Ja-NEW-ary 2013 - Take your lunch to work thread

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    £25 duly put in to our joint savings account on Friday, after not buying lunch all last week.

    Hopefully will do the same this week, £5 saved from today already so am part of the way there!
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  • hey kittie hope you feel better soon.

    spaghetti (4xbranston £1.27) on toast and a banana today

    A colleague has made soup in the slow cooker today and bringing me some in for my lunch tomorrow.

    My daughter asked if she could have school dinners this week and seeing as we normally do this onwards of October anyway I don't mind.

    My son is off work this week so have been upping the night befores dinner so he has lunch at home and not eating out because he cba to cook.
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  • all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow, choc chip muffin, yougurt, rolls, crisps n banana
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    I forgot today!!:mad:

    Poor planning.

    Tomorrow I have leftover curry and rice, in the lunchbox ready to go. I used to have piece of cardboard on my dashboard that said "Lunch? Water? Flask?". May have to start doing that again!
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  • I have pasta carbonara to take with me. Haven't reported in for a while but I'm still going strong.
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  • Hello, just checking in with a quick update as have not been on here for 2 days. Will read through all I have missed tomorrow night.

    I have taken lunch to work both yesterday and today and tomorrow's lunch is ready to heat up and eat in my work fridge. Savings from tomorrow will be added to my saved balance. :)

    Hope everyone is well and will have a proper catch-up tomorrow.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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    Good morning everyone :j

    I see you are all doing really well.

    Welcomes to saintly and SmarterNotHarder :hello:

    lbnblbnb - you made me laugh re the sign on your dashboard but hey if it works :D

    Twiggy - hope your lizard gets better soon eh. You are sounding super organised :T

    To everyone else a big well done :T we all seem to be getting into the flow of TLW. There isn't much left of the month now so who's ready for Feb? I noted pavlovs is almost through a whole half term - doesn't time fly!

    Well I might pop by later, still wondering where Shortie is? Please let us know how you're getting on Shortie since you have been invaluable to the thread (as have the rest of you lovely posters :)) especially for organising the meal ideas out for me.

    OK, TTFN :D
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  • I'm ready for February. It's payday today and I actually got to today with money left in my bank account. Taking lunch to work has helped a lot and I didn't even start till 2 weeks from last pay day.
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    I didnt take anything in today because I'd got some porridge sachets at work and wanted to use them up. I have chicken, stuffing and salad sarnies for tomorrow, crisps, yoghurt and those Kelloggs breakfast biscuits.
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    Phew! Good to see this thread back on the first page again :) I was beginning to think i was in this on my own :(

    I forgot to take lunch yesterday but still had a smidge of cheese from my jacket potato day and chopped onion from my pot noodle week (I never want to eat another Pot Noodle as long as I live and, now I come to think of it, buying 60 Quality Street purple bars wasn't such a good idea either!) so I made a toastie. I took in my tin opener today all prepared for tomatoes on toast but somebody sent in free pizzas so I had one of those instead :T

    I have some feta and a tomato left over from dinner tonight so I'm going to have that in a sandwich tomorrow. DS and I cooked something from Jamie's 15 minute meals, it took us an hour and then another hour to wash up :rotfl:

    One of my staff has done a bunk part way through her notice period leaving me very much in the poo but I sneaked a peek in her drawer and she's left lots of food, every cloud etc, etc... :rotfl:
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