MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Harry pay Ron’s speeding fine?

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  • Yes, Harry should pay the fine because he decided to have a lie-in as well as his friend doing him a favour! His friend will have to deal with the points on his licence regardless, but the least Harry can do is to pay the fine.
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    On a moral level Ron is responsible as it was his choice to speed. On a friendship level Harry would do well to cough up as Ron was helping him out. I agree with puddings though - it would come down to how much Harry values their friendship.
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    So… both these guys made errors in judgement: Harry should have been up-and-about, ready and packed, waiting for his good friend Ron.

    Ron, on seeing his friends dilemma (lateness), shouldn’t have let it influence him to break the law.

    Lessons can be learned:

    Harry: don’t be such a tight, cheapskate. In future blow the cobwebs of your wallet, get a cab, and if Ron is your friend then let HIM sleep.

    Ron: learn to draw boundaries, require respect from your friends.

    So should Harry pay the fine? He might consider offering to, with an apology for putting his friend on the spot, but then again he’s not obliged, (even morally in my opinion) maybe Ron should bite the bullet and learn his lesson.

    Whatever they decide if they are good friends they will get past it – hopefully it will strengthen their friendship.
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    jump off a cliff, would you do it?

    Well no, I wouldn’t… but maybe Harry and Ron could go on a climbing holiday next week and we can find out :wink:
  • >>I doubt the law really cares who it catches, as long as it gets its £60....

    Exactly. That is what the speed camera is there for. Best solution all round.
  • I think Ron should pay. He was, after all, driving and one assumes in control of the car. His contract with Harry was to take him to the airport, not to take him to airport within a certain time frame.

    If Harry was running late that wasn't Ron's fault so if Harry misses his flight because he didn't allow enough time to the get to the airport then that is his problem. Therefore Ron should not have been speeding.
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    It is the drivers responsibility to drive within the law. If he missed his flight then he shouldn't have slept in.
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  • Having asked his friend to get up early to drive him to the airport, I think there was an onus on Ron to be up and ready for the off. Because, for selfish reasons, he wasn't, they were running late, which no doubt put Harry under pressure to make up the time. If he was speeding in order to do so, Ron is clearly responsible in some measure. Since Harry will suffer unavoidable loss as a result, Ron should mitigate his loss in the only way open to him, i.e. he should accept responsibility to pay the fine.
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    He bloody-well should & he should be ashamed of himself for even considering not doing!

    Don't forget Harry-what goes around, comes around!
  • Harry should do the decent thing and pay Ron without a doubt!
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