Ja-NEW-ary 2013 - Take your lunch to work thread

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    Thanks igaveup for your ideas and welcome :j.

    Foodspeak is always welcome on this thread :D
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    kittiej wrote: »
    Thanks both! I'll start a new thread on Wednesday cos it's my day off and I can give it my undivided attention :)

    Is everyone set for next week? Have you got your lunch plans in place? I've got to make sandwiches for myself and the youngest son in a little while. Looks like I'll be having stuffing - yay.

    I still have bread from last week that will be fine toasted so I'm going for tinned tomatoes on toast tomorrow (I replaced my home tin opener so my old, barely-working one can come to work with me now :) )

    I baked banana loaf today so I've packaged up a few slices of that.

    Later in the week (once i have some fresh bread :rotfl: it'll be feta and tomato sandwich and then beans and hot dog sausages on toast for the last couple of days.

    If anyone wants the banana loaf recipe here it is, it is SO easy and I like that I can make it all in the saucepan and that there's barely any measuring to be done.

    Melt a pack of butter in a saucepan.

    Tip in a 500g pack of caster sugar and stir to dissolve.

    Add a teaspoon of vanilla essence and 2 eggs and stir.

    Add 4 mashed bananas and stir.

    Sieve in 380grams of self raising flour and stir.

    Tip into a greased loaf tin and bake for around 45 minutes at 150 (or until a skewer comes out clean.)

    Serve with butter. Just not mine :mad: ;):D

    I don't actually have a loaf tin (though I saw that they are half price @ Mr S at the moment and I love kitchenalia so it's amazing I still don't have one :rotfl: ) so I cook mine in 2 sandwich tins and slice it up like cake.
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  • kittiej wrote: »
    Is everyone set for next week? Have you got your lunch plans in place? I've got to make sandwiches for myself and the youngest son in a little while. Looks like I'll be having stuffing - yay.

    Because I suffer with eyes bigger than stomach syndrome, I had some mushroom, pepper & cheese omelette leftover. I have cut it up into smallish pieces and added it to some rice. I am not sure if I am looking forward to it or not but it saves wasting it. :D

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  • Hey everyone. I'm definitely looking forward to the february thread (btw, my vote is for Feb-YOU-ary if the vote is still open?!). I quite often break up my working day with a quick visit to see what everyone is up to, but particularly look forward to the opportunity to report in on my lunch plans for the week (I think it gives me a sense of obligation to stick to it lol).

    I actually messed up a little bit last week as I forgot to sort some lunch for Friday, but it worked out ok. I had a meeting to go to and had to pick up my other half from home on my way there from work. I made it so I had time to run in and grab a packet of crisps. There are usually sandwiches I like at the venue the meeting was at, but typically there weren't any this time, so I just stuffed myself with biccie's alongside my cup of tea prior to the meeting.

    So, this week will mostly be egg mayo sandwiches again. Largely because I don't want to waste the jar of mayo which is open & it's pretty much the only time I use it (I know it's naughty, but I've been "borrowing" sachets from cafe's for future use). Egg mayo is also on the menu because of a 50% extra free offer last week, so 9 eggs for the price of 6. 8 packs of bacon fries were still on offer for £1 so I've topped up the tub with these & some mint aero biscuits (they only work out as 11p each). I decided to try and be a bit healthier though and bought some apple's too which I have diced up ready to pick at during the day. I don't eat fruit very often and couldn't believe how expensive they were though, over £1 for only 3. I don't think it's going to be a regular habit! I've abandoned the idea of buying drinks to go in my lunchbox; I was almost at the end of my squash cordial last week, so took that to work so that I can make cold drinks with that. I've left it in the kitchen though so I'm not sure how long it will last?! :rotfl:
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  • I'm still here and still haven't had to buy lunch :D Will be carrying on throughout feb, wonder if I can go all year?! All time fave cheesy pasta mugshot for lunch tomorrow, with some crisps and a ww caramel wafer. Probably sandwich filler for the rest of the week, branching out to chicken and sweetcorn this week, although I do have my old faithful coronation chicken as a back up lol!

    Have a grea week everyone :)
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  • I'm Been reading this thread for a while and think its brilliant, I have a very tempting canteen at work but try my hardest not to use it!

    Can't wait for the feb-YOU-ary thread to start. I shall keep an eye on it.

    Thanks to everyone posting in this forum and giving me more inspiration to SAVE SAVE SAVE!

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    Hello everyone,

    Start of the week is going well as yet, I took my lunch into work with me today and I had scrambled egg on toast. Nice and filling for very little effort.
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    I'm not doing too well on the lTW front. I've just been sgned off sick for 2 weeks :-( so have no W to LT with. However, all I seem to have foodwise is stuff I would have taken, so I'm still trying to do cheap lunches from what I have.
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    Hope you feel better soon Juno x
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    Hi everyone :j

    Oo FatVonD that banana loaf sounds yummy - mmm I'm hungry now :D

    "Because I suffer with eyes bigger than stomach syndrome" CW this was really funny :rotfl:How was the omelette?

    Twiggy do you have phantoms who spirit things away in work as well as FatVonD :D

    Well done clairey em and babes :T

    Hi sarahlou :j

    and juno - hope you get better soon :dance: and good for you keeping those lunchtimes cheapy - cheap!

    well done everyone. I had stuffing sarnies and a bakewell tart for lunch and they were lush :D
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    Karma - the consequences of ones acts.
    "It's OK to falter otherwise how will you know what success feels like?"
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