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  • Thank you to everyone who has posted a comment. They are really useful and I will take them on board and have a chat with hubbie to be. I definitely think it's a good idea to draw up a budget so will have a look into that.

    I do agree with the fact that there is never a right time but the loan costs me £430 per month (about the same as our mortgage!!) and I can't see how I can pay it off without working and having a monthly wage coming in.

    But to be honest I've not got a clue about benefits, maternity pay etc. so think I need to do some research.

    I'll keep you posted!

    Thanks again xx
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    Something else to consider :

    if you didn't have your loan could you take more time off when the baby is born?

    Whilst I appreciate that if people waited until they could afford children, the human race would probably have died out, its also horrible to have to go back to work as soon as possible just because you have loans to pay for.
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    There is a good site that you can go on to work out what you're entitled to benefit wise, I will look it up and post it, someone else might know the one I'm going on about!!
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    HI LMG
    Is the loan your only debt?
    Have you worked out that you can afford it if you were on mat pay?
    Welcome to MSe by the way!
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    no point waiting till your debts are paid off cos you will be skint when a baby comes anyway.
    so have your baby now, you wont regret it.
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  • Also, bear in mind that you may not get pregnant straight away, me and OH have been trying for the last 2 and a half years. Hopefully with the aid of fertility treatment theres light at the end of the tunnel.

    It takes an average couple 6 to 12 months to conceive.
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    She's right in that there is no right time to have a baby and that you will manage because you have to BUT having a baby and NO longer having any debt to pay back means you can say I can take longer off work, stop work, go part-time, have a fantastic holiday etc.
  • Mindy_2
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    To be honest the only person who can decide that the time is right is the two of you.

    The fact that you are questioning it means that you aren't sure.

    You need to sit down and see whether you would be able to afford to give up work for a period of time, before you return, perhaps your employer would let you go back part-time rather than full-time (although of course there will be childcare costs).

    The fact that you are thinking about it in terms of your debt shows you are a responsible person, something perhaps your friend isn't?

    Just had a look, and don't think you have said how old you are. wouldn't it be great if I could read - have seen it now! :p

    I was lucky that when I got married aged 27 we didn't have any debts other than mortgage and we decided to try straight away, at age 28 the tests started, my OH had to have an operation - testicular varicosea (?sp) - and then we still needed help and had my lovely lovely son at age 32 - but we were a lot older when we started the process.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
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    mindy- the OP says she'll be 30/31 in 3 years time making her 27/28 now.:)
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