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Cheapest Home Phones Call Price Article

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  • MikeyorksMikeyorks Forumite
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    Thanks - no alarm connected to BT - but suspect you could be closer to the truth with the suggestion that my recently (although it is 5 months ago) inherited number had a past life association with a Light User package or similar.

    Will ring the BT contact given in the intercept tomorrow and see if that sheds some light. As the shower door to replace the expensive one which has disintegrated after 2 months ('that's never happened before, sir') has not arrived - and the chandelier from the USA is held up in Customs whilst they ponder the import duty - it will give me something to do!
    Will post if the answer is illuminating - but appreciate the response and suspect you are on the right lines. Thank you
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  • K9ineK9ine Forumite
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    Hello all

    I have recently signed up to 18866 and 1899 and am amazed at how good value these are. In my house we make several local daytime calls and I have searched many times for a cheap provider for such calls and this is it. I'm ordering my orchid dialler very soon.

    I have been trying out 1899 VoIP. I could not install the old 1899 software but new software seems to now be available (although I cannot run this! "1899 crashed due to an unexpected event...") but I had limited success with X-Lite and much better success with Firefly one I realised actually works as an IAX server.

    It's good and bad news that 18866 has risen to 2p connection. I'm happy because it's still very cheap and will probably live longer and prosper.

    One thing that I have noticed as being absent from telephone threads is alternatives to the speaking clock. BT's 123 costs 20p but you could program your dialler to use one of these alternatives: 01923 287748 or 0131 4777676 or 0131 5500892 or 0845 0928081. I know it's not that usefull but it is one more saving if might use it.

    I am wondering if anyone has solved the 1471-3 problem using their dialler. Is it possible to prevent the 3 being used by the dialler.

    Thanks everyone expecially :A
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