MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Harry pay Ron’s speeding fine?



  • theres not really enough information to make a proper judgement on this. it doesnt say if Harry was pressuring or at least implying that he needs to speed up to get there on time. one would assume that he was doing since he was late so really harry should pay up since ron is going to be stuffed with the points.
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    MSE_Martin wrote: »
    Just a quick note - i've tweaked the dilemma slightly - so the two posters above were reading something slightly different :)

    Riiiiiight then. I came in to ask if it was a trick question because on the email it says 'parking fine' although it relates to speeding previously. When I clicked to come here it says 'speeding fine', which it should be. I thought I was really clever then cos I spotted the difference :p

    Harry should pay the fine in my opinion :)
  • This happened to me (almost!) I picked up a friend to drive us both to the airport and we were delayed due to the fact my friend had locked herself (and luggage and passport) out of her flat so we had to wait for her flat-mate to come home from work and let us in. I was then in a hurry, drove too fast through some road-works on the motor-way and got a speeding fine. However I was driving, not my friend, therefore it was my fault. I didn't even tell her in case she thought it was her fault and felt guilty.
  • Who was speeding? Ron. Ron should pay and take the points.
  • What sort of friend is Harry?.

    Harry ask's his friend to take him to the airport, but he wants "A Lay in"

    How rude and arrogant, he should have had the decenty to be up and ready. I suggest Harry pays in full, and (I don't condone this) but takes the points as well.

    Finally, Harry's friend drop's him and finds a better friend.

    When I have asked my friends for airport runs, we leave in plenty of time, and I would not dream of "sleeping in" or put them in a position where they have to speed.

    Speeding is illegal.
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    I think Harry should pay the fine but Ron should get the points and the consequences (i.e. insurance premiums) for speeding. Yes it is Harrys' fault for wanting a lie-in but both he and Ron will have learned a lesson from this (hopefully). What happened to turning up an hour or so before check-in?
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    I would offer to pay halve the cost after all routes of appeal had been exhausted.

    Also; Why on the Moneysaving email does it state PARKING FINE?
    Was Martins main post changed or just a !!!!-up on the email?
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    No catagorically not he did the speeding he broke the law so he pays it himself, maybe he should slow down.
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    This nearly happened to me too. I was taking my sis and some habitually late friends to the airport and got flashed by a camera.

    As it turned out I never heard anything from it, but I wouldn't even have told them about any fine or points because they would have felt guilty about it and offered to pay.

    The only person responsible for my actions is me.
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    Harry's flight, Harry's lie-in :- Harry's £60 fine. Ron has to put up with the extra 3 points & increased insurance so paying the fine is the least Harry can do.
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