Economy Energy, who are they?

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    After waiting for bg to try and get my electric supply back from ee...

    shock horror! i'm still waiting ...

    I have now sent an email to ee requesting confirmation that they are actually open on Saturday so i can contact them as they appear to have been closed every other time i have called.

    Once i have called them, i have decided to follow it up with an email which can then be used as proof with ofgem. i will keep you guys updated with this as it may help others that was duped into signing up for ee.
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    For those of you who was duped into signing on the door step, and was left with no information at all...

    I found this which may assist you if you want to move away from them without getting stung with fees.

    on the website search for doorstep selling regulations
  • Hi folks, me again.

    So we have been stuck with these jokers. Our gas ran out with our old supplier and we were forced to use the card they sent. We topped up £10 on our gas on Sunday, carried on with our regular moderate usage, and it's now gone. Came back from the fireworks display with the wee'un to find that there was no heating or hot water.

    Two days. £10. Even in the winter, we generally only spend about £30-40 per month.

    Every single thing that this company told us was a lie. Ever since receiving our gas and electric keys, we have not been able to get through to them on any of the numbers we have for them...
  • I switched to economy energy about a yr ago,i have never had any welcome pack or any statements from them infact no contact at all from them,i have tried to change to a different supplier twice and they have cancelled the switch without any reason,my biggest mistake was changing to these as i have not saved im finding im putting more in my electric meter than ever around 30.00 a week no debt on the meter and my home is empty for 8hrs a day so how on earth does that work??will be trying again to switch to another company so wish me luck.
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    Been on hold for 22 minutes on counting trying to get through to this company.

    Apparently I am moving up the queue, but no indication of how long the queue is, or when they might answer my call.
    Well life is harsh, hug me don't reject me.
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    I think there needs to be a big investigation into Economy Energy [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]. We were with British Gas for years and had a bloke come and knock on the door to try and get us to change to Economy Energy for our electric, my partner filled in all the details abd they said that we would stay with our current supplier (British Gas) until we used the Economy Energy key in the meter which was a lie as we decided we wanted to stay with British Gas so didn't put there key in our meter.We then rereceived a letter off British Gas to say that we were no longer with them. I phoned Economy Energy and for weeks couldn't get in contact until another man from Economy Energy knocked on the door to ask if we wanted to change our gas over to them as we were with them for the electric. I told the bloke no chance and explained to him that they had changed us over on the electric under false pretences. He said oh right ok then and off he went knocking on others doors. A week later my partner then received a letter from Economy Energy saying they have changed gas over and here was our new gas card. I phoned Economy Energy and managed to get through and spoke to a woman who I explained all of the above to and she said she was very sorry and that she would get us changed back to British Gas within 4 weeks. I have contacted British Gas today to check that it had all been sorted and Economy haven't even been in touch with British Gas. Spoke to a lovely bloke from British Gas who has had to put through a big form there end and going to get our services back to them.
  • I must admit iv been with them for about 5 months and haven't had any problems they do work out cheaper then the big six. With our previous supplier we were using £20 about every 10 days now we use £20 every 21-25 days and electricity unit price at the moment is 15.39 which we don' t mind as we get an extra 15 days of electronic for the same price as 10
  • My daughter had a problem with her electricity key and phoned her supplier Scottish Power to be told that she had switched her supply to Economy Energy in August! She had never heard of them or received anything in writing from them or Scottish Power to say she had transferred suppliers. She has been trying to contact Economy Energy since last Thursday without success and has been without light and heating since then. The Ombudsman is about as much help as a chocolate teapot, and only directs you to Citizens Advice who then tell you to contact your supplier. It now looks as if Scottish Power will issue her an emergency code to activate a new key, but this has taken 4 days and a fortune in telephone calls! p.s. She has just informed me that the code she has been given doesn't work and is now trying to contact them again.
  • Hi I came across this forum searching about Economy Energy after my pre-payment meter started taking "debt" like £2-£3 each time I top up... So I rang my supplier British Gas to be told they no longer supply us for gas or electricity and Economy Energy supply us now.

    British Gas raised a complaint for me to be contacted back, but after reading this I can't see them being able to do much...

    I don't recall ever seeing or signing anything though that's the strange thing.
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    Sorry for double post but can't see the edit button....

    Just been in touch and apparently the account is not held in my name, infact they won't tell me who's name it's held in because of the data protection act...

    He agree'd to send a contract to the address on the account, but not to my name so I will find out when a letter comes to somebody else what has gone on...

    IF it even comes that is.

    Edit: now the button appears... I've also applied to be transferred back to British Gas will see how that works out.
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