Ja-NEW-ary 2013 - Take your lunch to work thread

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    thanks pavolvs_dog. I have made batches of pasta before for lunches, but by day 2 Im usually sick of it, so day 3s portion never sees light of day lol. freezing just sounded a good option.

    I might try making a large batch of sauce and freeze it in 2 day portions, then its only 10 mins to cook some pasta enough for a couple of days.
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  • I have been back at work since boxing day and so far haven't spent anything on lunches. My usual spend is a £3.29 a day meal deal. So I have saved £26.32. Mainly been taking Cheese sarnies or Ham Sarnies to work. Takes 5 mins the night before to do. Will be keeping this up.
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    Florida I would expect that as long as you mix the pasta with some kind of sauce that it will be fine.

    iwditt, I think making the sauce and freezing just that is the better option. Maybe then you could have the sauce with something else eg rice or baked potato?

    Hey moomin m that is fantastic, well done :T yes keep it up!
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    Hi, I would like to join this as I think I am really on the ball with lunches as a rule (proof will be in the posting) BUT my daughters off school until the 7th and my hours have been tweaked to tie in with childcare arrangements meaning some horrendously early starts and cream crackered (not making lunches) evenings. I paid for lunch today £2.09. I have got spag bol left in the fridge and if it was a 'normal' day I'd happily take that for lunch but a 10am 'lunch' break does not lend itself to a meal as such. I'm going to take a tin of toms tomorrow and have them on toast.
    So i'll plod til the 7th if thats ok then i'm all in.

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    Hi Betty Crumble and welcome aboard :wave:

    You begin whenever you like, there aren't any 'rules and regs' :)
    we're all here to encourage and help each other and everyone's situation is different.

    Good luck!

    If anyone is taking lunch to work tomorrow then a big well done :T

    Have fun :D
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    WelshWoofer Another teacher here, what worked in a previous school was a group of 4 of us had a lunch club. One person bought in enough for the other 3. So you only had to think about one meal but make enough for 4 people. Friday was our 'day off' We did it as we were all trying to lose weight but could work as a moneysaver too. Exciting too as you never know what you're going to get. Have suggested it in our staffroom but sadly my days are all over the place so can't join in.

    That's a great idea but I'm a vegetarian and I don't think others would look favourably on no meat all week!:rotfl:

    I have been using things up from the fridge for lunch all week at home - I often get tempted to nip to Subway when I'm home (my weakness, don't like any other fast food) but have held fast and finished a loaf of bread today (never usually get to the end) and am running down the fillings in the fridge. Have also been using up the fruit - I don't think any will end up in the bin this week.:T
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    can anyone tell me if I can freeze cooked pasta? Just saw the post from last night about making too many portions, and wondered if I could make this and freeze it, in readiness to microwave it at work the next day?

    thanks x

    Iwilldoitthistime, I have done this before many times but only with dried pasta. I add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil when cooking the pasta and always make sure it's been covered in the sauce.

    I then freeze it as soon as it's cooled down (although two have had to be frozen the day after this time so will let you know if that has made a difference).

    When required, I let it defrost naturally, give it a good stir and then heat up. I add a little cheese on top and to be honest I haven't noticed the difference.


    Forgot to say good luck to all those who are back to work tomorrow. Hope you have made your lunch!!

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    OOhh this one is right up my street, thanks for starting this KittieJ

    Embarrassingly, I can easily lose £5 across the day on tea, and lunch in the city if not more :o. I've been trying to bring food in to work more often the last month, plus 3 of us now share 2 pts of milk in work on a 3 week buying rotation for tea. This week is my week so I bought the 2 pints when doing my weekly shop earlier today.

    I do like to meet a friend sometimes at lunchtime and the only places to eat your own food are outdoors which isn't going to happen at this time of year - I'll plan 2 days for buying food in when I meet her for lunch, which I think then leaves me with 19 days to be organised and bring my own food in. Scarily, totting this up would be a saving of £95 if I were to be spending on these days instead!

    Looking forward to some lunch inspirations and cameraderie. That said, I've just realised I'm back in work tomorrow and don't have anything sorted for lunch yet, whoops! Push comes to shove I'll make a sandwich in the morning... We will have milk in for tea during the day and I've already popped some tea bags in my work bag.

    I'll update tomorrow (either from the train if I get reception, or during lunch at work) what I my munch will be for the day. When I'm more organised, I'll post up the night before :cool:
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    Hi kittiej. Please could I join if it isn't too late? :) I usually work Monday - Friday full-time. I spend at least £2 per day on a salad or sandwiches. I don't usually buy drinks at work as I try to only drink water through the daytime. I've already prepared a veggie and rice concoction for my lunches the next couple of days.

    Please could my target be £40 for the month? :beer:
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    kittiej wrote: »
    stuffing sandwiches

    OOoohh... I have a pack of Mr T Vlaue stuffing mix in the pantry, I'm not faffing with it now but I hadn't thought of that as a filling! Do you have anything with it, or just buttered bread? I wonder about a bit of grated parmasan..?
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