The '101 days to change our lives' challenge

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    Hello 101-dayers. The first day has been... interesting. I have eaten 1248 calories, walked 2 miles, applied for two jobs and... wait for it... got an interview, already. Tomorrow :eek: :eek:

    I feel totally sick :rotfl:
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    3. Develop the gardening with the children - will do this by actually checking the plants we planted today and not letting them die.

    Well, I did this today and they are still nice and not dried out so that's the first day done. Not so good on the other points, but plenty of time and I am NOT going to beat myself up over this :)

    Lillibet - when was your son born? I remember being on the board last year and seeing little updates in your sig about him & think he was born abou the same itme as my ds - 11th Aug.

    Sea xx
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  • One day in and there has been such a great response by everyone.

    From my point of view I am more likely to succeed when I see everyone else doing so well; keep up the good work guys and gals.
    :p I'm the only gay in this forum :p
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    taka wrote: »
    I would love to become more confident and less negative!! Oh and loose some weight!! Actually just not putting on more weight would be good!!

    Ok time to expand this a bit!! Had to have a bit of a think about this... here goes

    1) Food - Sort out my diet
    -take a packed lunch into work (added benifit of not needing to eat or pay for the crap canteen food!!)
    - eat a more balanced diet with more fruit and veg
    - cut down on sugary snacks, crisps and carbonated drinks
    - try to do a meal plan

    2) Improve my fitness
    - dig out my pedometer and walk at least 10,000 steps a day
    - use the pilates ring and dvd I got for xmas and have never used! Use it at least once a week.
    - use my walking machine thing I bought ages ago and have never even taken out of the box (do you see a theme here?? :rolleyes: )
    - always take the stairs instead of the lift!

    - stick to my budget!! (I can live on this amount so why do i still overspend on crap?:mad: )
    - save save all the money left over!!

    4) Sort out flat
    - get on top of my housework :o
    - declutter big time
    - spend time in my kitchen!
    - get plumbers in to quote on my bathroom revamp plans as the suite is now on its last legs!!

    5) Me
    - enjoy life
    - go out and socialise
    - keep in touch with friends
    - try not to be so negative all the time!

    6) General - sort out all those annoying things I never get round to
    - sort out mortgage
    - complain to British gas and get the rest of my refund (then check who is cheapest for gas and elec and move to them!!)
    - close the bank acount i opened when i was 12 and never used other than to update the interest every year or 2!!

    7) Wish list...
    - look into to selling via craft fairs as a home business
    - get the portfolio and products ready to apply to do the above!
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    Ohh that looks scary now... :eek:

    Todays steps...
    - found my pedometer and bought a new battery for it,
    - walked extra 30 mins on way home (so should have done approx 10,000 steps today once this is counted)
    - had a banana for breakfast... was good the muffins were calling!!
    - had an apple (which i got for free! :j ) instead of the crisps everyone else had at afternoon coffee break - read this tread just before so stuck to the fruit!
    - wrote a letter to get the old bank account updated and then closed

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    have copied and pasted my goals and put an update for today

    1. get a job - I have a list of about 20 recruitment agencies for my industry to contact and make appointments for interviews with but must get my CV sorted first. spoke to job centre and got registered. sent off CV to get sorted out
    2. Lose 5 lbs and generally get a bit fitter - As I am not rusing off to work every day I am going to try to go to the gym for an hour every morning after I drop DD off at school. This challenge ends just after the start of my summer holiday so this is also a goal to look better in a bikini went to the gym for 1 hour this morning and took DDog out for a walk
    3. Eat more healthily - Again as I will have more time I will be able to plan meals more and have already started off my vegetable garden so will be able to look after that a bit more too.not a good start on this one :o ate a bit of rubbish today as I was in all day but I have decided that once I have eaten up all of the rubbish there wont be any more rubbish for me to eat :p
    4. DD wants to go to stage school which is now dependant on me getting a job first and also getting some financial assistance by way of a grant. I have been trying for a while to get a grant but keep hitting brick walls so I am keeping going with this but as I have lost my job it is not looking good. nothing on this one today - have a few calls to make tomorrow though so fingers crossed

    good luck everybody with your goals :T
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    sorry don't know how to paste but first day has been good!!
    I've stuck to my eating plan
    I've applied for another 0% card
    I've paid another £332.31 off halifax CC bringing it down to £983.39...YAY...I think I will achieve the goal off paying this off in 8 would like to add to my challenge if possible then pay as much as I can off MBNA...
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    Hi everyone
    I'ld like to join you on this one. It's a great idea.

    My aims and how I'm going to do it.
    1. Lose weight. Actually started this last week and have lost 2lb which I am really pleased about. I am hypothyroid so find it difficult to lose weight but I have done it before and can do it again. I already eat fairly healthy food it is all the extras that are my problem so just need to stop them.

    2. Get rid of my wibbly wobbly bellyfish as my DD so kindly puts it. To do this I plan to dig out the rowing machine again. I love exercising this way but it got hidden to the back of the spare room behind lots of boxes while we have been converting the attic. This is nearly finished now so boxes are starting to move and the rowing machine is visible again.

    3. Sort the garden out. This will take longer than 101 days but if I can at least get the raised beds built and filled with soil it will mean we are ready to be up and running for next spring.

    4. Stop procrastinating and start selling all the stuff I no longer need. I have my camera on charging and have set aside wed morning to start listing things on ebay and have an add going in the local paper on Friday for a wooden playpen.

    I think that is enough to try and concentrate on just now but if I think of anymore I will add later.
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    So only 100 days to go!

    I ate a proper breakfast and evening meal but failed to take anything to work to eat or drink. So as usual survived on 3 glasses of water from when I left home at 7.45 till 5.45 when I got home and had a cup of tea. This is my worst fault healthwise - worse for my health than being overweight. This is now my priority to change! No more, just that.
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    1. get down to 11st (I'm at 12 and a half now) in time for BF's sisters wedding in September
    2. get a 2:1
    3. get a tan
    4. save up some money from my summer work for a holiday in september

    So to do this:

    1. Stop snacking and keep a food diary. my spending diary has saved me loads so hopefully my food one will work! havnt done a food diary but haven't snacked all day! did count calories though and it was under 2000!
    2. work harder, handing in dissertation tomorrow but gotta get on with the exams. Dissertation and Essay handed in, went to see a lecturer about the Maths and so that is good. understood what he said too!
    3. actually sit in the sun! Can't do that up here, no garden
    4. work at the evil shop and budget tightly so I can save up the money. not til the summer but I spent quite a bit today as I had to get the dissertation bound :confused:
    5. visit the gym/ go running/ swimming at least twice a week walked to and from uni, so quite pleased!
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