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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 12 December 2012 at 3:40PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • mummyyof5mummyyof5 Forumite
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    55p for bread flour in L***dl..its good too x
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  • mossymossy Forumite
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    Decided to try out some shopping list apps on my apple and pie phone. One looks really good and the other one isn't quite so good but looks like it adds up the total which I like. Both apps are free of course, I am so easily pleased!! :D
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  • katholicos wrote: »
    @she who can not, your cheese bargains were terrific! Talk about good things coming to those who wait! Well done to you for being in the right place at the right time :)

    thank you
    kippers wrote: »
    Just to warn all of you breadmakers out there...A fews days ago I went to asda to buy strong white flour as it was only 60p a bag. Unfortunately the shelves were bare.

    Today I went to try again and it has gone up to 80p per bag :shocked::shocked::shocked:!!!! So the bad harvests are beginning to hit. Obviously I didn't buy it, I nipped to Tesco and bought it there as it's still 66p a bag, but I'm sure all the supermarkets will soon follow.

    Thought this may help someone.

    thank you for that i need to stock up soon
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  • princess84 wrote: »
    :) oh and i wish i had found some cheese for 25p! I find cheese soooo expensive but i will keep my eyes peeled now because funnily enough i never thought about freezing it! Will update signature now

    most things can be frozen but with cheese it changes texture so when i defrost the blocks its like crumbly it will not grate easilyand just falls apart so its good for cooking
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  • mrsdwhitemrsdwhite Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Need to add £1.99 to my spends for the month, had to chuck 4 pints of milk this morning that was squiffy :mad: and needed some butter for baking.
    My cupboards and freezer are full to bursting though so I might not be buying very much at all next week (hopefully!)
  • GreenFairyGreenFairy Forumite
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    Am very jealous about the cheap bread flour. Ald1 and L1dl here don't stock it at all and the other supermarkets all stock the one brand. It's great quality but it's about €2.70 a bag. It's actually cheaper to get organic bread flour from the local HFS.

    In less moany news :) I've just realised that since Jan 1st I've only had 3 GC spends. Has to be some kind of record for me. Tomorrow will be another NSD. Friday I'll probably have to cave in and buy more milk. Am delighted to have something going my way financially this month as have my MOT next week to see if the list of repairs is more than the car is worth :(
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  • Muesli, banana and milk for b/fast.

    Chicken curry, salad 2 slices of brown bread (no butter or transfat spread) and cup of tea for lunch.

    Sausage, mash and salad for tea.

    Total cost £5.10, added to sig.

    Good luck to all,

    P.S. Nearly frightened the life out of a cornetto after dinner, but talked myself out of it ;)

  • kobrakaikobrakai Forumite
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    another £7.88 in Tesco today, bought some cheese and some healthy snack bits for my lunches for tomorrow and Friday.
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  • sjprmc01sjprmc01 Forumite
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    £4.54 in Mr T's on bread, milk and toilet rolls to add to my earlier £1.60 spend
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  • IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    Spent £12 today at Mr S - coffee, milk, bread and did treat myself to a fresh fruit cocktail, £2 but was delish, i,ve had the flu bug all weekend and needed something to lift my spirits
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

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