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Flight delay and cancellation compensation, KLM/AF ONLY

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  • Hi. I previously tried to claim back in 2009 after our flight from Newcastle was delayed for several hours then cancelled. By the time they arranged a replacement flight, we had missed our connecting flight from Amsterdam, resulting in us finally getting to our end destination (Thailand) around 24 hours later than originally scheduled (they put us up in hotel in Amsterdam overnight). My original claim for compensation was declined due to a mechanical fault which at the time they stated was an extra ordinary event, however, from reading these posts it now appears this can no longer classa mechanical fault as this?? I am therefore keen to reclaim, but didn't know if I should refer to previous claim (struggling to find paperwork with reference numbers etc) or write again not referring to previous correspondence? Any help/guidance greatly appreciated :)
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    Looking for advice here. in 2007, five of us flew to the caribbean with KLM. Our flight back was delayed by 24 hours due to a technical fault. At the time, We were given hotel accomodation and food vouchers. I complained when we got back home and evenutally after numerous emails and telephone calls, we were given a travel voucher of 150 euros each to be used against future KLM flights. My question is, should I write and complain again or just leave it? Many thanks in advance!PS I have emails from KLM stating this is not a form of compensation but a gesture of goodwill
  • Hi,
    Hope you can help.
    Family of 2 adults and 2 kids were booked on flight with KLM on 31.12.2007 very early morning (don't have exact time), from GLA to LIS via AMS. Glasgow flight left on time but less than a half hour into the flight the pilot announced "technical problems" with the plane and we were turning back to their hub in EDI.
    After sitting on the tarmac for some time we were off loaded and told to wait in a departure lounge for further news. Eventually we were advised the plane would not be flying and we would be transferred to whatever airline was able to take us.
    We had to then queue for ages and were given flights with BA flying via London at around 11.30am.
    We did get a £5 food voucher each as compensation.
    We eventually landed in Lisbon around 6 hours late and only just made the family New Year celebrations!
    I'm afraid I have no paperwork or even reference number.
    What are my chances?
    Thanking you in advance.
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    Delayed flight was October so better get writing that letter! Thanks for your help!
  • Can anyone help?
    I have had two long haul flights with serious delays that ended up with overnight stays. One in Amsterdam on route to the USA (2008), the flight was MAN-AMST-ORD and one in Bangkok (could be '07,'08 or '09) on route to Taiwan, the flight was MAN-AMST-BKK-TPE. Whilst my passport is stamped with the relevant arrival dates I have no flight numbers that I can quote to KLM to confirm these delays and reference to appropriate to flight No's. Any ideas how I could get this info and would KLM be happy to give this?
  • Firstly, please never post in capitals again!

    Secondly, outbound flight you were delayed in reaching your final destination by more than 3 hours and therefore are entitled to 600 euros per passenger compensation.

    Thirdly, inbound flight meant you were also delayed in reaching your final destination by more than 3 hours so again are entitled to 600 euros in compensation.

    Thankyou so much...I have sent them an email and copy of letter. Hoping to hear from Kim soon
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    Colmorgan wrote: »
    We flew with Klm from ams to Dubai feb 2012, flight cancelled, put up in hotel, fed, flew next day got 50€ voucher each.
    Copied and pasted the standard letter in here last week asking for €600 each, within a week got £250 vouchers each so am pleased with that

    I,too,received a fairly speedy response from KLM after an initial problem.

    About a year ago I flew via KLM from Amsterdam to Dubai.

    The flight was cancelled, I was put up in a hotel ( and had a very enjoyable evening sampling the combustible delights of that fine city ) and eventually departed the following day arriving about 24 hours late.

    I was also given a €50 KLM travel voucher.

    A pal of mine used an EU Claims company to secure compensation from KLM ( €600 minus €120 fee ) but, as I hadn't kept my ticket stubs or booking information the company wouldn't take on the case for me.

    I emailed KLM for details of the flights and was surprised to receive a reply back stating that my connecting flight into Amsterdam had arrived late and therefore I was put on the following day's flight.

    Which was, how shall we say, not the case.

    Last week I followed the MSE guidelines and used to discover that my connecting flight had actually arrived early.

    Furnished with this information I emailed KLM once again requesting compensation and quickly received a reply offering €600 cash or an €800 KLM travel voucher.

    I have taken the €600 in cash and offer thanks to MSE for this campaign and also KLM for fronting up when in receipt of the correct information.

    €600 for a night on the lash in the Dam - how bad is that !
  • :(I made a claim against BA for a late flight in 2007. I am sure at the time they said the delay was due to computer problems but when I claimed the reply was that the plane was delayed due to bad weather and my claim was rejected. I have no proof of even being on the flight after nearly 6 years so I suppose I will have accept their decision.-Unless anyones got a good idea!
  • Hello,

    I flew in mid-2005 and was delayed 15 hours on a KLM flight. KLM have claimed it was a technical fault and therefore they do not have to pay. I contacted them in 2005 originally and they claimed the same thing. If the CAA find that the technical fault does not fall under the rules of 'extraordinary circumstances', what exactly can be done? Would the 6 year small claims rule apply, even if what KLM said to me in 2005 was found to be false?
  • Is it best to post a claim to Air France or send it via email?

    I have the address down as:

    Air France - Europe
    Customer Care Center
    TSA 21235
    75564 Paris Cedx 12

    Email link is available on their website (i'm not allowed to post links yet)
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