Economy Energy, who are they?

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  • Just to add in my bit,

    My husband spent 2 hours on hold over the phone this morning to these for a meter fault, when he finally got through he was told he would need to have a call back within 30 minutes to let us know when they would be here.. 4 hours later still no call,

    As my husband had to leave for work he gave them permission to speak to myself over the phone to continue sorting, Which followed by them saying they can't discuss it with me because my Husbands name is the main account holder and because of this the call out won't take place all because husband is at work and he will again have to book another slot which won't be until after Xmas.

    I have 4 children all under 10 and no gas and they are no interested in the slightest, I was very outraged at this so posted on their Facebook page as public post, while doing so I noticed every comment on the page was a complaint of some sort, I mentioned this .. Now mysteriously the Facebook page has been taken down ? There is only a " add friend" Page with a whole 6 friends :/

    Safe to say I have requested to go back to British Gas I would rather pay extra for decent customer service and a reliable company,
  • Here's my story...

    In September, a man knocked our door advising he was from the government. He has advised us that our company Southern Electric had ceased it's supply with British Gas and told us that they had signed a deal with Germany, he advised if we signed a form we join a scheme and that we would get a tax rebate and we could keep our electricity exactly as it is.

    I asked him at the time if this was a switch over to another company and he advised us it wasn't. He advised we were just joining a scheme and no changeover would be done.

    Some weeks later we got an electricity key through the door (we're pre-payment) noticing it was from a company called Economy energy. We then realised we'd been had over.
    We rang Southern Electric who advised us we were no longer with them and that we could join back with them as long as we sent the key back to Economy Energy and informed them that we had been mis-sold. We did exactly this.

    A few weeks later we received a final bill from SE (strange seeing as we are pay you go?!)

    We contacted them and they said we weren't with them still and that we were with EE. Rang EE and they said we were with SE.
    So we rang national grid who said we were with SE.

    Our SE key has continued to work for all this time until today where no machine will read it.
    We have £2 Electricity left on the metre and obviously will have emergency as well. SE are saying we are with EE and EE are saying we are now with them and have been since September.

    EE refused to give us an emergency code to supply us with electric and told us we wouldn't get a key till after Christmas. Which meant we wouldn't have had any electric over Xmas!

    I have 3 boy's under 5 and our whole house is electric, meaning we couldn't wash, we can't cook, nothing!!

    It turns out EE has scammed around 30% of my street and it's a street with over 200 houses on it. All with the same story.

    We rang both parties again this morning and again got no where, so we left a message for the MP and rang CAB when they opened.
    CAB put us through to an emergency department and a lovely lady called Jade rang Economy energy on our behalf and got an emergency code within 10 minutes.
    After an hour, my wife was able to go to the local paypoint, quote the number and they gave us a key and we were able to top up!
    We now have electric today!

    CAB advised that Economy Energy are well known to them and this seems to be quite a common occurrence with them. I am writing a complaint to ofgem and the ombudsman and will also been contacting the press regarding the issues we have had to protect other families from facing the same thing we and others have gone through.

    Please be wary of this company, take heed of this advice and listen to other people's experiences. This company is illegitimate and is a con. They are dangerous.
    My wife was crying down the phone to them last night and they found it funny.

    Like the post above, we also wrote on their FB page and they called us earlier after the problem was already dealt with.
    We are now in the process of going to E.on because SE were also useless and of no help.
  • Here's my story...

    Like the post above, we also wrote on their FB page and they called us earlier after the problem was already dealt with.
    We are now in the process of going to E.on because SE were also useless and of no help.

    Quite shocking what's happened to you (door to door sales should be banned, for everything, full stop). Quite why you're punishing Southern Electric though I don't know.
  • Currently we are still waiting for a new gas card,we have a child under 2 and have been told they will send a email to the correct department,do not use this company
  • H I all I only found out I was with this company yesterday also!!im fuming I didn't allow this to happen I cant remember this happening. :( I rang npower to ask them to come out and look at my meter as it was taking a lot of money of me to be told they don't supply me anymore economy energy do. so I tried for two days to get in touch on this impossible high rate number finally get through to some untrained chav to be told they sent me a key which they never did I went through the meter and there is a standing charge of £4.71 on the meter which I obviously have been paying since july 2012 and there is over £2k debt on the meter I just don't believe it they told me to send a letter asking for any money they owe me back which his calculation is £8 LOL its a joke he obviously cant count I just don't know what to do :(
  • An interesting morning. I've noticed my energy, gas and electric has been shooting through the roof, and as a single working parent, I cannot afford £30 every 2 weeks on the electricity meter.

