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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 12 December 2012 at 3:40PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Finally got round to sorting out my totals,

    Food - £144.50 / £150.00 under £5.50.
    Household - £53.09 / £100.00 under by £46.91.
    Eating out - £106.13 / £100.00 over by £6.13.
    Fun - £61.70 / £100.00 under by £38.30.

    Not too bad for my first attempt in months.

    Off to Feb now to catch up.

    June £0.00 GC / £200.00
    Family of 4 : 1 adult 3 kids ages 3,4 & 5.
  • GreenFairyGreenFairy Forumite
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    Right, late as usual..but declaration is in my sig. I'd love to say that I've saved all the "extra" but it was just an entirely skint month lol
    GC totals 2020! Jan €341/€400. Feb €401.27/€400. Mar €430.21/€350. Apr €325/€400. May €219.82/€400.

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  • loveasaleloveasale Forumite
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    Just scrapped in!! :rotfl:

    149-27 / 150
    Found the end of the week really hard. I'm setting the same target for feb, but already I'm worried I will fail as the Xmas stocks that helped in Jan are all eaten up! :rotfl:
    :money: I will never be rich but I'm happy :rotfl:
  • Living_proofLiving_proof Forumite
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    Declaring at £137.94 for the month but mine is a rolling budget and whilst off course at present, I have plenty of time to catch up and put this right later in the year.
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  • BarbedukBarbeduk Forumite
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    Just gone over for January, £302.24. See you on the next thread!
    Make £2020 in 2020 £178.81/£2020
    SPC 13 #51
    Feb Grocery Challenge £4.68/£200
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  • prophecy_grrlprophecy_grrl Forumite
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    Am popping in to declare £40.19 for January, massive underspend due to fact I am still not in my own place, hope to move in this month tho

    See you all on feb thread

    P_grrl xxx
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    *** DEBT FREE AS OF 17/10/11 - I DID IT!!! ***
  • Doh wrong thread, please ignore me :)
    Savings target: £25000/£25000
    :beer: :T

  • Sorry to be posting so very late. All in all it has been a bad month financially so I am really hoping to see improvement in February.

    Grocery spend £586.40 / £400

    Other household spending £445.98 / £400

    NSD 15 / 10
    GC £400/calendar month Other Spends(OS) £400/month NSD 12
    January GC £568.40 / OS £445.98 / NSD 15
    February GC £80.12 / OS £31.90 / NSD 3
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