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Flight delay and cancellation compensation, BA ONLY

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  • I've just contacted BA about a flight that was delayed/cancelled for 24 hours back in 2010. It was from Bangkok to London. I contacted them at the time and they refused to pay up, so I'm keen to see what happens now. It was due to an engine failing. I did get a hotel and food, but it was an awful experience :( Unfortunately I don't have any original paperwork...I'll update the thread when I hear.
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  • Back in September 2010 we had a business class flight from Gatwick to Genoa. After checking in and on arrival at the BA lounge we were told the flight had been cancelled due to technical reasons. We were persuaded to take an alternative flight via Turin and coach to Genoa. We arrived at around 8pm in the evening instead of just before lunch. I have no proof that we were ever booked on the outward leg of the flight as our BA club statement shows the flight to Turin. Never thought to ask for compensation for meals as we had use of the BA lounge. As we accepted the change of routing would we be entitled to compensation?

    Have just checked the flight stats for that day and it would seem that flight left 10 mins late, but we were told it had been cancelled. We were not the only ones as there were other people on the flight to Turin and bus to Genoa...So what's that all about?
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    My friend and her 8 yo daughter were flying BA from London to Tbilisi, Georgia which is app. 2200 miles couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions the airport has been closed so they spent extra hour in air before landing to the nearest airport in Baky, Azerbajdjan. They spent 2 hours inside the plane before flying back to Tbilisi but again had to come back due to the weather conditions. after that they have waited in the airport (not allowing to leave the building) for several hours and then the plane went back to London as the pilots' time run over (i think they are not allowed to fly more then certain amount of hours with a certain period), so the new 'Emirates' plane has been arranged to take the passengers to the point of destination.

    the problem is that BA has not offered any refreshments for the delayed period - which was 12 hours (i.e. between the planned arrival time and the time when the passengers has boarded the Emirates plane), not a water nor a even a biscuit. That was very extremely exhausting for all passengers and especially for a child.

    So I am going to write an official complain about the lack of proper services (i.e violation of Duty of Care) and wonder what kind of compensation can i claim.
  • Unless your friend and daughter bought food and refreshments for which they have receipts then that is the only way they will be able to be reimbursed for these items. No compensation appears to be due for the delay due directly to weather preventing the landing in Tbilisi.
    i understand that but i thought that there was a breach of Duty of Care and they are entitled for some sort of compensation. anyway i am going to call BA and see what they are telling before writing complain.
  • Hi - thanks to MSE for bringing this to our attention!

    Back on that fateful day of the London Heathrow Terminal 5 opening - I was travelling to Japan and we were stuck on the plane on the runway for about 4 hours. At least we did finally take off though! I think we were one of the last planes to leave (minus all our luggage which went missing for over a week! .. though that's another story entirely..).

    Flightstats show that my flight was 234 minutes late on arrival - so hopefully I have real grounds for proper delay compensation, and that the issues with Terminal 5 is in the scope of this ruling. (I think I did complain to BA but not sure what happened, I might have got about £10 BA voucher for next flight with them or something very similar).

    I will update on my progress when I make a claim (quite a lot of reading up is needed as only just saw this in the newsletter, and there seems to be lots of information). I haven't seen anyone mention claiming for delays to flights from Terminal 5 on opening day yet - so I'm posting here to share my experience.
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    Terminal 5 is an interesting one. Though BA is the sole user it is owned and operated by the airport owner BAA.
    As the responsibility for that failure was eventually accepted by BAA, BA could possibly use the "out of our control" excuse
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    Would not BAA be the 'agent' of the 'principal' (BA) in that case.
    That's where it gets interesting to me. As BAA own the terminal BA cannot appoint someone else to do what BAA does so they are in a monopoly position.
    It's the same at airports that have, say, FR as their sole airline. A problem with the operaqtion of the airport would generally be outside FR's control.

    It depends on where the split comes from "landlord" and contractor
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    I think a wait and see what BA say will be the best here.
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    Check flightstats to see whether any other flights were similarly affected departing from Mombasa/Nairobi that same day as your flight. Airfield restrictions may have affected other inbound/outbound flights more generally but the lack of ground handling is more interesting since BA are responsible for the actions of their subcontractors (or agents) so they need to be rather more specific before I would let them off the hook just yet.

    I've checked flight stats & the flight was just 24 minutes late departing Nairobi & 32 minutes late in arriving in Heathrow, which is what caused me to miss my connecting flight. The knock on effect being that my arrival in Newcastle was over 4 hours late. The flight was NOT cancelled as they say in their reply. From this I am more sure that BA have issued a wholly incorrect reply. I think I am going to reissue my original letter with a covering note, quoting the BA reference & asking them to properly investigate
  • Just a word of warning...out of interest I went and checked my flight on flight stats to see what it said. It stated my flight was delayed 19 was 24 hours and 19 minutes. At the time BA told me I couldn't get compensation because the light was cancelled - not delayed. It seems they may have tweaked the logs some how...
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