    I have just been on the phone to my energy supplier (SSE) and have since discovered my account was closed in December last year. To my horror, I panicked and asked how, I've not received any information to say "Sorry you're leaving" etc, etc, he responded with, "We sent a letter... it's noted on our account as sent".

    I had to look up this information on who "Economy Energy Trading Limited" were, and found an 0844 number. Of course it is...

    After calling the complaints department, the lady informs me that they have had a LOT of complaints saying they didn't sign anything to switch over and are confused, and it's been passed on to the management and they will call me back in 24 hours.

    Now I can't even get a quote from a new supplier like EDF because they're not listed on their long list of suppliers. It's incredibly infuriating and when I called again, the customer service lady informed me she was new to the company and couldn't help me either to just wait for the phone call back from the complaints.

    So apparently... they make it so you can't even change company from them. Against the law, just a tad.

  • well its happened to me some rep asked if i would like to switch i said i was not willing to sign anything on the doorstep but he could send me some info. next thing i know i am getting a letter of my supplier saying i was leaving. well after countless phone calls to Economy energy im still no better off i was told on three occasions head office would ring me back but still after weeks i have heard nothing. i was told on my last phone call that i was nearly out of the 2 month cancellation period and then i would have to pay £100 to leave before my contract is up (one i never signed) but guess what the only way i can cancel is to wait for head office to ring me so no surprise why they are not ringing . well today i thought enough is enough and have wrote them a very nasty letter informing them that i am taking legal action against them for forging my signature on a contract. I am going to switch back to my previous supplier anyway and stick my middle finger up at this set of con artists. i wouldnt mind but i have spent a fortune since the switch was made i will let ou know how it goes
  • I was the same as you I was stopped in town by a rep me and my friend they say we don't charge anythin for going into emergency credit so thought might try it but I am not signing no contract no nothing! Ever since I have been with them I am payin he'll if a lot more and it's takin the Micky cus it's reli expensive I'm puttin like £30-40 on gas a week n like £40 on electric every 2 weeks. Tried to change over to eon again my old supplier and they sent me a letter sayin my current supplier has stopped my switch over and I need to get Intouch with them. I've tried so many times to get Intouch and they don't even answer the flippin phone and it's charging me every time! How on earth do I change over to some body else? Can you get the police involved? (Silly question? I don't know) if it's a bogus company? Please help.
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    i been trying to contact this company for the last 48 hours, i moved into a property only to find out this company is my energy supplier, they dont answer the phone i was on hold for 5 hours and got no where, i still nave no elec or gas as they supply both,, i have spoken to bristish gas to get chanerd over, which is going to take up to 5 weeks, can anyone give me any advise on how to contact them as there is never any answer,
    this company is a [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM], help needed on this matter asap as i have a 9 month old baby
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    Back in Late October/Early November my partner was stopped by an Economy Energy Rep in Liverpool City Centre, and was told about how wonderful and much better value than Npower they were, and the rep said that she would send some information in the thing we know, we have left NPower and are now a customer of theirs.

    I contacted Economy Energy twice on 23rd December and was eventually called back by a 'Supervisor' on 24th December, she told me that they had a signed contract. Sophie requested that we sent a copy of my partners signature to see if it marries up, which is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard! I said that this could happen if they first sent a copy of the contract out to us, Supervisor accepted and said it would be sent out in the post!

    In the meantime, I signed back up with NPower, as the unprofessional attitude at Economy Energy did not fulfil us with confidence!

    It is now 23rd January, and we have still seen no contract from Economy Energy, but instead have received a letter from NPower stating that Economy Energy have "objected to your request to switch your electricity".

    As far as we are concerned, this is the final straw! Last night I contact the Police's Action Fraud Department and have a crime reference number for the original fraudulently signed contract.

    I have demanded a response to tell us as to why we have been refused a transfer away, and we will also be taking legal action for compensation due to the distress caused to me and my partner. We are a family with a 1 year old baby and their 'Supervisor' did not seem to care!
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