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Does anybody want to join me on a thread to support each other with managing our family life.

I thought we could support each other with how we have to juggle our lives e.g. homes, children, work in 2013 and find ways to make things a bit easier for ourselves.

My ideas of things we could support each other with:
Getting our homes organised and decluttered
Any bargains we come accross
Recommend products
Getting organised for Easter, summer, christmas etc
Fun stuff
Saving money

Let me know if you are interested.
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  • cat4772cat4772 Forumite
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    definitely interested, though I daresay I'm more likley to lurk and shamelessly steal lots of ideas. Though I'll contribute when I've got something to contribute too.

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  • Gillybean103Gillybean103 Forumite
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    Sounds brilliant, count me in -:)
  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    Great, nice to meet you both.

    I really want to enjoy my 2013 and not feel like I'm always stressed. We both work full time and so end up leaving most of the housework until the weekends which means we spend our weekends tidying up rather than doing nice things. Luckily the children are 2.5 and 4 months so they are content, but as they get older, they will want to do more.

    I am organised to a certain extent, but then it all goes wrong. For example, I managed to buy some presents for my friends son for Christmas, months ago, but I havent' sent them. I really want to get organised, but actually follow it through, iyswim.
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  • Kathy535Kathy535 Forumite
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    Yes please. I work away from home a lot, with all the unhealthy lifestyle, stress and lack of time for home that that entails so it would be great to get some ideas and tips.
  • I'll join you if that's ok.

    I have started to declutter before Christmas, but it's a big job! This week's plan is

    To find homes for all Christmas presents

    Choose an area to declutter, sort it out and clean it

    Peel, chop and steam excess veg, separate into portions, and freeze

    Create a weekly 'to do' list that I can update easily - I might keep this with my diary, or pin it up above the kettle. I'm not sure which, yet.

    Since we only have a few days left this week, I think that is enough on top of all the usual washing, housework, and spending time with the kids. Hopefully I will be able to report back that I have been successful. I think sharing my intentions is likely to motivate me, as I don't want to share failures :p

    Has anyone else decided on any firm plans on how to go forward?
  • Ooo I may join, or just lurk!
    I need to be more organised. Everyone thinks I am very organised, but its very much the swan scene. On top all calm and dignified, underneath paddling like hell!
    Off to start on next years bargains now:)
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  • Please could I join?
    I am a lurker on this site but I hope to join in a bit more next year, I too seem to be organised on the outside but really I am in panic mode, I had purchased all Christmss presents before december but still found myself wrapping on christmas eve???? Why?
    Look forward to hearig from you all in 2013

    CC x
  • This thread has my name all over it!!! I'm hopeless at organisation - I didn't send a single Christmas card this year i felt so bad i ended up giving £20 to Cancer Research on Xmas eve!!

    This weeks tasks for me!

    Go to the tip - all that cardboard
    Get sofa cover from line - been there since before Xmas!!!!
    Source and buy navy jog suit for DS2 - starts nursery on the 8/01/2013 and i have red polo's but not navy joggers or jumper aged 3-4 (If anyone has any idea - I'd like them to match)
    Sort toy storage

    Enough for this week as i have work 12hrs Saturday and 6 on Sunday! Ych a fi!
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  • I'm game! Just new to this whole Mum thing so any help will be greatly appreciated!
  • Count me in too :)

    The main thing that i am trying to sort out is the amount of time spent online.
    i spend about 2 hours a day job hunting and applyng for jobs online, but then i get distracted by various blogs, MSE, FB i am aiming to only be online 3 hours a day; 2 hours for job hunting, and 1 hour for pleasure :)

    of course, this will change once i get a job (keep your fingers crossed for me please!!).
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