Economy Energy, who are they?

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    Their company address puts them smack in the middle of an airport.
    That's the wrong postcode on that map - Stoneleigh Park is where the Royal Show was held, at the National Agricultural Centre, which is more like this.
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

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  • well what do i say i have join this supply now i wish i had read the web before doing so i have been with them about a month now an i did look at there prices before joning i was on n power and there rate was 15.0 Economy Energy stated to me there supply rate for me would be 14.9 that was electricity am also with them on gas i cant remeber fully there rate on gas i know it was slightly higher but n power was chargeing me 10p a day service charge on elc and 30p a day on gas so in the long run it seem to work out cheaper about 160pound over the year now i read this am unsure if am in the right place now lol at the moment the gas seems to be lasting me longer then it did with n power but i only use it for the shower as mine runs on the gas i have the same amount of showers and all seems better so far as for the elc side of things am unsure about yet as i use alot anyways lol
  • I too had a rep show up at my home and it sounded like a good deal but I didn't want to agree to anything without talking to my OH so asked if he could leave some information and we would be in touch if we were interested. He said he had nothing to leave today but took my address and said he could get an information pack sent out.
    Before he left he said he needed a signature as proof that he had called at my address and to authorise the information to be sent out. I signed without thinking about it and heard nothing from them and completely forgot about this until I received letters from British gas informing me that my energy provider had been changed for both my gas and electric! I immediately phoned british gas to be told that economy energy had taken over my supply. I had received nothing from economy energy, no welcome pack, letter or even a gas card or electric key. I got in touch with economy energy to be told basically as they had my signature it was tough and they would send me a key and card in the post.
    I am now stuck with a 12 month contract. I know silly me for signing, trust me my lesson has been learned. From now on I am signing nothing unless I am 100% certain about it. I am not the only person I know that this has happened to and from what I can tell customer service is not their strong point.
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    Have you reported this to BG and Ofgem? BG may be able to get you back as an Erroneous Transfer. If not, Ofgem need to know about any miss selling.
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  • I have spoken with british gas a number of times to try and get changed back as I found out after the cool off period and my transfer keeps getting declined. I will definitely be in touch with Ofgem now though. I feel so silly about all of this. Hopefully I can get something sorted out.
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    If the ET was declined then there is nothing BG can do for you unfortunately. I have heard this story so many times from customers that Ofgem need to be made aware of this companies sales tactics.
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  • I started reading this thread as I had an interview candidate put forward who has quit a senior role at Economy Energy because the role was not as it had been sold to him. I just created an account to post this comment as the selling practices in the above comments sound terrible. I work in the industry and thought that all sales should be confirmed by a TPV (Third Party Verification) call before the transfer can take place. If you complain to the ombudsman, with whom an earlier post shows they are registered, the company will be charged the cost of the investigation with a minimum charge of £250. I would suggest doing this if you have been mis-sold and it may be the first step towards compensation for you.

    On a side note their unit rates sound reasonable given that they have no standing charge and may well be the best option for many low users. As always, read before you sign and compare rates with other suppliers.
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    just had a visit from one of their reps - seemed to know what he was talking about. took my details , after confirming i could opt out and not use their prepayment key i stupidly signed . The rep then tore off a slip with my signature on it and didn't even leave me a copy of the duplicate contract .

    I thought this aint right - what am i signing for ? i had to chase the rep down the road and get him to rip up the contract ( give me the pieces )

    They do appear on the 'companies in the uk' website - the google maps street view shows a forlorn incomplete trading estate but that could be the age of the street view rendering

    If they are legit - their mistake is not leaving a signed copy with customer . I usually ask reps to leave some details and i'll contact them if im interested - hopefully this will be my last lapse of focus !!

    Has anyone else had dealings with economy energy ?

    I have just recently moved into a house that uses this company, and all i can say is the electricity prices are FAB!! Put £20 on 3 weeks ago and still have approx £5!! Gas prices are not so good though £10 in 4 days but i am trying to heat a big 3 bed house so probably whats expected! Good Luck :o
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    Hello all.

    My girlfriend agreed to sign up with this company after a guy badgered her at the door for 45 minutes, sharing his life story and pregnant girlfriend and all sorts.

    We called within the 7 day cooling off period to cancel, because of the things I had read on here. All seemed fine, if a little too easy.
    Then some weeks later we received a "sorry you're leaving us" from Npower. We called up Npower and said that we had cancelled the moving of our supply to which they said all was fine, asking us to confirm it with Economy Energy.

    We then contacted Economy Energy, they told us that "the new girl" hadn't marked our file for cancellation. We requested that it be cancelled immediately and requested written confirmation of this. The girl on the phone's response was "we'll try and send something out".

    Surprisingly (not really) we didn't receive anything. A week later, we contacted them again asking why we had not receive written confirmation and asked to speak with a manager. We were informed that our file had no record of any of our calls. Later that day, a supposed manager called us back to tell us that it had been cancelled, written confirmation was on its way, and they had attached a CRO to our file (we assume that this is some sort of cancellation request).

    Today, we received a gas card from Economy Energy stating that our gas and electric is now with them.

    Despite the phone system saying that they are open 10-4 on Saturdays, there is no answer.

    [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] to customers in order to retain business or they are so disorganised that I wouldn't want to deal with them at all. I'm absolutely furious [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] and I urge everyone to avoid them [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM].
  • Hi All,

    I've just moved into a house that is with Economy Energy...I can't even get a replacement card from them. I've spent hours on the phone trying to get through to customer services. The staff are incredibly poorly trained and I am told different things after each phone call. They have apparently sent me a new electricity meter key out 5 times, each time i've waited a couple of days and nothing has arrived.

    I've now been without electricity in my first house since October 5th 2013!!!

    Does anyone know how to get a new meter key in Rotherham? I want a cup of tea, lol.
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