The Great 'What women want for Valentine's' Hunt



  • cdsmiler
    cdsmiler Posts: 956 Forumite
    Personally, NO CARD. Waste of money. It only goes in the back of a drawer or in the bin int he long term.

    A nice meal - either out if we can both afford it or at home at the table, 3 courses. Not expensive, just thoughtful. Maybe followed by settling down in front of a film at home.

    Or on the flip side, an evening to myself!!! lol I don't get many, so I'd love a whole evening eating what I want, watching (or not watching) the TV I want...... All on my own! lol
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  • qwiksave
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    I would appreciate a photo album of memories of the time we have spent together. Photos of places we have been before we had kids, maybe a scrapbook with tickets and mementos, etc. At a pinch, he could do it all on the computer if he's techy rather than crafty....

    Alternatively, just get a collection of nice pics put on the digital frame, I'd be happy with that...

    (He's very good, he always cooks me my favourite steak meal for Valentine's and sometimes makes me a card which I love more than the shop bought)
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  • Sulevia
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    No card, small amount of gorgeous chocolate.
    I live in hope. Every year I get him something (one of his favourites) and every year he says, I didn't think we celebrated Valentines :(
  • Sadly my nearly 6 month relation with my ideal guy hit the rocks when the ex turned up with a belly (:cry:) so for Valentines day as a perfect day it would be me, him, no clothes and no interruptions but as a more realistic day, well I guess I would just really like to know where I stand. :(
  • I would like quaility one on one time together more than expensive gifts.

    A meal at home and sitting down at the table with candles and music. Time to chat and catchup is lovely.

    Or a walk somewhere, either the contryside or exploring a new place.
  • Maat
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    My idea takes a while and originally it wasn't my idea (I got it from MSE so thank you lots to whoever originally posted it). It takes a while to do but you get a jar and fill it with 365 slips of paper, all with a different message on. Everything from a simple 'I love you' to pictures, nice quotes, and anything else you can think of. Ideally it should be a different one for every day of the year and the person can dip into it once a day. If you keep the slips through the year you can then go through them all again the following year.

    If you don't have time for that then anything where you've clearly made an effort - so preparing a nice bath with candles, making her a lovely dinner, dealing with the kids for an evening or sending them to the in-laws' so she can have a peaceful night.
  • Ok so all out, money no object.... A hairdresser and beautician and stylist to transform me from my standard, hedge backwards look. A gorgeous Italian meal in a little family run restaurant. A bag packed of all new lovely clothes, a little airport with a private jet ready to go to amazing, on the jet, champagne and canap!s.
    Once arrived, moonlit strolls, horse riding on the beach, and lots more cheesey things.
    Then once home again, a journal written by him, of all the things we did and all the details he enjoyed.

    As we haven't one the lottery, I'll settle for a cuddle, a card, and an evening curled under the blanket reminiscing about happy times we've had, and making plans for the future!
    Bump due 22nd September
  • How about a nice meal in? No, not the usual, sit on the sofa and stare at the telly kind of meal. Transform a room into a restaurant setting. Use a tablecloth (you must have a duvet cover you could use?), a cheap but pretty bunch of flowers in a charity shop vase or tall glass, a few candles on the table, some romantic music (even the radio has some slushy stations on Valentine's night) and food prepared by you. A couple of steaks won't break the bank or one of her favourites. Buy some cheap chocolates and arrange them on a plate to share. The only rules are that you set the table up with cutlery, glasses etc, you dish it up and you look smart. No TV, just conversation. Make some plans for the future and listen to her while giving eye contact. Oh, and farm out the kids for the night. Even with steak & a cheap bottle, it shouldn't cost much more than a tenner. Have a nice night. X
  • jackieblack
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    cdsmiler wrote: »
    Personally, NO CARD. Waste of money. It only goes in the back of a drawer or in the bin int he long term.
    Couldn't agree more!

    I'd like breakfast in bed, and for DH to do the washing up.
    I cook his favourite dinner, not a fancy 'dinner' just his favourite 'everyday' meal.
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  • Anything! I think my address must be on a Post Office blacklist in mid February:(
    Local florists always get lost as well, I hate this time of year!
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