Norfolk Black turkey for £12.99! Had some today and will freeze some tomorrow to see us few the next month or so!

    Also picked up 2 small bags of prepped sprouts down from £1.50 to 40p.

    Then yesterday, we hit the local supermarkets round here and came home with the following:
    Cauliflower 45p
    x2 nets of Satsuma's 56p each
    Strawberries £1
    Blueberries £1.50
    Bag of carrots 39p

    x2 salmon portions £2.99
    x4 fishcakes £2
    x2 Ready made mash 49p each
    x2 loaves of Warburtons 75p each
    plus a few other items that I can't remember and are only on the receipt as "reduced item"

    SK x
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