The Great 'What women want for Valentine's' Hunt



  • we dont do anything for valentines. It's my birthday on the 5th, then 10th is the anniversary of us getting together, valentines on the 14th, mothers day mid march and then our wedding anniversary on the 24th March, so my hubby hates this time of year ;)
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  • I've asked for some Lidl body lotion to go with my Suddenly Madame perfume. It's really nice stuff, I get lots of compliments about it. Also some dark choc from Lidl and a bottle of wine. I'll probably make the OH either blueberry muffins or a chocolate raspberry cake. He likes my cakes :p
    As for showing our love at other times I came home yesterday with a big piece of beef. He's now making me a slap up dinner tonight and we've got a bottle of nice Rioja (£5.99 Lidl, I recommend). We've been going out for 18 years. Who says romance is dead, even on a budget :D
  • The best Valentines present I ever had was when my now husband made me some chocolate cup cakes. He'd never made cakes before and didn't even have any measuring scales so I knew he went to a lot of time and effort (but still pretty MSE!) to make something. And I just loooveeee chocolate cake!
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  • this thread shows how different we are; after 20 years i have had zero anything on valentines day; tbh a card would be wasted; but if i were to get a gift it wouldnt be a single red rose in cellophane, chocs of any sort, red underwear, tacky teddy with my valentine or something similar on-all would should total lack of thought or knowledge of me, and thats the crux isnt it, its about the person showing their love really knowing YOU and what makes you smile!
    so for me it would be a bag of liquorice cuttings, a 6 pack of diet coke and some fluffy seasalt socks!!!! heaven!!
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  • Agree that it is nice to have something that shows a little thought, I'd like a candle lit dinner at home, cooked by my husband with a bit of Michael Buble in the background. One suggestion - one year I made some vouchers for my husband to exchange for me making him a cup of tea, let him choose the programme on tv, and a few more romantic ones. But please no garage flowers!
  • My partner buys the worst presents. He went away with our son once and brought me back a P&O key ring. Really! I would love to think he had spent some time considering what I would love to recieve. It wouldn't be difficult. I am an open book. Cook me a meal or take me out. Spend some time, some thought and some love. That's all. x x
  • bionda
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    Call me easy to please, but a kiss would be wonderful.
    Then perhaps a whisper in my ear "ti amo" and, well a proposal of the marriage sort? Yes that's is want I would like this Valentines day. I am ready
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    I would like a bit of romance, a gesture with love and thought.

    I was asked this year, 'what would you buy if you had £30 to spend?' :(

    What I would really like is a candle lit meal, I wouldn't say no to steak, fried rosemary charlotte potatoes, home made steak sauce, homemade chips and mixed salad (oh that sounds greedy! lol), prawn cocktail starter and homemade dessert would be amazing but that will likely only happen if I take the reins, which I suspect I will and make lots of romantic gestures in the hope next year the bar will be set ;)
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    I was going to say 'expensive jewellery' as a joke but the above replies have made me reconsider. The decency and modesty of other comments have reminded me that a good relationship is priceless. I have had a card every Valentine's Day for 35 years and there is no substitute for that. It's enough for me. (However, the expensive jewellery would be a bonus - I'm shallow!)
  • A nice guy would be lovely...someone just to share things with...
    You have to stop looking for love.
    Then it will find you.
    So all you men out there start asking the way!!
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