MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Harry pay Ron’s speeding fine?



  • wardmw
    wardmw Posts: 8 Forumite
    Strictly speaking Ron didn't have to speed. He would have been perfectly within his rights to drive at the speed limit and if he got Harry to the airport late then it's Harry's fault. Harry can't ask Ron to speed (well, he could but probably wouldn't).

    Speeding is a very cut-and-dried offence. You are the driver. You are expected to know the speed limit and the speed at which you are driving. You are therefore expected to know when you break the speed limit. If you get caught then you pay the fine, very clear and simple.

    That said, if Harry want's to keep Ron as a friend he should pay the fine. Ron's getting 3 pints on his licence so it's the least Harry can do.

  • Hey, it's NOT a parking fine! That's trivial, and is only cash, and if that's all it were then, yes Harry should pay. :mad: This is a SPEEDING fine, together with 3 penalty points. This could affect Ron's means to make a living, lifestyle, marriage... Loss of a licence is a really REALLY important issue for some people. Harry should tell the police that he was driving (yes - lie to the authorities) and take the points on his own licence. It's his fault after all. About the pennies - who gives a damn? Morally Harry ought to pay, but Ron might let him off if Harry takes the rap for the points.;)

    Then again, if I had been Ron I would have refused to break speed limits (I'm a professional driver, as you might have guessed), and let him miss the plane. With friends like Harry, I'd rather stay in bed anyway.:confused:
  • Haven't had time to read all the posts, but the original question actually states that it IS a parking fine. Is this a trick question?:confused:
  • insane
    insane Posts: 46 Forumite
    if he can afford a holiday he can afford to pay his mates fine
  • Harry should NOT pay the fine. Ron was doing the dangerous act, and was responsible at all times for the danger he (and he alone) caused to other road users. He must pay his own fine and learn from it. The 60 quid fine helps us all, and hopefully, he'll get 12 points eventually, and get banned, making the roads safer (and a little quieter) for the others.
  • sluggy1967
    sluggy1967 Posts: 190 Forumite
    If Ron had run someone over & killed them, would anyone expect Harry to be the one to go to prison on Ron's behalf?

    Speeding can kill, drivers must take responsiblilty.
  • insane wrote: »
    if he can afford a holiday he can afford to pay his mates fine

    This site is about how to save money; there's no way you can save money by paying other people's fines for them!
  • Harry's pushing the friendship by asking for a lift, but can't be bothered to bothered to make sure he's ready to go in time......

    Ron's allowing himself to be walked over: He arrived to pick Harry up. Harry's late, (probably as always?). As a result he then puts his licence, (and livelyhood if he needs it for work & already has points), at risk, to try to make up the time Lazy Harry lost himself.....

    Sounds to me like Ron's a bit of a doormat in the relationship and needs to start toughening up a bit. If he hadn't rushed he wouldn't have been fined.

    It's YOUR licence..... LOOK AFTER IT!!!

    Ultimately, Ron's the plank, so tough, pay the fine, and find some new friends!!!
  • Quote: he gets three penalty points and a £60 fine

    It could be a lot worse

    If the case was not dealt with by fixed penalty and ended up in the Magistrates court it would be very simply.

    Ron was the driver, so Ron in punished with a fine (Starting point £60 max 1 weeks of the defendants disposable income) endorsement on licence (3 to 6 points or disqualification depending on speed) Victim surcharge (£15 mandatory on all fines after 1st April 07) Costs £43 (About to increase to about £53 I think)
    This all assumes that Ron pleads guilty at the earliest opportunity.

    Depending on the speed we could be talking £300 fine, 56 day disqualification, £15 surcharge and £43 costs. Extended retest, Increased insurance, possible loss of employment, ect.

    Ron probably has not thought through all the consequences of breaking the law and Harry should have said don't speed on my account it is not worth it.
  • Here's a little story for you.

    10 years or so ago an off duty policeman is having a pint in a pub in London. He overhears a group of three men on a nearby table talking about driving up to Glasgow on the weekend. It seems all of the men are driving and they're talking about their route, what time they need to be there and how long it'll take them.

    The off duty policeman quickly works out that, if they take the time to drive from London to Glasgow they claim then they'll have to do well over 70 mph for the entire journey.

    He pops to the phone box and calls in some on duty officers who quickly arrest the three men for.........

    ........ Conspiracy to break the speed limit!

    Faithfully reported to me by an experienced Solicitor.

    Oh, and those three men? Well, they ended up with criminal convictions for conspiracy. No prison time, but that looks a hell of a lot worse on your record than 3 points!

    So I think yes, Harry should pay Rons £60 fine. But Ron should keep his mouth shut and not try explaining that he had agreed with Harry to break the speed limit because he was late!

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