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  • Hi! Newbie on the forum here, so please be gentle :p
    On 28/09/2007 we were on a flight with XL Airways (booked via a package holiday with Thomas Cook) from Hurghada to Gatwick. The flight was delayed by 466 minutes (7hrs 46 mins). I know XL Airways have gone bust now, but didn't know if there's any other avenue I could venture for some kind of compensation. Any advice/ideas anyone? It was such an awful delay - they put us up in a bit of a shoddy hotel lounge area for about 5 hours, with no food or drinks provided! Flight no was JN5985. We were originally supposed to arrive at Gatwick at 11:50 on Fri 28/09/2007 but ended up landing at 07:36 the next day (29/09/2007). Flight was made worse as it was a different plane we had in the end which appeared to be more geared for much shorter flights as was so tiny. AND on top of that, no-one, except one, slept on the plane because one man snored so loud the whole way!!
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    Well I do have some sympathy for your plight Jen, but really the answer to this question has been put in such large red letters in the FAQ's as it is asked about 10 times a day.

    Airline bust = No-one to claim against!!
  • Has anyone received a response from First Choice? I had 2 delayed flights, one with Thomson and one with First Choice. I sent a letter to each of them first class to which I received no response. I then re-sent the letters recorded delivery. I have received claim forms from Thomson but still have heard nothing from First Choice 6 weeks later. I have checked and the letter has been signed for. What is the best way to proceed?

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    First Choice as an airline no longer exist, the merged with Thomsonfly to become Thomson on the 1st November 2008 who you have already contacted.
  • Ich wrote: »
    First Choice as an airline no longer exist, the merged with Thomsonfly to become Thomson on the 1st November 2008 who you have already contacted.

    So should I chase Thomson for a reply or do I need to re-send the claim addressed to Thomson?

    Thank you.
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    Possibly the latter, I'm sure one of the experts may be along to advise better!

    You might be better asking on the dedicated Thomson thread
  • Hi, have used your excellent info to put in a claim to Meridiana for our hideous 12 hour delay Jun 2007 coming back from Olbia Sardinia. I have emailed customer services at both their UK London office and their Head Office in Italy attaching my bank statements showing 5 return tickets purchased and the flightstats info confirming the delay. Been 2 weeks and heard nothing. Is it ok in your opinion to just email or should I be sending stuff to London and Italy?
    If I get no response via email what should I do, send the email again or just wait 28 days and then send the Notice Before Action, again post or is email ok?
    Am just mindful that I need to get it registered at court before the 6 years is up in June!!
    Anybody else had any luck with Meridiana???
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    You appear to be the first one to mention this airline.
    Some further detail about what occurred would be useful
  • Well, if memory serves me correctly, we were at the airport ready to come home and kept being told of delays for hours and hours, should have left at 10.35am and finally left on another non Meridiana plane, Titan I think, around 11pm, got into LGW midnight..
    Can't remember what the delay was due to.
    I claimed on my travel ins for the delay and a hotel stop in london as we missed the train home so have no receipts etc.
    Have had no acknowledgement, no nothing. Been 2 weeks and getting jittery!
    Do let me know what other info you need to advise, thank you!
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    So it looks as though the original aircraft became unavailable and they spot hired from Titan (the only UK company that does this sort of operation)
    It could possibly indicate that spot hiring an aircraft takes rather longer that expected though!!

    All you can keep doing is knocking on the door, contact the Italian regulator etc.
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